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2011/9/26 21:31:57
On the News Very funny Dreeko really enjoying On the News, can't wait until the next one!!
2011/9/22 10:24:44
muvizu mogul demands more satire! Great, I like it tee hee
2011/9/6 18:09:01
Bob Wiggles and Blob my first Muvizu Movie

A light hearted existential phenomenological "philosotoon"..
featuring Husserl, Heidegger, De Beauvoir and Nietzsche

Created using the fantastic, wonderful, amazing Muvizu!!!

I hope you like it
2011/8/30 20:03:39
Just a quick... Hi to you Dreeko and Emily, thanks for the welcome
May I also add I've been enjoying watching the great Muvizu movies, fantastic fun!!
2011/8/29 21:34:24
Just a quick... Hello everyone my first post. Like Dylly I bought a new laptop especially for running Muvizu. I've just watched the tutorials again and I'm looking forward to posting my first video, I'm excited about the update too.. at last after months of waiting I can now finally get started animating!
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