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2017/2/7 20:56:33
SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! theotherguy wrote:
I've noticed that when I've used the audio from my Muvizu projects, such as dialogue, there is the occasional loud 'pop' or buzzing sound. As I finish my animations using my video editor, I just use the original audio files that I imported into Muvizu in my soundtrack and there are no 'pops' or other issues.

I'm wondering if it's because I use a lot of compression on my exported tracks, which are mono BTW, that they run afoul of Muvizu's 'cut-off point' for volume? Does anybody else have, or has had, these issues?

When you export from Muvizu, make sure the volume is a bit under 100 percent. If the loudest spikes in the signal go over what your video editor can handle, things turn into digital distortion--the pops, etc.
2016/5/5 8:27:52
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs ukBerty wrote:
I have a major issue with keyframing of objects.

You don't seem to be able to "tlit" objects at all. Once you have turned on keyframing for an object it will remain on the same plane.

So create a object (I'm using the fire extinguisher).
Turn on keyframing
Try to make the fire extinguisher fall over and you can't as you can't tilt anything.

This is a major restriction of the keyframing system (in fact it makes it a bit useless).

Am I missing something or is this a real issue ?

It works perfectly for me. Version 1.7 on Windows 10.
2016/3/16 1:45:19
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs ziggy72 wrote:
Anyone else having problems moving groups of objects? Every time I try it (with v1.7) they jump to a strange location. Doesn't happen with v1.5.

Works OK here. Any particular objects you'd like to have tested?
2015/12/15 18:14:51
Another bug making my video I don't appreciate the language.
2015/11/30 1:14:47
Anime Studio Pro 11 sale til Dec 1st Thanks PatMarrNC. Good timing. I looked at Anime Studio just a couple of days ago but at $299 it was too expensive and the cheaper version didn't have all I wanted. Purchased today at $99.
2015/11/27 21:13:37
50% off until midnight Monday 30 November 2015 WozToons wrote:
Unfortunately it won't let me buy the Chinese pack. Is anyone else having this problem?

After filling in the address it gives the following message...

Payment status

Sorry, your purchase was not accepted at this time. You have not been charged.
edited by WozToons on 27/11/2015

This happened to me before. My memory is a little foggy on this. As I recall, the problem was the "State Code." It filled itself in as 01, which I took to mean the US international phone code. Turned out I needed to type in "Hawaii." I think that's pretty close to what it was.
2015/11/21 19:43:47
object could not load I haven't got the latest latest version, only the one before (I'm so last week)--does the latest latest version not allow you to choose Time in Settings (the gear on the Timeline)?
2015/11/16 1:50:04
Creating drop shadows SORRY--one more thing about transparent layers. I did not realize that the latest couple of Muvizu versions allow you to export image sequences in .png as well as the old .tga format. I just now noticed the .png extensions on my images (I have a tga thumbnail viewer so they both look the same to me). Everything I wrote above works with .png but likely not with the tga! :P
2015/11/16 0:58:04
Creating drop shadows @MrDoctorWho13: Make the shadows darker in Muvizu. Sorry, that's all I got.
2015/11/16 0:41:37
Creating drop shadows OK...think I found something that will do what you want it to do. When you click on the FX icon on the clip, you get the long list of Sony effects. I tried channel blend...and tried and tried and tried. I swear I got it to work one time, but never again. So then I just tested the chroma keyer and that works perfectly. Set the color to key out the targa's white (of course), then you have three sliders to adjust various things. I rendered the background shadow layer in Muvizu twice--once with the shadow 100 percent black and one with dark gray. The chroma keyer sliders behaved a bit differently depending on which clip I used, so experiment with this.

I hope this is what you are asking for. If the chroma keyer is not what you are looking for, try the channel blend and let me know if you get it figured!

Or, go with the HitFilm. I have it and it does work. I'm just much more used to my beloved Vegas.

2015/11/15 20:18:17
Creating drop shadows Hi, otherguy. Give me a half a day or so to get back to my office to check on that. My thots above were for alpha transparency only, so let me set up a shadow test and see what I can find. I'm in Hawaii so it's still mid-morning here; my answer may be the middle of the night depending on where you are! That's one reason I love the Internet--worldwide contacts.
2015/11/15 17:39:50
Creating drop shadows To render the targas' transparency in Vegas, do these two things:

1. When you import the sequence you'll get a properties window. Make sure the Alpha Channel is set to "Straight (unmatted)."

2. Right click on the video track header and choose "Set default track properties." Make sure "Composite mode" is checked.

That should do it--I assume your version works the same as 13, mine. It took me literally weeks before I figured this out!!

Of course you'll need to duplicate as many video tracks as you have layers, and arrange the layers in the proper order on those tracks.

2015/11/8 23:18:42
muvizu.dll in windows 10 A good thing to try when any program has problems with a dll is to right click the launch icon and choose "Run as administrator." This allows the program to find its dlls. It only has to be done once.
2015/10/12 20:18:21
The BIG Ol' Codec**t and Windows 10... Also, you can import targa images into your favorite drawing program. Add cartoon dialog balloons--instant comic book!
2015/10/2 3:40:08
Why can't I use my free Content Packs? And lest we forget, Muvizu used to cost a lot more than it does now. At least, I think I remember that's the way it was. Whatever the case, it's a very inexpensive product in my humble opinion.
2015/9/8 17:23:15
20/08/15 reelase feedback ukBerty: Thanks so much! And I have figured out how to make your steps apply to all the targa images at once. Import one targa file. Change the settings as you suggested. Click the save icon on that same dialog box (the floppy disk). All future imports of targa files will then have the same settings. However, I think you need to bail out of Vegas and restart, then import the rest of the targa files in order for the new settings to work.

Also, in order for the transparency to work, I had to click the track fx icon in the track header and choose "Sony channel blend."
2015/9/8 7:04:07
20/08/15 reelase feedback Thanks for the response, ukBerty. I've tried one and two layers. I use Sony Movie Studio HD Platinum (13--the latest) and I opened a targa in my drawing program (Xara) with the same results. Could you do me a favor (a favour, that is) and tell me the exact settings you use? Maybe I'm just missing something. As hard as it is for me to admit that Also, let me know what program you use and maybe I can test with that.
2015/9/7 20:40:17
20/08/15 reelase feedback I'm with mysto. BUT I sure wish I could get layers to have transparent backgrounds. All I get are solid white or black depending on the settings when I output to targa. Someone said this has been fixed, but I have the latest update and no joy. Windows 10, plenty of ram, etc. Nvidea Geforce GTX 745. New computer. Gotta stick with green screens I guess.

Other than that, all is pretty awesome for my needs.
2015/8/29 18:02:09
Tutorial on using layer? Yes, please!
2015/8/29 1:23:44
Insert Photo or Video in a Post What have you done to Dick Van Dyke?!? EEK!

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