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2017/2/18 17:38:23
My First Muvizu Video Nice video! How long would you say it took to make it?
2011/11/2 1:01:27
The Ballad of Forrest Gump Hello Everyone,

Here's a new video of mine. Enjoy! Any comments are welcome!

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2011/10/17 3:13:53
2gb limit? ziggy72 wrote:
I have a strange problem that has arisen during the past year's updates (not exactly sure when it started). If I create a Muvizu file, in any codec, that is over 2gb in size then that file is unreadable to most media players and all editors. 32bit, 64bit, old version, new version, it makes no difference. If it's under 2gb all is fine.

I did all the usual stuff you'd expect - updating drivers and codecs and the like, and resorted to reinstalling windows (7 64 Ult) but nothing makes any difference. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, please let me know - I can't work out what the source of the problem is, so any info would help.

I'm noticing the same thing myself. I don't know what editors you guys are using, but with Windows Movie Maker, I can't import a Muvizu file bigger than 2 GB.
2011/10/8 1:55:46
Characters Always Smiling Danimal wrote:
Is this just when you're preparing the actions? That is an odd bug in Muvizu that it retains the character's initial state no matter what action you pick. Rest assured, when you go to actually direct the animation the character will adopt the appropriate face.

If this is when you're directing, then you got me...

Hi Danimal,
Thanks for the info. You're right, it's fine when I'm recording.
2011/10/6 4:46:07
Characters Always Smiling First of all, I have have to say this is a great product and I've enjoyed the time spent on it.

Anyway, I'm going through Tutorial 18 (Character Animation) and I'm having a strange problem.
When I change the character actions from Happy to Sad to Angry etc., the character is always smiling no matter what mood he's in.
I've tried this with a few characters now and they all seem to be smiling no matter what the mood I select. The rest of the facial features seem to be correct except for the smile.

Am I doing something wrong or is it the software?
Has anyone else had this problem?
2011/10/6 4:27:54
Jagged Edges Problem mysto wrote:
The Intel HD is an integrated graphics chip meaning that it shares it's memory with the system ram. This slows down pretty much anything that is "graphics intensive" considerably. While it is possible to get somewhat satisfactory results with the newer chips I've found that computers with integrated graphics just don't play well with Muvizu.

Thanks for the advice, mysto.
I'll probably be buying a new laptop in the next couple of weeks anyway.
2011/10/2 17:17:00
Jagged Edges Problem ziggy72 wrote:
Hi dude - what resolution are you outputting the movie as? I think the default (under Movie Options) is 480x360, which is a bit rubbish. Your machine should be able to handle the 1280x720 option, which is very smooth, so try that and see how it goes.

Hi Ziggy,
Thanks for the advice. I tried changing the resolution.
But I'm still getting the jagged edges and also the audio somewhat stutters.

Even before I make the movie, the actual project in Muvizu has some jagged edges.

I'm beginning to think my graphics card - Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i3) - is the problem.
Is this card not powerful enough to use with Muvizu?
2011/10/2 16:07:41
Jagged Edges Problem Dreeko wrote:

there is anti-ailiasing is available via a checkbox when you go to the make video stage. This should solve your jaggy problem.

Hi Dreeko,
Thanks for the response.
I've tried the checkbox for the Anti-Aliasing but it the video still looks jagged. Any other advice?
2011/10/2 15:37:01
Jagged Edges Problem Hi,

I've been playing with Muvizu for a couple of days and so far it's been great. It installed fine and runs fine.

The only problem is that many of objects and characters have jagged edges. These jagged edges show up even more after I have created the AVI file.

My laptop's about a year and a half old.
Its specs are:
Windows 7
Intel (R) Core (TM) M 330@ 2.13GHz
64 bit Operating System
Video Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i3)

I've already updated my video card drivers.
Is there anything I can do about the jagged edges?

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