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2013/12/21 10:47:00
Muvizu won´t load my conpetition set! ukBerty wrote:
Although I've not had this expect when opening a .set created with a previous version of Muvizu, I have heard of others having the issue.

The normal response is to send it into Muvizu. Do this anyway, although it may be too late for Christmas now.

Do you have any backups you can go back to ?

sorry, I´ve no ackups. Where could i send it in? To the forum?
2013/12/21 7:43:51
Muvizu won´t load my conpetition set! Hey there,
I´m in trouble because the heavily editied set. file of the chrism comp set won´t load any more on my muvizu play. At first, it shows you even the whole scene on the edit screen!!! But then it says: "An object couldn´t be loaded" or so (I´ve got german version) and nothing stays, not even for example the bible I´ve put in...

Can anyone help me???
2013/12/8 19:21:45
Skeleton with clothing urbanlamb wrote:
in play+ you could but not regular muvizu no you could use the attachement system to build an entire character if you want

Could you please explain this more to me, because I´m not sure if I´ll buy the pro version...
2013/12/8 8:06:52
Actions for only one character Is it possible to give my fat man some clothing which was originnaly used by rosie, or for example let my dog fly like the heroine?
You know, giving an action, property or other to a character at who you don´t know if it works.

I guess it wouldn´t be much difficult to add an (optional) experimental feature that allows you to play arround with things, that aren´t exactly made for your current Character...

THX for answers and greetings from Germany!
2013/12/8 8:01:39
Skeleton with clothing Can I give my skeleton some clothing because I didn´t find an option to do this?
2012/10/30 8:52:49
How to.. ghost?!?!?! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Which movie? Can you give us a link?

2012/10/30 5:56:47
How to.. ghost?!?!?! Hi, in a Movie, I saw a ghost.
2012/10/16 17:36:16
German where By the way, not “Jeder sollte zu genießen Muvizu!”, but "Jeder sollte Muvizu genießen können"
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2012/10/16 17:33:56
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. It´s a very good idea. i like it!!
Maybe more packs would be great
2012/10/16 16:36:34
German where
When I don´right here, please put in the right forum

Hello, I got an E-mail: Muvizu is now avaible in german


at Marco: Can i be a tester than?!
2012/10/15 12:34:46
3d output I am lucky when muvizu has a 3d output for my 3d tv.
thats my suggestionFeedback Requested
2012/10/15 11:44:11
New character? Anything what lives round the world?!?
2012/10/15 11:42:39
How to become a staff, tester, ... How i become Tester, Staff and Mogul?!?!?!
And when does the german version lunch?!
2012/10/8 12:42:29
But you can help us testing it once we release it, deal?

Yes, Deal!!Logic
2012/10/8 12:07:32
GERMAN TRANSLATION I want to translate muvizu to German. Can you give me the list of things i have to translate, please?
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