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2013/3/3 18:13:49
Blob Hands It's a good idea.
Did not thought about that.
The worst will be the synchronization with the 2 characters. But I'll have to try it sometime to see.

Thanks urbanlamb Big Grin

urbanlamb wrote:
Interesting request or question hehe. Unfortunately the blobs have no hands and there is no way to add hands, but you can as long as the character isnt moving (although I guess if your patient enough you can do it with the character moving as well) superimpose a blob on top of a regular character in such a way as you can see the hands. I dont imagine it would work very well but you can give it a try
2013/3/3 18:03:57
Blob Hands Is there any possibility to put their hands on the character "BLOB". I wanted to make a video based on the game "WORMS".
Regarding the dog, will create a normal dog, walk on four legs?

Thank you...
2012/6/1 0:17:56

I'm waiting to make a cowboy movie soon
2012/2/29 22:58:49
Gun_in_Hand The problem is not to make the pistol and the hand in 3D, the problem is animating it and move on muvizu. If we could create points of bones to insert other objects is that it was good, but it seems to be a bit complicated.

Darth Lightsabers
2012/1/9 18:04:50
Project 2 of the course "DP Multimédia" -- Latas e Saltitão --
-- Project for children from 5 to 9 years --

This project was made to use fiducial marks to choose the options you want. "Danger on high", "How to cross the street" and "Do not play with fire"
Here are only the videos that were created for the project.
Audio in portuguese

I hope you enjoy

Used this programs:
* Muvizu
* Adobe Premiere CS5
* Photoshop CS5
* Flash CS5 and AS3
* Illustrator CS5
* Tuio and Reactivision

Intro Movie

Help Movie

Option 1 Movie

Option 2 Movie

Option 3 Movie

Other works here in my Portfolio http.//www.micasoft.pt.am

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2012/1/8 15:17:16
Gun_in_Hand dwino wrote:
Well, the reason Muvizu doesn't have props/weapons is because the real-life Muvizu employees aren't allowed to hold a mouse while programming. They aren't even allowed to hand off or plug USB drives into their computers and share information. I'm not even sure if they can pick up their coffee mugs anymore. All they have are post-it notes on a board that they can nudge around with their noses. In fact, the post it- marked "Prop Handling" is stuck to the bottom of one of the coffee mugs. This slows the whole development process down a tad. I'm not sure why, but that's the case.

I agree.

But programmers MUVIZU, could make a paid version at around 30 to 50 €, which was already semi-professional movements for arms, horses, ability to add characters from other 3D software and have the movements in MUVIZU automatically. Movements with cutlery, glasses, ... Just program to get the object added by hand. Maybe even earned some more money, it was good for them and for us.
2012/1/7 23:54:22
Gun_in_Hand Very cool, the video Big Grin

But even the lack interactivity with weapons.
Let's see if soon, we can use the weapons in muvizu.
2012/1/7 21:25:47
Gun_in_Hand mysto wrote:
With the exception of being able to hold musical objects (guitars, microphones, drum sticks, etc.) Muvizu doesn't allow the characters to hold guns or other objects. Characters being able to hold other objects has been on our "wish list" for awhile now.

Thank u.

But before he had the futuristic weapons in muvizu.
2012/1/7 2:34:18
Gun_in_Hand Hello everyone

How do I put a gun in the hand of a character? and how the effect of bullets coming out?
Has a gun in the holster, but i can not use. Does anyone know how to put a gun in his hand?

I wanted to make a short film "cowboys"

Is there a tutorial?

thank you,

2011/11/18 17:01:23
Fatal_error! Hello,

Appears to me the following error UE3Engine.dll, after a few uses of Muvizu. Used in the beginning but then this error appears when you open the program.
How to solve this problem? It has happened to someone?

Thanks, look forward possible solutions.
2011/11/16 18:01:05
Help-- Thank you...
2011/11/16 1:30:11
Help-- how do I remove the logo muvizu when export to. AVI?
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