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2011/12/12 18:58:18
Some Suggestions... Thank you all for your help.

@Dylly - I will try out your invisible box trick, thank you for the advice.

@ukBerty - I seem to have missed Happy>strong>Wave will try it out and see how it looks. Also the time lime was not for length but for timing, if you watch the second video above, Lucas (the guy in green) strums every so often, however its getting the timing on the strum perfect, I had to record it 5-6 times to get it right for each one, would have been nice to move it around like we do the voice. And I like your idea for the fix on the vocals and will try it out. Also I am running the latest 64bit version, downloaded strait from the site. Version MZASS-v0.18b - Build 2011.09.20.01R (64-bit)

@Marco_D - I look forward tot he release.
2011/12/12 4:06:36
Some Suggestions... Also if you could fix the stool issue... I cannot for the life of me get a toon to sit on the bar stool. I can't seem to get my toon to float on air (which would fix the issue). Minor things compared to the greatness which is Muvizu.
2011/12/11 19:05:40
Some Suggestions... First and foremost, love the application, I found you while looking up alternatives to Stage (Xtranormal) since its no longer free, and I must say your product is a lot easier to manage.

However I do have some suggestions, parts I had a bit of difficulty with.

1. I dunno if you do have this, but one of the most popular emotes in the world seems to be missing, the Hello wave.

2. When modifying the actions in the timeline, you cannot shorten or lengthen the actions like you can the dialog parts. This makes it very hard to get timing just right. You can edit the start point, but no the end point.

3. Multiple Dialog recordings. I have been playing with music files and one of he things I came across is when one character is saying one thing while another character is saying something else, now although you cannot modify it with a single MP3 music file, if I were to have individual tracks, it would be nice to separate the two singers voices and have them separate so the lips sync right. Basically having the lips sync properly when the voices talk over each other.

4. A lot of the actions under Miscellaneous don't seem to work (character goes into default arms strait out position) like Catch, catch coin, coin toss, Delboy fall, etc.

5. After creating a custom outfit using the wire-frames from the site, when you save the newly created character with the custom skin, when you try and retrieve it in another session, it fails to open the character stating it could not open the resource.

Other than that I found your app absolutely a pleasure to play with. Here are a few of the videos I have created so far.

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