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2014/9/27 17:12:53
The cast for upcoming movie :) ziggy72 wrote:
Nice textures on the end characters - look forward to seeing how that works out

It will look something like this, but I do not think it will turn out very soon Need to prepare too much.
2014/9/26 18:36:27
The cast for upcoming movie :)

All extra accessories (a mouse mask, a hat etc were made in Blender.
2013/12/18 14:35:42
Help with a school project. 1 355 342 triangles... It's too much for Muvizu. This model should be completely redone.
2013/7/9 21:41:31
Is there other way?.. Thank you!
2013/7/9 19:31:18
Is there other way?.. Are there some other ways, other than store my own model in "Favorites" folder? Or in separate *.set files?

And additionally... if so... can I take thumbnails of my models, rather than getting the standard "pictures" (for "objects") and the next time to look for them only by their names?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Sorry for my English
2013/7/7 10:00:09
Something about A.Nobel

Lecturer: "Alfred Nobel is the first inventor of dynamite, simply because it was not possible to identify all of the previous inventors."
2013/7/1 11:23:02
Just to say "Hi!" :) Thank you all! Nice to be here
2013/6/30 8:03:18
Just to say "Hi!" :) Dimension_five wrote:
Hi iTak,
Looks as if he is about to Jump!

He is a Fat Man (as stated in the description), so... if he is going to jump, then only with the help of his soul, I think

DoublePrimePictures wrote:

You've used the emotions well.

Thanks! That was a main goal... and familiarity with software, of course
2013/6/30 4:47:36
Just to say "Hi!" :)

A very first test. Nothing special
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