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2012/1/27 21:54:05
Directing movement is really hard I drag just a millimeter and the character are jumping all over the screen. I wish that there were a way to make the character move slower and more precise. Something like the more you zoom in the slower and more precise the character will move. Also the controls (circular thing around the character) would be cool to not have them huge when zoomed in.
Maybe also a way to turn the controls off so that I can double click the character to where I want him/her/it to stand without accidentally clicking the turn around marker.
2012/1/23 21:03:25
An API so that people can build plugins That would also be great. It would help to make muvizu do even crazier things and people have their specific need solved themselves and uploaded to the community to be shared.
2012/1/23 20:58:10
Copy between sets Yes open a new set in the same instance works when I tested it right now thanks Dreeko and Mysto.
2012/1/23 20:42:47
Copy between sets When I copy from one set on to the other the menu paste option are grayed out.

Note I don't mean in the same set but in another set loaded in another process (a new instance of muvizu)

I'm using Windows 7 64 bit
2012/1/23 20:05:37
Group any sort of object For example if you could group the camera with the character then you don't have to fiddle with the camera to keep up with the character moving or other objects moving.

Also grouping models with head, legs, arms and hands then you could make it look like the character carries things or wear things.
2012/1/23 19:57:47
Copy between sets I assume this is not implemented yet because I couldn't do it.
It would be great to be able to do that.
2012/1/21 22:33:58
Blender export to ase py script is giving me prob Thanks Jamie. Will try it.

BTW I had some problem finding my own posts. I usually find them through profile/history but this forum looks like a non standard platform.
2012/1/18 18:57:49
Help exporting from Blender 2.61 I have tried many py scripts but none of them worked. Will try the recommended here in the forum but first I'm going to give scetchup a try first because I don't like to mess with python if I don't have to.
2012/1/17 15:30:10
Why do I feel like I need to learn scottish accent I'm getting used to that the animation characters talks in scottish.
Can't shake that away.
2012/1/16 15:31:59
Blender export to ase py script is giving me prob I tried yesterday several hours to make it work. I'm talking about the goofo py script:

The first script gave me an error like unknown location. Wrong version I use blender 2.61 and this was like 2.4 or something.
The second script gave me an grayed out export item in the export menu. Can't do much with that can I?
The third script doesn't generate a file. It just ends with no information.
I have almost non experience with blender but I suppose I select the object "yellow border" and then click ascii export to ase or similar.
How do you do it?
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