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2012/6/8 10:57:43
Random requests! Dreeko wrote:
Am I the only one who regularly right clicks on a character to try and set up the character actions and then realises that the right click is only for changing a characters appearance.

I don't know why I do this so often?
It could be that it feels natural to have all character options available from right clicking.

(hint hint!)


You're not the only one, I have done that countless times!Hammer Time
2012/6/8 10:47:07
New scene button I agree with the new scene idea, but would it be very difficult to add a 5th camera?
2012/6/8 10:36:27
Death to the blobs!! simonheffer wrote:
We have a creation action - can we have a death pose?
The lying down sleeping poses are not available, so can we have an equivalent for the blobs.

I think that there is a heartbroken pose, or something like that, which looks like death.

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2012/6/2 20:57:30
Moving limbs simonheffer wrote:
Head/eyes following an object , like a person walking by.
Head/eyes turning/moving to look at an object.

These feel move like direction than fiddling about dragging the spot around.

I agreei agreeEdit
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2012/6/2 20:08:13
Moving limbs Dreeko wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

You're starting to go Off Topic

I would say that Jamie was extremely on topic!?

Good point
2012/6/2 11:50:31
Festa della Repubblica gimmick wrote:
Maybe these Italian colors are Scottish humor about jubilee...

Yes, I'm afraid that you're probably right! squint
2012/6/1 20:27:17
Festa della Repubblica IanS wrote:
tripfreak wrote:
Nice idea !
But shouldn't that be tomorrow ? hmm

Lol actually yes, but we thought we'd leave it on over the weekend!

What about the diamond jubilee?Kneel!
2012/6/1 20:21:37
Festa della Repubblica Now there is motorbikes and other things on the homepagePeace Sign
2012/6/1 20:11:19
Festa della Repubblica tripfreak wrote:
Nice idea !
But shouldn't that be tomorrow ? hmm

Yes, it should, but I guess the person doing it is getting it preparedLoo Flush!
2012/6/1 19:29:58
Festa della Repubblica Now the buttons on the homepage changing colours!
2012/6/1 19:07:01
Festa della Repubblica buttons for social networks changing colours and mascots on homepage becoming itallian!
2012/6/1 18:38:05
Festa della Repubblica Does anyone like the website changes for Festa della Repubblica. So far, I have seen the new logo and the pictures on the homepage! Have you seen or done anything else?dunnorock on
2012/6/1 18:27:39
Funny Vid! KerryK wrote:
Meh.. what's wrong with a little clay blood and a little clay guts?

Err, the clay part! Gunslinger
2012/6/1 18:25:16
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) I created a fat man but when I directed the eye's, only one moved. I know this was not meant to happen but it works well as the fat man is old. Maybe it was a one-time thing. Does anyone know?Duhh
2012/6/1 16:13:17
Moving limbs Jamie wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
Weight slider.....
Size slider....

I've thought about this size and weight slider a fair bit and I just can't see how it'd be a practical solution. The problem I see is with how would these properties affect things.

Ok, it's easy to imagine that a heavy object would mean the characters arms are not as high as they would be with a light object and that a larger object would cause the arms to move further away from the rest of the body to accommodate the larger size.

The weight aspect seems unneeded. If you had a super hero, you'd expect that even the heaviest of objects to be handled effortlessly and a wimp character to struggle with the lightest thing, so over all that'd be covered with the animations chosen for the situation the character is in. If you had to go through each object attach to the character and setup the weight of it for the right effect it might be a bit time consuming and easy to get the wrong results without realising.

There is a size slider already, we call it scale. The problem, I see anyway, is with the technology. How could the animation be changed, on the fly, to suit different sizes? If you have a really massive object (a 1980's mobile phone, for example) you'd still expect the character to place it at it's ear but the animation would need to be adjusted to allow the hand to be further away from the ear to allow space for the phone, which in turn means a different angle on the elbow joint and in turn a different angle on the shoulder joint and possibly a different angle on several other joints to make the holding action look right. A weird situation might be the character holding a large, heavy box over it's head, both hands would need to be used and you wouldn't be able to just have the arms go as low as the weight would suggest, due to the rest of the body below.

Ok, that's all a bit garbled but I think there is a more elegant solution to be found, that gives a simpler interface without causing to much extra things for users to do. I'm not against size or weight sliders if there's a practical plan on how it'd work, but it might be worth one of the animators or devs confirming if that sort of thing is possible with the technology we're using.

You're starting to go Off Topic
2012/6/1 16:11:10
Moving limbs Could we not just have a separate, manual limb moving, character for now while you come up with ways to re-wire the old ones!Wiggle
2012/6/1 16:07:55
Moving limbs ukBerty wrote:
I'm wondering if we're all looking for the perfect "works in all situations" solution rather than just getting something that can be useful. I know that Muvizu don't like compromises but we can take a method that is not perfect and could produce some odd results and just make the best of it. Trust us.

I am struggling to see the problem with having an attached item property to the hand with rotation and location controls. Look at the axe in the head for a reference - we want that but for hands and our own objects (and for head whilst you're at it !).

We would pose a character and stick something in their hand, or attach a handbag so they could walk with it. All the technology already seems to be there.

Yes you could put the handbag upside down so it looks wrong. Yes some animations would look wrong because the gravity was incorrect, but that's down to us to make sure it all works and we avoid such things. There are so many things you can do already to break the rules of the universe - you just have to make sure you don't.

I know it's not the perfect solution, but I think it'd be 80% there and we could do so much with it.

Please can we have that. Please......

Yes, I agree, you are all looking for a perfect multi-tool when we only want a gun to go with the current gun actions!Pat on the head
2012/6/1 16:06:14
Funny Vid! Yeas me too...Hammer Time
2012/6/1 6:58:03
Gun_in_Hand bigwally wrote:
Nick Danger needs a gun!

i agreeGun
2012/5/31 20:23:17
Gun_in_Hand Woo Hoo!Dreeko wrote:
barrys wrote:
You're all 100% right to want this and 100% right to keep on our backs.

I promise you guys that we'll tackle the 'holding' issue soon. Really, honestly, I promise.

This thread has kicked off an internal email discussion so we ARE talking about it. We may be able to look at this issue v. soon.


Exciting stuff, Hurrah!
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Woo Hoo!
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