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2016/9/23 19:58:12
Muvizu on Steam PatMarrNC wrote:
update #2...

after creating an account and logging in, I clicked the aforementioned button and was informed that my type of account does not entitle me to vote!! Not sure where to go from here....

Maybe you can't vote when you account was just created. Not sure what you can do about that.
2016/9/23 18:49:24
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? tonyob67 wrote:
Yes, It sounds like the Mexican Government, they own the media and they censure everything bad that people say about the President ...there is no freedom of exprecion, the only way we have to express is youtube and other social networks, and they want to take that away from us to? sad

Contrary to what many people on YouTube are saying, they're not actually censoring these videos. All they're doing is not allowing you to make money off videos that are against their guidelines. (Nothing's actually changed, they just re-worded it)
It's still a scumbag move by YouTube, but not quite as much as people make out.
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2016/9/23 18:44:58
Muvizu on Steam PatMarrNC wrote:
OK, I joined Steam... do I vote by clicking the button that says "yes I would buy Muvizu if it were available on Steam"? (even though I've already bought it ?)

also, I notice in the lower right corner there is a message saying that the owner of the thread (MUVIZU) has hasn't logged into Steam for 343 days. This suggests abandonment and doesn't send the message that this is an active greenlight project.

Yes you press that button, and Muvizu should definitely log in as you say.
2016/9/22 20:45:28
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries tonyob67 wrote:
How you did that small hill where you put the house?

I believe that's a stretched out hill object from Muvizu.
2016/9/22 10:09:43
KEY FRAME TEST The video is private.
2016/9/22 7:02:10
KEY FRAMING PROBLEM tonyob67 wrote:
I already activate the key framing, but it doesn't seems right, look at the picture, I am missing the + button...instead it sais *this camera is not animated....halp please

You have to press the "Cambiar a preparar" button at the bottom of the window. A new Menu should appear. Change the drop down box from "none" to "key-framed". Now you can go back by pressing "Switch to Direct".
2016/9/21 22:15:32
license issues Sounds like a problem for support.
2016/9/21 21:37:03
MASTER PEACE Oh I missed the other one. "Cracks me up" means "makes me laugh"
And "whereas" is when you're comparing two things. So you say one thing then say "whereas" and explain the other thing to compare them to each other.
PatMarrNC wrote:
The main difference is that you tend to go for the instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod and Ikes are more inclined to imply powerful emotions and let the impact sneak up on their audience.

Reworded wrote:
The main difference is that you usually represent your story very directly, but Rod and Ikes show powerful emotions with subtle facial expressions and don't let the audience realise what is going on in the story until the last moment.

I hope that's what you mean, Pat. (It took me a while to find an alternative phrase to "at face value")
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2016/9/21 20:26:31
MASTER PEACE tonyob67 wrote:
Changing the subject a little, you use words that I dont understand like (instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod) or cracks me up hahaha, is this good or bad, I tried with google but there is no translation

He means your videos show emotions very literally, and instantly. Whereas Rod (And a couple of other forum members) try to put more subtle or hidden emotion into their videos on a deeper level.
So maybe you would show someone being sad by giving them a sad face and showing what made them sad. For a more subtle effect, you may show them with a blank expression on their face and then show a series of events in their life to represent their sadness.
2016/9/21 19:35:36
MASTER PEACE Yeah that's Rodrisilva
Definitely a Muvizu pro. I think this is one of his best:

Faultless attention to detail in everything he does.
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2016/9/20 19:15:55
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Top tips for stepping up the quality of your films:
  • Experiment with different lighting to get your desired effect. Try to avoid using the ambient light that Muvizu puts in by default. Often a scene will gain a lot of depth with just one or two well placed lights. For larger scenes, you could try the directional light.
  • Once you've sorted out your character actions and movement, add a bit more personality and subtle emotion to your characters by using head and eye movement. If you find that your character isn't quite coming across as you intended, you might want to have a go at animating the "expressive" property with "Prepare/Direct character properties"
  • You may not notice at first, but good sound quality make a massive difference on how you perceive a film. When you record your dialogue, try to keep a good distance from your microphone, and avoid recording around anything loud like a desk fan that could leave a noticeable noise in the final recording.

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2016/9/20 18:45:27
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries Hey guys,
Here’s where you post your entries to this year’s Halloween competition.
This competition will be judged by the Muvizu community, and I imagine many of us regulars will give feedback on what went well and what could be improved.

The rules for this competition are very simple:
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight on October 29th, and judging will take place on the 30th ready for the announcement of the winners on the 31st.
  • Entries must have a Halloween theme, but other than that it’s open to your imagination.
  • Entries must be made within the time constraints of the competition. No using old videos please.
  • Entries must be made in Muvizu. (Duh! )
  • Entries must contain only your own or royalty-free material. We don’t want anyone to have their video taken down due to a copyright dispute.

You can submit as many entries as you like.

There are no prizes for this competition, but you will receive high quality feedback on how to improve your skills.

Here are some videos from previous years that may give you some inspiration:

The winner of the 2012 competition by Artpen:

Ziggy72 managed to get 2nd place with this video:

And 3rd place went to Woztoons:

Good luck everyone!
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2016/9/20 15:34:46
Halloween contest...? Yeah and they wondered why nobody goes to the gallery like they used to... shake head
Anyway, I don't mind hosting the contest if nobody else does since I won't have time to enter.
I like the idea of users choosing which is best using the forum's voting system. Everyone would be able to leave their feedback in the thread too.
2016/9/19 20:52:50
Special thanks to Pat for hosting the competition with excellent (hard cash) prizes!
I enjoyed watching all the entries. It's been great to see people from all skill levels compete, all very successfully!
Well done!
2016/9/14 21:47:46
Can Muvizu run using multiple video cards? I think you'll need to contact support for that question
If you get an answer, would you report back and tell us?
2016/9/9 7:02:29
T-REX set now in store Private video
2016/9/8 18:43:28
Muvizu Update September 2016 If this really fixes those bugs without breaking anything else, then good job Muvizu!
2016/9/5 11:58:32
W4 error code on License Activation I've not heard of this issue before, so it's best to contact support:
2016/9/5 11:54:18
FLYING GRASS tonyob67 wrote:

I have this problem when I was working on my last video, I spend a lot of time putting grass for my set, but I spend doble the time putting the grass back on the floor when I open the program to keep working because all the grass it's floating in the air, same with other assets, is there a way to stop that problem?

No, it's a problem with the Unreal Engine where it decides to lift the object up rather than put it down outside of the sky-dome.
2016/9/3 8:39:18
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers mindiflyth wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
There are free alternatives to Muvizu now, unlike when it started.

What would those alternatives be? I'm not aware of any 3D animation programs with anything like this level of customization, or ease of use.

Have a look at source filmmaker. If you can play any first person shooter game then you're already half way there to knowing how to use it. Additional animation can be keyframed in.
I'm sure I had another in mind but I've forgotten what it was.
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