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2016/2/4 11:27:32
1.6? Any good yet? bigwally wrote:
Some days, I feel like I'm just talking to myself.

Sorry bigwally, I left it since I didn't really have an answer. I haven't heard anything and they seem to be quiet on public front at the moment. If you send in a support ticket to Jamie, he might have a more definitive answer. Ziggy has the best link to 1.5 if you want to roll back though.
2016/2/1 17:21:14
How do I..... ukBerty wrote:
Ziggy - am I missing something but why are you moving the background at all ? In your compositor just use a static shot of the background (a single TGA image) and have your car on the layer in front moving past ?

ukBerty wrote:
ukBerty wrote:
Ziggy - am I missing something

Yes I am - the bit in your video where you suggest just that !

ukBerty had to slag off/correct his own post since he'd missed a part of the video. Nothing aimed at you anwarboldon.
A lot of the stuff on this forum is a bit tongue in cheek, especially between moguls/staff. We're all just joking about really.
2016/2/1 15:13:00
How do I..... anwarboldon wrote:
I apologize. I am new to this. I got the information I needed. It was very helpful in allowing me to finish my project. In the future I will think twice about posting because I don't want to upset anybody. Thank you all.

Don't worry, you didn't upset anyone. If you have any questions, just ask.
2016/1/30 10:34:41
Better controls for moving objects braj wrote:
It would be great to have xyz axis controls so you can move things easily and precisely, this is one of the things that makes Muvizu hard for me, especially initially.

That's why they brought out the key-framing. The direction controls are just a bit fiddly to use for precise movements. Unfortunately, none of the versions of Muvizu compatible with the key-framing pack are 100% stable so many users are using v1.5 that isn't compatible.
However, you can use the arrow keys and WASD to move things when directing if the mouse is too awkward.

If you're just talking about moving objects around while setting up the scene rather than recording, then you might want to try altering your mouse speed in Windows.
2016/1/29 22:49:57
How do I..... ziggy72 wrote:
I was referring to ukBerty's post which referred to his own post... and this is referring to your post

2016/1/29 17:58:30
Rendering anwarboldon wrote:
I thought most video editors could have the .avi video. I am hoping to bring my project into iMovie. Am I mistaken here?

I'm not sure about iMovie since it's a very basic editor. If you use something more robust it should import fine.
2016/1/29 17:39:30
Rendering paul-william-baltink wrote:
Getting frustrated here too. I get grain in the video. I worked in Premeire CC, Maya, zbrush, Cinema4D XL, everything OK. But as soon as Muvizu renders I get grain in the video. All other programs work fine, have the latest version 1.6. Why is there no support for .264 codec? Neither MP4.
After 1 1/2 year I am about to throw this program in the trashcan.

Try rendering as an image sequence, your video editor should have an option to import it the same way it would a video. The version of .avi used by Muvizu has many issues.
2016/1/29 12:32:39
Beefy Man wings449 wrote:
Does anyone know how to remove those swirls that move around this character?

Right click, edit, effects,body,none.
2016/1/29 7:20:42
How do I..... That's brilliant Ziggy! I'd completely overlooked the concept of moving the camera and road at the same speed.
You know, you could always keyframe it though
2016/1/27 13:59:02
graphics software Gimp is free and powerful but the interface is a bit awkward
2016/1/26 22:31:11
1.6? Any good yet? artpen wrote:
Oh, what's the Head movement Bug? hmm


Sets saved with head movement can't be opened again. So you have to save without it or just use 1.5
2016/1/26 22:04:36
1.6? Any good yet? artpen wrote:
Hey guys, just a quick one before I download 1.6..

Has it been fixed yet or what??????? Whaaaaa?

Ta, artpen

Well, fixed is a complicated word....
The sets broken by the previous version can be recovered with the new one, but the head movement bug is still present. Keyframed camera movements from the previous version are gone when you open the set in the new version. Everything else seems fine for me so far though.

The devs are looking at these at the moment.

Worth trying out if nothing else.
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2016/1/26 19:26:09
Sketchup Roundup Congratulations! I might have to have a go now.
2016/1/26 19:24:46
PC to Mac Imovie anwarboldon wrote:
I am creating a Muvizu project on a PC. When complete is there a way to bring my video into a mac so I can edit in iMovie?

When you render your video out of Muvizu with the "make video" button, it should create an avi file. This should be able to be imported into imovie, but if not, then use a video converter from the app store to make it an mp4.
2016/1/26 18:13:06
How do I..... PatMarrNC wrote:
questions about how to put characters inside a car and/or make it look like its moving are common enough that somebody clever might want to create and upload a set to the store that is pre-loaded with all the key elements. Its one of those boilerplate scenes that everybody wants to build eventually. All the power users would want to build there own, naturally... but the vast majority of Muvizu users who don't want to work at the nuts and bolts level and who just want to portray their ideas quickly would use it and thank you forever.

Dreeko used to have a tutorial on this, but he took a lot of them down since Muvizu changed quite a lot and he was getting bombarded with questions. I might put something together if I have time, but I imagine there are much more capable people here for such a task.
2016/1/26 17:27:54
How do I..... anwarboldon wrote:
Import a car sounds serious. Are you talking about from a third party source or within Muvizu? Sounds like the vomit isn't so bad. It's the inside the car that appears to be more difficult.

Yep, that's the difficult part. You could have a transparent backdrop if you're doing a short scene, but longer scenes might require a 3D model. There are some tips here:
You'll probably want to use the ziggymesh exporter since it has little collision. The rest of the information is listed on that thread.
2016/1/26 11:44:43
Trying to speed up renders but need shadow help ritsmer wrote:
@ mrmuviz: Really nice bluejeans you have made for that character - Is it possible you could upload them to your profile or mail them to me ?Thanks / ritsmer

You might find some in the costume pack:
2016/1/26 7:20:59
Rendering anwarboldon wrote:
New to Muvizu. Just created my first shot. Took me all day but I am extremely frustrated as I cannot make the video. Rendering is stuck at 0%. It's been hours. I tried 1080, 720, 480, video and integrated images. Shot is less than 10 seconds. Have a whole story to tell. Due Saturday. Look forward to creating a library of projects but need help please. Only options were uncompressed, microsoft and intel video codecs. Tried them all. Heeeeelp Someone Pleeease HEEEEEELP!

Video rendering takes quite a bit of time, especially if you don't have a strong dedicated Graphics card/chip in your computer. Try using the microsoft codec, then leave it for an hour after pressing "make video" (or whatever the button that prompts you to select a file location says). If still nothing's happened, have a word with support:
2016/1/25 7:15:35
License Ah yes, that translation makes sense. oops!
To request an extension of your licence you have to contact support (They'll probably respond later today.)

You will probably find it difficult to run Muvizu on a notebook because it is unlikely to have enough processing power. (Muvizu is very intensive on graphics chips)
2016/1/24 22:22:31
License You bought extensions? The extensions should be free if you're the only person using it.
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