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2015/12/23 14:19:56
layers and movements Jamie wrote:
Very nice post MrDrWho. If you have a chance would you mind putting it on the wiki?

I'll happily do that, I might add more detail though- this is a little ambiguous.
2015/12/23 12:51:33
layers and movements I'll stick it here for convenience:

There has to be a layer in front of the one you're doing in Muvizu. In the example it's a fountain with a transparent background.
So you need:
1. A background layer with the whole picture
2. A layer made in Muvizu that has your character walking in the path. (You'll have to experiment with different paths, lighting and camera angles.)
3. A top layer with just the things you would like in Muvizu
I'll make a few little diagrams to show what I mean:

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2015/12/22 18:37:07
request ziggy72 wrote:
Thanks MToon, glad to be of help. The link to this version is already up somewhere else (MrDrWho posted it) but I couldn't find it straight away so put up this link instead.

Nope I have nov 7 and nov 17 but not nov 10 (I already gave him the links)
2015/12/21 22:21:33
Video Salvage PatMarrNC wrote:
Thanks for posting that. The videos I've been watching over the past few days have raised the bar so high I may have to drop out of the game.

Pah, rubbish!
Everyone's got to start at the bottom and work up, you're already half way there by the looks of your videos. Just chuck some lights in and play around with the shadows and camera effects and your work will be brilliant!.

Oh and come up with something to make in the first place, that's where I always stumble.
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2015/12/21 16:21:42
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... What languages do you speak?
2015/12/21 9:48:18
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... I just downloaded Fazz's banjo to try out, and it seems to be importing fine with 9 different colour slots:

The text file seems to allocate each texture a separate ID while keeping the default toto.bmp:

(Excuse the dodgy circling, very difficult with a mouse )
Could you send me your cigarette as a sketchup file to to see if I can find the problem?
2015/12/21 9:12:25
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... roland1963 wrote:
Hi Urban,

I did as you said, I imported the Banjo one (the first link you gave me)...It only imports the banjo... there is no colour at all on this banjo (ashame btw).. It is all grey as the Toto file.
In the banjo folder there is the ase, fbx and toto files...But no colour on my import... is it normal?

Yes this is normal if you haven't manually edited the .ase file via a text editor as others have explained:
ukBerty wrote:
When you import an ASE created from Sketchup you always have to edit it and replace this default texture with the textures you actually want as the sketchup exported does not export the textures.

ziggy72 wrote:
The ASE file is in plain text format. Are you saying you opened it in Notepad and manually replaced the path and filename from TOTO.BMP with the path and file name to your texture, and MUVIZU still won't find the right texture?
The Bitmap location for each material is the default TOTO file, to keep Muvizu happy, so my cigarette starts off as all one colour. I load each texture into each slot. If I wanted Muvizu to load each texture for me, I'd have the change the default BITMAP path to something else, like D:\my stuff\models\ciggy\filter.jpg, or something similar. Hope that helps.

Another thing I noticed from your error message that might be a typo problem:
This should be C:\users\roland\Blabla\HipHop\textures\toto.bmp (Note the : after C)
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2015/12/20 22:57:03
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 ziggy72 wrote:
I accept your challenge sir!

PatMarrNC, I look forward to your detailed synopsis of each one - should only take you a couple of months... Big Grin

Oh dear, what have I done?!
I can't believe I forgot about some of those! All masterpieces!
I loved Ghost house, Dark Ninja Reviews, Staundoone, all the greenscreen stuff from fman00, and of course the book (I'm still amazed that was made in Muvizu). Those and many others.

Good luck PatMarrNC!
2015/12/20 21:46:39
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... urbanlamb wrote:
his error is specific to sketchup not all files require a toto.bmp and he is saying that this is what his error was at least that was what he started with.

Oops, thanks for the info!
2015/12/20 21:14:13
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... roland1963 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
store gallery whatevers lol I know fazz uses sketchup and ziggy I think has some sketchup stuff just download an object made in sketchup and if that installs just use that file and put your stuff in there.

if it doesn't install then its something scrambled on your pc uninstall muvizu and sketchup do a registry cleanup using a registry cleaner I use the one from piriform its free and it works. (reboot after cleaning the registry)

Then put all the stuff back onto your disk and try try again.

If that doesn't work.. I would blame Muvizu if you can't import anything in the gallery and then.. you can report a bug

But how can I know what I am downloading is made in SketchUP... I can download 100 things and they will never be made in Sketchup?

They don't have to be made in sketchup, they just need to be an object in a .ase format. (There's a 90% chance they're from sketchup anyway)
2015/12/20 19:41:02
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... urbanlamb wrote:
Can you import files from the gallery?

It's the store now urban.
2015/12/20 19:35:43
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 Wow you really are excellent at these reviews, thanks!
2015/12/20 17:31:04
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 PatMarrNC wrote:
Let's make the week leading up to Christmas into a "BLAST FROM THE PAST!"

Break out all those videos that you poured your heart into when you first discovered the possibilities in Muvizu, and I'll rave on and on about how awesome you are! (And I'll really mean it! I'm truly impressed by the videos made by the people on this forum!)

Well I do love showing off!

...So here's a couple of my first creations:

Top quality, I know! hehe

I'll break out some of my older stuff if you want.
2015/12/20 16:05:32
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 ziggy72 wrote:
We should make you our reviewer, Pat! We tend to forget the vids we made because we're focussed on what we're doing now, but they do show how far the program has come. That list isn't particularly representative either - where's Fazz68 for a start? Or Mysto, or Skylike, or ukBerty, etc? It's a long list...

You're exactly right Ziggy! I've missed those people from my personal list since I seem to be basing it off of the comedies that made the biggest impressions to me when I just started Muvizu. (2010-2012). (And I wanted to keep the list as short as possible)
I never started Tales of Zombie-town due to the prospect of becoming addicted to episodes and spending my time binge-watching the whole series!

Go on Ziggy, make a list of your favourites!
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2015/12/20 14:03:22
MUvizu not importing SketchUP model... It always looks for the default texture of Toto.BMP, you could rename your texture or ask one of the more advanced model makers for advice. Ziggy,fazz,urbanlamb, dylly etc.
2015/12/20 12:37:25
New SketchUp simple cube not pivoting up and down Have you unchecked the "keep upright" in the physics section of the edit menu?
2015/12/20 11:51:19
How to install ase exporter in sketchup! OK thanks for the heads up, I'll check that later.
2015/12/20 11:03:33
How to install ase exporter in sketchup! roland1963 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
roland1963 wrote:
Nothing is working...

The only path I got is c:\program files(x86)\Sketchup\Sketchup2016\ifcplugin

I tried copying the .rb file in there... but then, after restarting Sketchup, I have no Plugins in the Tools tab.

I tried going into Export tab to try to do something. When I export in 3D, there is no ASE options but fbx and others.

As far as any PlugIn Tab n the tool bar, it is absent as well...

This is called Enigma!

That'll be because you're using sketchup 2016 not sketchup 8.
When you install sketchup 8, the file directory will be as it says on the page, and the exporter will appear under the "plugins" tab.

If you really want to keep using your sketchup version, you could try moving the .rb file to this location:
PatMarrNC wrote:
on my windows 8 machine, the install path is as follows:
c:\users\your name\appdata\roaming\sketchup\sketchup 2015\sketchup\plugins\muvizuaseexporter.rb

If you manually place the file there, you'll probably have to change your permissions to see those directories. By default, I think some of them are not visible

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Yes,but the link you give (ie; does not give Sketchup 8 but 2016 so you should update it or remove it...The name of the exe file is SketchUpMake-en, not SketchUp 8

I'll try again with the new link and keep you posted.


The rodneyandberty link is the plugin only. The Google drive link is sketch up 8
2015/12/20 9:27:14
Failed to load object from file Wow this is some in depth research. I'll have to test your theory out.
With this level of detail you could probably get yourself one of these shiny tester badges.
2015/12/19 22:05:57
HOLIDAY SHOWCASE 2015 PatMarrNC wrote:
I knew Dr Who was a British TV show, but I erred on the side of a more local application to the forum. I've never seen the show, so I appreciate the explanation.

If you meant my name being the reference, you can tell from my post history that I only started posting in 2012, whereas that video was from 2010.
Wow I had to look back at my first post to find that out - Hey Muvizu, I asked for slow-mo recording in 2012, where's my slow-mo recording?
Perhaps I should be inspired from these videos to nag them about it. Or maybe the idea's obsolete since we have keyframes...
So many questions.
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