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2017/4/24 14:24:10
Announcement Thank you for the official announcement. We'll see what happens.
2017/4/23 16:34:12
ZUCHAT... a FB group for Muvizu scorpio66 wrote:
Whats wrong with this forum?
Is it closing or something?
2017/4/23 12:26:10
Unable To Use License Key drewi wrote:
cheers for the reply mr drwho13. but on reflection i'm too frightened of losing muvizu now.

A lot of the community are migrating to Zuchat:
Your copy of Muvizu should continue working until you replace the computer without any interaction with the server.
2017/4/23 11:00:47
Unable To Use License Key drewi wrote:
Wondering if it's safe to still purchase character sets.Anyone done that in the last few days?

The official word is it should work, and if you want to buy one - buy it quick! (Although maybe try a cheap one first to make sure it works?)
The E2 error is on your computer's end so it should be independent of the licencing server. (Although error W2 is the end of the line for the keys now)
2017/4/22 20:25:01
Digimania has gone into administration Thank you very much to the anonymous dev who came forward and answered our burning questions with definitive answers (And thanks Dreeko for facilitating this).

I very much hope that the former staff manage to find alternative jobs as quickly as possible. Everyone I've spoken to since first playing around with Muvizu 7 years ago has been enthusiastic and always happy to help.

I'll be sticking around on Zuchat if the forum disappears.
2017/4/22 13:34:41
Digimania has gone into administration Pat did you just talk about Yahoo in 2017?
Facebook does allow you to upload files to your posts, so sharing sets and objects should be fine.

However, the facebook group doesn't have any method of sorting posts, so is not an exact replacement for the forum.
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2017/4/22 12:42:22
Update from 2017.03.31 ? Seems to be mainly patches
I've not heard of any bugs as of yet.
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2017/4/21 10:44:22
Digimania has gone into administration I've left it several days to see if there would be any form of official announcement, but nothing has turned up as of yet. There seems to be some conflicting information in this thread and I'd rather make sure the rumours were based on reality rather than pulled out of the air.

So here's my unofficial announcement:
Digimania, the company behind Muvizu, went into administration a few days ago. It was only a matter of time before this would happen - Muvizu seems to have been coasting for a number of years now. This is not the definitive end of Muvizu, but the future is less clear than before.
Myself and a few other users have tested out if Muvizu will still work should these servers go down, and it would appear that once activated, Muvizu will continue to work offline at any point (although the licence is tied to you MAC address so you can't move it to another PC). However, it is still possible that whoever is currently in control will execute some sort of kill command on the licences. (I very much doubt this)

So feel free to continue using Muvizu. If you have been having trouble with the latest version, you may want to try the previous version:
While the store remains online, you should still be able to buy licences. However, if you activate your licence too many times, you won't be able to contact support after getting error W2.

In my opinion, the best case scenario would be another company taking over responsibility for Muvizu, or the entire project going open-source. I have had no hints from anyone involved of which is most likely so it appears to all be up in the air at the moment.

If this truely is the end, then I would like to thank everyone involved with Muvizu. All the staff and forum members have been helpful and friendly throughout the years and I wish you all the best.
2017/4/21 10:41:00
Digimania has gone into administration @lillilulli I would like to apologise for the aggressive tone of that message. That certainly wasn't what I was going for. I wasn't asking you to "shut up", although I don't think spamming the chat every day with the exact same information could do much to help.
The issue you are having on your computer doesn't seem to be something anyone in the community can fix. The support team are gone for now (see my next message). However, I would like to repeat the troubleshooting steps I have sent you over the last few days because I haven't heard the result yet.

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2017/4/20 16:56:19
Move a limb - custom movement I think it would be easier to find actions in the main library or alter your story if you can't find one. Importing and animating objects is a slightly more advanced feature and I wouldn't like to confuse a new user.
If you are interested in using extra arms, then I suggest you read through this thread:
2017/4/20 16:40:36
Make an object invisible Similarly to how you trigger the explosion effect, you can "direct" the visibility of the object. Go into the "prepare object properties" menu and set the "visible" property to be animated. Then you can switch to direct and turn that on and off when required.
2017/4/20 16:36:10
Move a limb - custom movement The built in actions are all you have at the moment, but some people use a sort of prosthetic arm (an arm object imported from sketchup or whatever) and move that to create some actions which aren't in the main library.
2017/4/20 16:34:37
Trigger an effect eg Atomic Bomb Prepare-->Object properties. Next select the "trigger" property on the effect. Set it to animate. Then go to Direct-->object properties and press the red record button on the timeline. Press the "trigger" button when you want it to go off.
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2017/4/19 6:37:43
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X That does seem very unusual. Did you see the GPU usage before the most recent update?
2017/4/18 21:40:05
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X sgnrmedia wrote:
What are your render times like for exporting videos/TGA(or PNG) sequences?

I'm looking to upgrade, as I'm finding my overclocked i5 2500k is starting to show its age, but one thing that's always confused me is that my CPU and GPU usage have been so low when rendering to my SSD. I know my disk's write speed can handle high FPS at high resolutions, so there's no bottlenecking going on there, and was wondering if newer platforms are more fully utilized in terms of CPU/GPU power to render out projects

The rendering in Muvizu relies almost entirely on your GPU. I know you can get rendering up to what would be considered "real-time" but mine isn't powerful enough to say if it can go faster. What GPU do you have at the moment?
2017/4/18 21:24:24
Video blinking with dar parts The video seems to show your computer not really being powerful enough for Muvizu. I can see from the dxdiag that your computer does have a video card, but not a massively powerful one. However, I am surprised that it seems to be dropping all those frames.
It seems strange that this would happen after the update. I tried rendering an old set on my pc and it came out fine.
I suggest you try on a different computer if you have one, or try re-installing your video card drivers.
Are you sure it's not just that set? Try making a blank set with only 1 character and see if it comes out ok.
2017/4/17 17:04:01
Video blinking with dar parts Thanks for the in-depth troubleshooting so far. Could you also post what's under the "display" or "video" section of dxdiag so we can work out which graphics device you're using? Thanks.
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2017/4/3 14:42:53
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X Rocque wrote:
I am looking forward to your progress with your new computer, Pat. I am happy with the one I purchased last summer, but not happy with how they partition the two hard drives that come with it. They made the smaller one the master C drive and that automatically holds all my programs. The larger drive is the D drive and it has so much room, while the C drive is almost out of room in less than a year.

Also this is probably because the smaller drive is faster, and it saves maybe $100 or more to have a small fast drive and a large slow drive instead of one big fast drive.
The reason they set it up to save the programs and Windows there is so things open in a matter of seconds rather than minutes.
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2017/4/3 14:40:40
AMD RYZEN 7 1800X Ouch this sounds like a slightly crude workaround - I'm assuming you're talking about Windows 7?
Rocque are you using Windows 10? (There's a way to set this up easily where it automatically chooses the D drive for your files)

What is currently on your D drive? When you go to save a file in word or whatever, which drive is it saying you should save in?
2017/3/27 9:23:33
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