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2017/3/18 22:24:27
No import button on create object screen richinri wrote:
Oh geez lol. I forgot the advice I always tell people. Look at the *&^%$ screen.

Haha don't worry, a lot of the controls have moved since the tutorials were made.
2017/3/18 7:50:03
No import button on create object screen It's moved to Create-->Import
2017/3/14 19:02:14
Camera window I've heard of this problem before but cannot remember the solution. (I think it's GPU driver related)
Muvizu support should know how to fix it:
2017/3/14 16:19:48
Where to get Sketchup8? Here's my copy
If it's a bad download then you can come back and complain to me.
2017/2/24 21:18:55
Unable To Use License Key Strange, running as admin usually fixes that. Anyway now you're getting W2 you'll need to wait for a reply. They only work mon-fri 9-5 uk time because it's a small company so don't expect a reply before Monday.
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2017/2/19 15:05:07
Cameras window flashing or flipping The 360 degree pack is for making 360 degree videos which can be viewed in VR headsets. YouTube supports 360 video so if you upload it there in 360, the viewer isn't restricted to just where you pointed the camera. (They can use their mouse to drag around the view)
2017/2/19 14:44:31
Cameras window flashing or flipping RoadSailor wrote:
Yes. I also just updated my post with a short screen capture video which describes it better than I can.


Gerry E.

Ah yes thanks, that saves me a lot of time.
It seems to be from the 360 degree video pack, so disabling the 360 degree mode will fix it.

Tools-->Disable 360 video
2017/2/19 14:29:46
Cameras window flashing or flipping That sounds very odd. Does this happen even when you're not playing anything on the timeline?
2017/2/18 17:03:52
Save imported attached object jane-doe wrote:

The Muvizu community never stops astounding me in how much stuff there is that kind people share.

I went looking for a hammer and found a great set of workmen, one of which had a hammer in his hand.

I opened the set and spent some time trying to figure out if I could save the hammer so that a different character could also use it.

Is this possible?

If you send a message to the creator of the set, they can probably send you the original file for the hammer.
2017/2/18 17:01:06 access jane-doe wrote:
Interesting that this link is provided here in a Muvizu forum.

One wonders how one could warn everyone of this issue.

Luckily it's not come up before but I'll ask Muvizu support to remove the link. Thanks for pointing this out!
2017/2/18 16:46:35 access jane-doe wrote:

The page must have changed in the 7 years since that was posted.
For Muvizu sets, go here: (Don't go to that other site)
2017/2/18 15:35:16 access What is this website for? I've been here 7 years and haven't heard of it.
I just had a look at that site and it's the most dodgy site I've been on for a while. I'd avoid it if I were you.
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2017/2/9 7:08:43
ERROR loading scene Veniko wrote:
Why thank you kind sir I will do just that .

One last question... when I dload all the packs, where should I download to ...? is there a best place in my computer... or will the program point to them without prompting..?


For the ones you need to download, they're just little programs to install it into the main version so you don't need to worry about where you put these.
2017/2/8 22:18:05
ERROR loading scene Yep, if you buy all the content packs you will unlock all the features. To learn how to use Muvizu, there are many options in the help menu on this site.
You may also want to join the Zuchat Facebook group where you may get more comprehensive answers for technical questions.
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edited by MrDrWho13 on 08/02/2017
2017/2/8 22:04:27
ERROR loading scene Veniko wrote:
Oh, Just need that penny now then...........

By feature, do you mean something inside of Muvizu..? sorry but i am new here.

It's probably me using lots of different words for the same thing that's confusing you!
So you can buy content packs/add-ons for Muvizu which are found here:
Some of them add objects or effects (like the Chemistry Pack), and some add additional features/functionality (like the keyframing or 360 packs).
Without the keyframing content pack, you can't use the keyframing functionality built in to Muvizu.
2017/2/8 21:56:44
ERROR loading scene Veniko wrote:
Ah I think I get it, you need certain packs to make the set work...

Penny drop moment.



Yep, you got there before me.
2017/2/8 21:56:02
ERROR loading scene I really depends how they build the sets. If they use a feature other than the standard ones, then it won't be able to run on copies of Muvizu without the licence to run these extras. Contacting the creator can find the problem and maybe they can change it to remove the extra thing.
2017/2/8 21:25:32
ERROR loading scene It may contain something from a content pack (such as keyframing) which is not covered by the standard licence. Try contacting the original creator of the asset:
2017/2/2 7:04:30
Moving custom characters to new computer animall wrote:
I have discovered that on Windows 8.1 (x64) the address where favourites live are called "Presets"
Location of favourites folder: Program Files ->Muvizu Play -> MuvizuGame -> Presets
also: you must enable 'show hidden files and folders'

I hope that it keeps more hair on many heads

Does that show your custom favourites or just the preset favourites?
2017/1/29 16:29:01
Set won't open rollasoc wrote:
Could be the graphics card. I have a 4GB Radeon thing. Which I would have assumed should cope. Hopefully support will come back to me and possibly help me configure the laptop to cope with this.

I'm worried that if I save the file with static lighting it is almost 7MB. But if I add another object and resave it, the file size halfs. Which is the filesize without static lighting.

If I add the object and go through the static lighting option before saving, I can reopen it again. So to me it sound like static lighting is reverting to dynamic when I add a new object, but on loads thinks it is still static. I could well be wrong though.

At least I now have a way forward, just need to remember to reset the static lighting before each save. Not ideal but workable, for the three little scenes I need to finish the video.

That sounds like a potential bug. Static lighting is a new feature.
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