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2014/5/17 8:08:25
how to lip sync in the lastest version of muvizu ?
2014/5/14 16:00:35
A shared archive or library of objects/characters?
If you mean brand new characters created by users, then this is not currently possible inside Muvizu.
2014/5/12 19:47:02
Soooooo tempted! Yes please!
That series was one of the things that made me create an account here!
(And no, that's not a bad thing! )
2014/5/12 16:28:34
How can I use smooth transitions between scenes? This is possible, but not with video joiner as far as I know.
Try using another video editor (If you are running Windows, you will probably have Windows Movie maker installed on your PC).
2014/5/11 21:24:00
Dalek Dreeko wrote:
I'd like to see you make an original episode one day. Go for it!

Name the era and I'll see what I can do!

(You've now tempted me to have a go at An Unearthly Child)
2014/5/11 20:18:47
Dalek My version of a scene from the episode 'Dalek' (Doctor Who 2005)

Special thanks to Fazz68.
Audio and concept copyright BBC
Most of the Objects made by Fazz68 (Thanks again!)

2014/4/30 16:05:53
get the character to hold something VladimirP99 wrote:
Thank you primaveranz. Is there a trial version for Muvizu: Play+? I could not find it on the website. For example, I need to know whether it is possible for a character to grab/drop handheld attachments (e.g. a hammer) at some points on the timeline. I could not find a way of doing this in Muvizu: Play.
I am new to Muvizu and would greatly appreciate any advice.

Currently you will not be able to drop/pick up objects within any public version of Muvizu, but Muvizu:Play+ does have the ability to 'attach' objects to the hands and other object areas (hair, eyes etc).
You have to purchase Muvizu:Play+ in order to use this feature.
2014/4/23 16:13:44
Hello Everyone! Hello, and welcome to Muvizu!

The direct dialogue that you saw sounds like the one from the beta version of Muvizu. The current version has only two options (If I remember it correctly) but the process is pretty much the same.
To get two people talking to each other you have to prepare the dialogue so they both are lip synced to the track that you want, then switch to direct and press the record button. you can now switch between talking and 'shush' which stops the lip syncing at the points that you want them to talk. You then do this for the second character and any others that you'd like to talk.
You cannot, however, lip sync to more than one track per character.
This tutorial should help:

If you need any more help, just ask!


Update: Just found this on the wiki with useful GIFs such as:

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2014/4/22 20:48:16
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:

I assume you have to be Scottish to translate this lol.

I got "It wasn't a lecture sdbgkabvjkbfkjaehrgkaejklbgk!"
2014/4/22 10:51:02
Almost human An absolutely fantastic video, Fazz!
Rarely does any video over 5 mins keep my attention, but yours kept me 'glued to the screen'.

Keep up the good work!
2014/4/10 15:31:24
Asset Creation ukBerty wrote:
Now that is encouraging. Maybe the user asset page has been taken down to make way for the all new "Object, action and character Megastore" which will be unveiled with the next release.

I never thought of that...
Sounds promising!
2014/4/10 14:11:00
Asset Creation fazz68 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Sounds like a pretty good concept.

Now they need to give us the ability to import characters/actions

well with error messages like these id say its not to far away lol

LOL, Easter egg!
That must have been left in from whenever the last update was.
edited by MrDrWho13 on 10/04/2014
2014/4/10 13:39:04
Asset Creation Sounds like a pretty good concept.

Now they need to give us the ability to import characters/actions
2014/4/7 18:42:19
Chains around Dalek Thanks Rebel, I'll post back here with the result.
2014/4/7 15:03:07
Chains around Dalek Hi guys,
I've started making a scene from the Doctor Who episode 'Dalek' and have come across a problem. Does anyone know a way that I could get the effect of chains across this Dalek like in the image below that would work from a few different camera angles?

2014/4/5 17:13:00
Save, export and import characters You should be able to save the character in a set then open up that set in the newer version.
2014/4/5 11:59:52
crashing? fazz68 wrote:
its wherever you save your sets to. do you have a folder that you use for projects? save another set and see what the destination folder is. or in search box when you open a window on your computer, type in the name of your set to see where it is

Well la di dah Mr windows 8
2014/4/2 19:48:40
thumbnails I think re-installing Muvizu would fix it, but you'll probably never know the original cause.
2014/4/2 16:33:54
thumbnails That is odd...
You've probably already thought about this, but did you install anything before shutting down your PC before?
2014/4/2 16:32:02
Camera attachment I wonder if this is possible...
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