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2013/7/25 21:53:55
slow motion vdeo movement ziggy72 wrote:
nepgalvan wrote:

heres the link. its a terrible result.

just add in the first line.

The video is set to private, so we can't view it.

I thought maybe he'd allowed Berty to watch it.

(If not, set it to unlisted, it's not private, but only those with the link can watch it)
2013/7/25 21:29:50
[3dFoin] Characters, creatures with animations You know that you will not be able to animate these characters in Muvizu.
2013/7/25 13:56:29
slow motion vdeo movement You are allowed to post videos on this forum with the links, you don't have to separate them.
2013/7/25 12:26:14
Out of memory herseem wrote:
I've noticed now that each time I close Muvizu it leaves it running in memory, even though I close it down properly. It seems that the three copies were from previous attempts

I thought they fixed this issue!

Anyway, regarding posting images, you save the screenshot and upload it somewhere (google docs, or seem popular). Right click the uploaded image and select copy image URL. Click the image button at the top of the post message window and paste the URL.
The image should appear in your post.
2013/7/25 11:02:10
voice changer You could use Audacity ( where you can change the pitch of your voice.
2013/7/24 10:05:35
lip synch off after rendering Yeah, it's a good film, you should put it in the gallery!
2013/7/23 21:10:53
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac ghrenig wrote:
Living in the depths of wales I only get a 2mb download speed.

Ouch! I remember when I had 0.5mbps download speed, and Muvizu took an hour or two to download!

Good luck!
2013/7/23 10:40:57
Too small/ problem with collision mesh With help from Fazz, I managed to get the model to work:
2013/7/23 7:27:52
Lip sync issues with a 22 second video Berty, I'm not sure if they fixed this, but if you have any effects animated in your movie, and want to start with them off; if you stop at a point where they are on before rendering, they will fade out at the start rather than being off.
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2013/7/22 18:50:26
Hi i think your website is very broken :) Oh, it looks like you've just missed them. Oh well, we'll wait 'till tomorrow
2013/7/22 7:31:39
Camera help needed - Please! If you don't want to worry about moving around and not being able to find your set, go to where you would like your movie to be filmed from and go to create, camera. Then go to the scene window and delete the other one.

I hope this helps,
2013/7/21 21:47:53
Too small/ problem with collision mesh ukBerty wrote:

I can get this to import OK ( I haven't sorted out all the colours, but it's in Muvizu).

All I did was run CleanUp on it - and then export with the ZiggyMesh exporter - This is the one called "HardPCM's Exporter for Muvizu" within tools. If you don't have this I can post this somewhere again.

Let me know how you get on.


Cool, thanks, I'll download that!
2013/7/21 19:35:04
Too small/ problem with collision mesh If anyone else is able to convert models with ease, this is the model I would like to get into Muvizu.
2013/7/21 19:30:53
Too small/ problem with collision mesh urbanlamb wrote:
*tries to get you to start using blender*

in blender it would be an easy fix


Lol, maybe I'll be converted to an Urbanlamb Blenderer!
2013/7/21 18:41:52
Too small/ problem with collision mesh urbanlamb wrote:

it might have to do with the way collision was done and not size. If the collision mesh is malformed it wont import but I dont know how people fix that in sketchup I know i just delete it and do it again as sometimes I mess up when adding collision and accidently overlap things a bit in my effort to not leave any holes the character can fall through

I haven't bothered with making a collision map because that would make it more complicated. (Also my code look a lot different to the one in the tutorial)
The message at the start said more than 500 faces.
In all, my plug-in and a few other things look different to the tutorials (probably because they're out of date now).
2013/7/21 16:45:08
WIKI urbanlamb wrote:
hehe Yes jamie put up a link on videos to watch on starting with blender on the forum awhile back. It was a decent list at the moment you need to learn to model in blender to bring stuff into muvizu I dont mind answering that and how to get stuff into muvizu I just dont think its helpful to cloud the issue with animation etc because then i get people yelling at me on forums calling me "lazy" because i wont build them a fully rigged and animated animal for muvizu use. Big Grin

Ah yes, I remember this topic...
2013/7/21 12:43:22
Too small/ problem with collision mesh Thanks anyway, Ziggy!
2013/7/21 12:29:51
Too small/ problem with collision mesh I've tried getting a model from the 3D warehouse, and with a link from another thread and the first tutorial, I exported it as an .ase. In sketchup, it said something about having too many faces, but I ignored that. However, in Muvizu I'm getting this error message:

Can anyone help?

2013/7/20 20:28:05
WIKI urbanlamb wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
tripfreak wrote:
Maybe you should open a new "Blender corner" where all questions regarding Blender could be answered !

Lol, that's actually a great idea!

hehe just be careful because the intention of the wiki is for blender to muvizu not to teach all things blender. I do have some blender tutorials up for general learning but to be honest basic how to blender tutorials are plentiful on youtube.

Perhaps you should put together a playlist on youtube of simple tutorials and put a link to it in the wiki.
2013/7/20 19:45:01
WIKI tripfreak wrote:
Maybe you should open a new "Blender corner" where all questions regarding Blender could be answered !

Lol, that's actually a great idea!
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