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2012/11/9 16:04:54
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
WozToons wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Though there are lots more great new features not shown in Mike's thumbnail to look forward to.

WozToons wrote:
behind the poster is a character manipulating several props with his hands. These include a gun, phone and cup amongst others.
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NO!!! It can't be true. Is it really going to be that good a Christmas or am I just imagining things? I am good at reading between the lines and perhaps the cat has just been released from its incarceration. On the other hand it may still be in the box and we have no idea whether it is dead or alive.
You are 100% correct... When you say "it can't be true". Stick Out Tongue Apologies if you misread my earlier post - I just appreciated your joke is all - I didn't mean it to be connected to what I'd said earlier. My bad!
Needless to say, the day we are confident we have a solid mechanic in place to allow characters to hold objects, it won't be announced via a winking smiley on the forum - it will be announced via a size 8000 font message on the front page with accompanying pictures of Muvizu characters on the phone to their mothers, fathers and everyone they have ever met to let them know that they can now actually use phones.

So, with regards to characters holding objects in the next release - the cat is dead, my friend.
Soz, Woz!

Gasp! I'll be checking the home page every day now!Duhh
2012/11/8 17:00:10
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Very nice Mike!
2012/11/8 7:24:59
Dragonton teaser lookin' good!
2012/11/7 18:30:50
horse needed! I'm sorry, but it looks like you will have to wait... dunno
2012/11/6 15:56:40
Muvizu Community Review Videos I asked Muvizu_Admin about this a while back, and they replied with: 'You never know what is around the next corner '

2012/11/6 7:28:27
horse needed! WozToons wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
I I have toyed with the idea of making an object animal and using the object movement system to propell them (body 4 legs and head seperate) but I think it would make most anyone go bonkers trying to get 5 objects to move in unison lol but if anyone has A LOT of time on their hands maybe they will succeed

I saw your post when I got in and have just knocked this up for fun.
The camera shake needs a bit of tuning and its all very rough but you get the idea. Horse from sketchup. There is a tutorial on horses on here somewhere I think.

If you do this with drum movement, it looks better.
2012/11/6 7:26:08
New Introduction Hello Deon, I hope you have fun using Muvizu, and I can see that you are already familiar with the forums if you need any help. Toast

I'm looking forward to seeing your movies.Wave
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2012/11/5 19:58:07
horse needed! I think this would be possible with the unreal engine, if you had 2 characters and some sort of flexible link between them...Duhh

Well maybe in a few hundred years...
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2012/11/5 15:46:01
dragon Baby! - gotta love it! AWESOME!Woo Hoo!
2012/11/4 19:26:40
Punk Clip Nice video, keep up the good work!!! Rock Band
2012/11/3 18:25:34
My thinkings Carrying on with IH's building ideas, perhaps parts of different buildings similar to the yellow houses you get in pre-made sets. Different shapes of buildings, etc.
2012/11/2 21:30:30
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
That 'zombie girl' was REALLY scary!

Oh, I don't know about that - you've obviously never been in Glasgow on a Saturday night... Whaaaaa?

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2012/11/2 20:08:26
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! ziggy72 wrote:
Thanks Muvizu HQ, and congrats to Woztoons and especially Artpen - I have a Bamboo tablet myself, which I used to draw zombie girl in my video (and all my other textures/costumes/art), so I can tell you it's a damn fine piece of hardware, you lucky monkey you! Toast

That 'zombie girl' was REALLY scary!
2012/11/2 14:20:39
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! YAY, they really deserved this! Congrats guys!Party
2012/11/2 13:43:55
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! bigwally wrote:
Now, who are the other two winners? You did say three winners, so we're still waiting.
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Kimberley228K wrote:

The best 3 videos win a Halloween goodie bag with cool Halloween treats and prizes!

Be creative and imaginative, we want to be spooked!
Please post all videos on this thread!

May the best 3 animators win!

dunno was this a mistake?
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2012/11/2 9:29:10
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Well done Artpen!! WOOO! Applause

2012/11/1 20:52:57
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! fullmetall wrote:
I do not understand English when it suits me

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2012/11/1 19:02:28
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! WozToons wrote:
Would everybody please refrain from posting here until the result is announced.
The notifications get me all a flutter until I check and find that there has still been no decision.
I cannot handle the repeated highs and lows.

ooh, I wonder if they've done it now...

Just Kidding
2012/11/1 16:32:06
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! AAAHHH!!! I can't wait to find out the results!!!!Duhh
2012/10/30 8:46:17
How to.. ghost?!?!?! Which movie? Can you give us a link?
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