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2010/4/23 16:07:13
Timeline and animation problem Hi Muvizu Team,
thanks for that workaround
2010/4/21 14:28:23
Timeline and animation problem Hi Dave,
I started using muvizu last week, there was an update this week but I think the issue was before the update.
I am a newbi so please excuse, but I forgot to mention that I clicked:
"The X at end of the animation column and not and not the indivudual animations".
Hope this gives more info.
I am almost finished the movie will upload soon ;0p
2010/4/20 19:08:45
Timeline and animation problem Hi,
I put on character animations; I then deleted them from timeline,
now I can't add new animations to that character.
I can in prepare mode, an in direct/run scene but not direct clapboard (hope you know what I mean) plus it does not add to the timeline.
I can make character walk but I had not used/deleted this before.
Is this my inexperience or a bug?
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2010/4/16 16:51:08
whishes list Hi all,
my wish list is:

Muvizu- Shorcut key document, word or PDF.
Muvizu- Help hint document, word or PDF.
Muvizu- Storyboard document, word or PDF.
Muvizu- Script document, word/txt.
2010/4/16 16:40:39
Hello Hi all newbies,
I would like to ask Muvizu_Admin if its possible to have a storyboard template added to the site?
A word doc for downloading, then I could sketch in my story and add more sceenes etc,
this would be of great help to me and all the new users I am sure.
If you added an interactive storyboard that would be even better,
anything that makes the creation process more organised for guys like me would be great
2010/4/16 16:28:04
Love animation Hi Daragh,
I am newbi too, I am in the process of creating a vid,
will let you know when I'm finished.
Now Im off to watch yours :0)
2010/4/13 15:25:09
Code Hi Dave,
thats great thanks, I use to play unreal tournament, wicked game.
Thanks again.
2010/4/12 14:29:10
Code Hi all,
I just joined this site, I am wondering if ayone knows the code used in the muvizu apps?
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