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2012/12/24 21:40:12
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar urbanlamb wrote:
They said that final clue would be revealed on christmas eve so that's the 25th? So one more day lol. Not a huge one for puzzles or contests but I might give it a go for 5 minutes

Surely Xmas Eve is the 24th. I think we've had the final clue. I don't think the MZ team will be updating on Xmas Day.
2012/12/20 18:00:40
Voice actors? We need em. maeruskanaerus wrote:
Between us girls....why do boys always want commitment when girls just wanna have fun !

Something to do with being easily distracted by shiny things?
2012/12/20 15:22:07
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar toonarama wrote:
Muvizu team
I am sure you will have this covered but if the code is what I think it is then speed will be of the essence when it comes to getting the first correct answer.

So what do you think it is?
2012/12/20 11:27:53
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar KerryK wrote:
So.... you've had a whole bunch of clues (and there are still more to come) but have you an inkling as to what the code means?

No, it appears to be a code of some kind. By definition these are designed to prevent the recipient understanding the message. Perhaps you could provide us with the relevant information?

EDIT: Although a light bulb has just appeared over my head. Let me check it out.
edited by WozToons on 20/12/2012

EDIT: No, not much joy with that idea.
edited by WozToons on 20/12/2012
2012/12/19 16:12:02
New for 2013 They look like interesting characters. Love the 70's look.
2012/12/19 4:48:38
Christmas is coming.... EEFilmz wrote:
Looks great Woz, can't to see the rest! - E

Thanks Here it is as requested, the ink's still wet on the paper.

2012/12/18 3:42:38
Christmas is coming.... Just a quick screenshot from my Christmas offering release date 19/12/2012, ( this Wednesday ).

2012/12/15 15:57:12
Animate Ball Rob85 wrote:
thank you, I didn´t saw that video on the "How to" Category.

That's because it's not in there Big Grin
Dreeko has some good tutorials on his YT channel.
2012/12/15 15:50:21
Animate Ball You should find this video has all you need to know.....

2012/12/8 23:23:17
Coming Soon... I would say it's one of the "must knows".
2012/12/8 14:13:38
Coming Soon... Dylly wrote:
I also got a bit of joy with adding animated gifs to a plane and then moving the plane through the scene like this.

Thanks Dreeko, no need for tutorial I know about AVI transparency video program files config false etc etc. It's just that Dylly said he used an animated GIF and that piqued my interest.

Answering forum queries on the move. Impressive Big Grin
2012/12/7 21:00:41
Coming Soon... I have tried adding animated GIFs to a backdrop but they don't animate. Is there some secret or do you have to turn them into transparent AVIs first?
2012/12/6 0:54:46
Ghost House Trailer thingy Looking dangerously good.
2012/12/5 23:16:18
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Ditto
2012/12/5 20:18:57
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) ukBerty wrote:
CrazyDave wrote:
I fear that the idea of having the defaults for imported props on an option panel would come under the category of overcomplicating/cluttering the interface

That's fair enough. I only suggested this rather than changing the defaults as others may wish for something else - what would everyone else like to see the defaults as ?

Anyone else care ?

Surely there is no need to change the interface to have imported objects default to "floats in air". Just change the preselected option within the program code?
2012/12/5 14:30:26
After Update, things are going wrong I always download and install the full package to update and have never had any problems.
2012/12/3 22:13:00
Inspiration Are you stuck for inspiration? Do you have trouble with starting?
One of the best ways to grab the viewer is with a good title sequence.

Here's a site that should provide some useful ideas....
2012/12/3 14:56:20
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Dreeko wrote:
It's looking great folks! ...who said youtube annotations were a bad thing! har har!

Click here {^} for witty repost one. Click here {^} for witty repost two.
Click here {^} for sarcastic repost one. Click here {^) for sarcastic repost two.
Click here {^} for profanity. Click here {^} for pop up.
Click here {^} and here and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} and here {^} to sit back and relax.

Big Grin
2012/12/3 14:37:42
Monk Robe sophiaschrage wrote:
Any suggestions on how to make my character look like a monk? This is for a class and I am trying to make Saint Thomas Aquinas.

If you don;t fancy painting, the boy character can wear skirts. a brown top and skirt together with sandals and a rope belt, looks really effective.

Hope this helps.
2012/12/1 14:34:56
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Teaser Trailer Applause

Looks really good and great sound mixing. Very cinematic. Looking forward to it.
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