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2012/11/30 20:16:15
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar IanS wrote:
They'll be up all through December. Good luck!

Phew, thanks.
2012/11/30 14:38:03
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Sounds like great fun.

Will the videos be available for a day or two after posting? I will have no internet access on the 2nd.
2012/11/29 18:20:29
Caption Me! Mike_Num_5 wrote:
Ok, a wee something I chucked together...

Garrrggg, it's me ex-wife! Quick! Harpoon the beast before she grabs more o' me treasure!


"So that's what happened to Cannon and Ball."
2012/11/28 14:26:18
Christmas Fairy Lights. Marco_D wrote:
I hope none of the actresses got injured!!


I can assure you that no fairies were injured in the making of this Muvi. A small amount of damage was caused to the scenery but the owner has been compensated. Just one of the problems one can encounter when shooting on location.
2012/11/27 23:17:03
Christmas Fairy Lights. Get into the spirit of Christmas with these wonderful environmentally friendly glow in the dark fairy lights...

2012/11/27 15:28:52
Caption Me! Applause Thanks for the laughs.

It's interesting to make a scene and then see what people come up with.
2012/11/26 18:08:30
Caption Me!
2012/11/22 14:59:37
Caption Me! Rudolf: "You can shout all you want, I'm not pulling that on my own."
2012/11/22 14:55:10
how do I make an object or character disappear? randomaccess wrote:
I installed muvizu few days ago and now i'm making an animation video using this app. i was confused when i want to make my character in muuvizu disappear while directing it. any suggestion?

It depends on the effect you're looking for. For instant disappearance you should use fazz's method but you can do disappearance within Muvizu.

One way would be to have a black background, ambient light off and use a light switching on or off to illuminate whatever has to disappear/appear. You could use a false floor and puff of smoke as in the theatre. A backdrop with two images/videos, one blank, will do the trick as well.

Like everything with Muvizu there are several ways to skin a cat. A good way of finding tricks is to research pre-CGI movie special effects.

Hope this helps but without knowing your level of knowledge it's difficult to answer.
2012/11/21 22:52:26
Caption Me! Party
2012/11/21 21:11:08
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) I was only joking. I would never dream of moaning about such a wonderful thing as Muvizu, apart from the fact that it has taken over my life and is far too addictive. Big Grin

It's just that it was something that became more difficult unnecessarily. I merely pointed it out in case no one had noticed. The request for compensation for such a serious oversight was of course wishful thinking. I never expected to get a pound a go, 50p will be more than adequate.
2012/11/21 18:38:39
Caption Me! It's coming........

2012/11/21 14:45:33
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Neil wrote:
That's a bug that we couldn't track down and fix in time for the release. Sorry about that. We would normally have the developer in question flogged publicly, but I'm afraid he's taken the afternoon off to play with his new food dehydrator.

You'll be pleased to hear that it's already fixed for the next release, whenever that is.

Thanks Neil for the quick response.

Flogging's too good for him. His eyes should be placed permanently on the back of his head. He'll need his food liquidised if I get hold of him.
I look forward to the next update as always but fear that holding my breath in anticipation may prove fatal.

EDIT: Could you please inform him on his return that I will be charging him £ 1.00 for every time I have to uncheck that box.
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2012/11/21 13:40:49
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Dreeko wrote:
I think the difference is now that the scale can be adjusted in all three plane ie x,y,z instead of just a uniform scale.

Unfortunately in adding that wonderful new feature the location sliders now have a link option as well which is 'ON' by default. I am already completely fed up with this particular new addition. I rarely if ever adjust all three location sliders and have NEVER needed them linked.

I would be grateful if this option ( linked location sliders ) could be set to UNLINKED by default for the next version. Anyone else find this a right royal pain in the as well?
2012/11/20 15:10:43
Caption Me!

Adolf: "Can I have my ball back please."
Satan: "On one condition."
2012/11/20 1:35:36
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Awesome new stuff. Thanks. A passenger carriage would be a nice future addition. If you make it fairly generic and like the others, no wheels, it could serve a multitude of uses.
2012/11/19 18:03:48
muvizu logo out fullmetall wrote:
waiting for the new version,

See News and Download pages. 23b has arrived.
2012/11/18 18:53:32
Caption Me! MrDrWho13 wrote:
It's not easy being green.
Nice one Big Grin
2012/11/18 12:51:29
Coming Soon... Looking good. Had to put an extra layer on.
2012/11/18 12:48:27
Caption Me! Annotate this.....

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