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2012/11/18 1:48:12
Comic book captions You could try making pictures of captions and then using a backdrop to place them in the movie.
2012/11/17 20:57:23
YouTube annotations There's only one way to settle this........FIGHT!!!!!!!
2012/11/17 20:52:25
Falling objects Prepare >> Object Movement >> Gravity

Try this tutorial first....
2012/11/17 14:14:31
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! Nice one!! Got any groupies yet?
2012/11/15 22:13:03
Caption Me! Here comes another one........

2012/11/15 15:05:03
YouTube annotations Would love a tutorial on this if you have the time Dreeko.
2012/11/14 23:47:12
Caption Me! urbanlamb wrote:
I also fed it into a "meme generator" click me edited by urbanlamb on 14/11/2012

Cool, they have a cream for that as well.

I love games like this, So much more is learned when you make it a game. Muvizu is fantastic, getting to the stage now where I just have to think it and I can knock something up pretty quicklly.
2012/11/14 20:39:34
Caption Me! Applause

Not a caption, the little guy's one of my characters, Harry Kiri. Remember the name. Big Grin
2012/11/14 18:44:49
Caption Me! ^^^ Q says: "Double O seven! In order to use the ejector seat one must first undo one's seatbelt." ^^^

Should provide a few dilemmas as far as appropriate words are concerned ..................

2012/11/13 23:48:11
Caption Me!
2012/11/13 22:20:22
Caption Me! Mike_Num_5 wrote:
Caption me time! Simple really, stick a Muvizu related (or just a funny, but appropriate) picture up and have a go at putting a caption to it... sound fun?

Ok.. here goes.

Man with beard: "See that bloke over there..... I had to tell him that we had not perfected object manipulation yet and it would have to stay there until that particular feature got to the top of the waiting list."
2012/11/13 21:06:50
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Can't tell you how much pain I've gone through to make them look reasonable! Sometimes, you just can't make movies in hours, or even weeks, but the grind is worth it in the end.
edited by ziggy72 on 13/11/2012

If a jobs worth doing it's worth doing well. I know exactly what you mean and just when you get on a roll life has a disturbing tendency to get in the way.

They're proper 3D trees that look that good, now I'm seriously impressed.
2012/11/13 2:11:57
Coming Soon... Looks like GTA Muvizu edition. Big Grin Very pretty.
2012/11/12 14:44:17
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
* By "railing-like-objects" I mean "objects like railings" and not "objects like guns and mobile phones being held in a Muvizu character's hand", just to clarify in case I'm putting my foot in it again here. Ignored

No rail guns???? @#$%. I was looking forward to some serious carnage!
No rail phones??? @#$%. I was looking forward to some serious communication!

As for the railings, my mistake sorry, it's just that I don't often frequent sewers as the smell is terrible. Thanks for letting me know.

I look forward to the new railing type objects in the update with renewed hope for a better future. You can never have enough ways to prevent freedom of movement.
Oh, btw, putting your foot in it constantly is another reason why I don't frequent sewers.

MrDrWho13 wrote:
Hey! I didn't say that!

You did! I've seen you quoted in a forum.
2012/11/10 22:27:18
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! The prison stuff looks very good, I like the railings as well, they could have many uses.
2012/11/10 22:23:01
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! ziggy72 wrote:
Picked up my prizes from the Post Office this morning - excellent stuff, thank you Muviizu HQ! Thumbs Up

Ditto.... except mine came to my door so semi-ditto really.
2012/11/9 22:17:17
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! MrDrWho13 wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
InsaneHamster wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
WozToons wrote:
Lev_Dynamite wrote:
WozToons wrote:

OMGFlog dead topic
2012/11/9 16:15:44
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Listen, we're getting powerfully off-topic here. Mike_Num_5 is making a tutorial video on transparency in Muvizu that's going to be as good as, like, FIVE Christmases. That's even better than characters holding objects, right...? Anime Sweat

Again, apologies if there was genuine confusion as a result of my earlier post!

Nothing is better than characters holding objects!!!
There is no need to apologise, it is all my fault for reading between the lines. Sorry to wander from the crucial topic of Mike's tutorial which I look forward to with intense euphoria, ( We all know what comes next ). Big Grin
2012/11/9 15:09:14
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
So, with regards to characters holding objects in the next release - the cat is dead, my friend.
Soz, Woz!

Cursing Mad

This sounds like story of my life so far. Intense euphoria at the anticipation of delights to come followed by the crushing disappointment of abject reality. A bit like Christmas really.

Funeral for the cat next Wednesday. All flowers, tributes to Muvizu HQ. Cat murderers!!!!!
2012/11/9 14:35:44
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Though there are lots more great new features not shown in Mike's thumbnail to look forward to.

WozToons wrote:
behind the poster is a character manipulating several props with his hands. These include a gun, phone and cup amongst others.
Thumbs Up


NO!!! It can't be true. Is it really going to be that good a Christmas or am I just imagining things? I am good at reading between the lines and perhaps the cat has just been released from its incarceration. On the other hand it may still be in the box and we have no idea whether it is dead or alive.

Is there anyway one of the elves at Muvizu HQ would reveal such an astounding piece of news without Santa's consent? We can only hope. Suffice to say, it would make a lot of people very happy.
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