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2012/11/9 0:26:16
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! EEFilmz wrote:
Yes we do, but if it's included in the set then WE do not have to place a ton of toilets adn sinks in every cell...that's my point...

Good point, well made, although making the sets is half the fun.
2012/11/9 0:03:32
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! We already have toilets and sinks, why re-invent the wheel.

@Artpen, behind the poster is a character manipulating several props with his hands. These include a gun, phone and cup amongst others.
2012/11/8 22:35:21
Textures getting lost on Villian gown and top... ziggy72 wrote:
I didn't realise this texture problem was supposed to be fixed. In that case, I have the same problem on the skirt for the Heroine character using .22b (defaulting back on load).

2012/11/8 12:51:15
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Light bulbs. Hooray. We could do with more lighting objects, been on my wish list for a while.

EDIT: I hope they glow, lighting objects are a pain unless they do.
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2012/11/8 0:57:16
Dragonton teaser Just a little teaser I knocked up while creating a scene.

2012/11/6 14:17:28
Muvizu Community Review Videos Hi all,

I was not sure where to post this so I've stuck it here...... I watched all the old community review shows last night and was re-amazed at how useful and entertaining they were with lots of good ideas and inspiration.

I was wondering if there were going to be any more produced or if that is our lot?

I am sure both myself and others would be happy to assist with content/production if time is pressing.
2012/11/6 1:20:03
horse needed! I'm far too lazy for all that fiddling Big Grin
2012/11/6 0:43:04
horse needed! urbanlamb wrote:
I I have toyed with the idea of making an object animal and using the object movement system to propell them (body 4 legs and head seperate) but I think it would make most anyone go bonkers trying to get 5 objects to move in unison lol but if anyone has A LOT of time on their hands maybe they will succeed

I saw your post when I got in and have just knocked this up for fun.
The camera shake needs a bit of tuning and its all very rough but you get the idea. Horse from sketchup. There is a tutorial on horses on here somewhere I think.

2012/11/4 0:37:25
Sketchup to Muvizu EEFilmz wrote:
I either get a message saying it's too small, or it's too large or outside the area,

This is because you are too close to the ground or other objects when trying to import, you could well have a good model. We've all seen this one.

Don't give up, although it's amazing what you can build with the stuff in Muvizu, abstract shapes with a texture added are excellent for any number of things.
2012/11/2 15:14:44
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Congrats to Artpen,Ziggy and thanks Muvizu. I look forward to receiving my treats soon.

Well done to all who took part.
2012/11/2 2:48:11
Help With Sony Vegas If you are using Vegas why record 1 minute or longer clips from Muvizu. Break the movie down into little parts ( storyboard ), take as many shots of the same scene from different camera angles as you need and then stitch it all together in Vegas. It's a quicker way of working.

I use .tga sequence from Muvizu then Main Concept from Vegas. Keep everything at 1280x720 all the way through the process. Don't upscale or downscale. When you have finished the movie don't forget to delete the raw frames.

Just my way of working, hope this helps.
2012/11/2 0:10:09
Sketchup to Muvizu I used a backdrop. If you cut holes in it with a graphics program you can put a coloured backdrop behind the transparent bits and shed light through the doors/windows. Used a greyscale image and coloured it with lights.
2012/11/1 23:02:21
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it.
Now if I could only learn to pick it up you lot would really suffer!

However, as Muvizu HQ probably finish at about 5pm I gave up hope shortly after 4:45. I will check back tomorrow to see if their collective genius has finally managed to remove the blindfold and see where the pin ended up.Brick Wall
2012/11/1 19:52:04
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! urbanlamb wrote:
*teasing post*

they are busy arm wrestling over the 3 winners. Wave

/whispers I bet your sorry you asked people to not post now ^^

2012/11/1 16:43:48
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Would everybody please refrain from posting here until the result is announced.
The notifications get me all a flutter until I check and find that there has still been no decision.
I cannot handle the repeated highs and lows.
If there is a recount in progress please let us know and put us out of our misery.
2012/11/1 14:36:02
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! KerryK wrote:
We're currently going through all the submissions and will announce the winner tomorrow.

Has there been a delay?? The suspense is killing us!!
2012/11/1 3:05:23
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' Good start
2012/10/30 18:17:53
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! urbanlamb wrote:
I found your spooky video on youtube now woztoons. YT is well they are doing database work.. not that they are never doing it but they are moving their databases over to a new system so its worse then usual.

Somehow the one I uploaded this morning vanished into the ether. I had to upload again this afternoon. That's what gave me a fright. All that work and miss the deadline because of YT.

Still, it all ended happily which is more than can be said for some of the entries.
2012/10/30 17:55:44
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Thanks mate. Happy Halloween.
2012/10/30 16:16:55
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Much trailed now released. Best watched full screen with headphones after being sedated.........

Good luck everyone, some great entries here.

Happy Halloween.
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