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2014/3/5 14:53:41
Edit Muvizu AVI files in Sony Vegas Instead of rendering as a .AVI file, on the make video dialogue, under the advanced tab, there is a drop down menu where you can select between "video" and "TGA sequence". Choose "TGA sequence" which renders the frames individually and then import into Vegas as a still image sequence by choosing the first frame in the import file selector and selecting the checkbox for open as still image sequence at the bottom.

That's the way I do it as the quality is totally preserved and it's easier to edit. You can then render from Vegas to whatever you choose, I personally use the Main Concept codec as after extensive tests I think it provides the best balance between quality and size for uploading to Youtube.

Hope this helps.
2014/3/1 15:25:57
Head Attachments? SonOfKong wrote:
Hi All. Just noticed that one or two new assets are to be used as 'head attachments'! I know that you can import various items and attach them to the head ie a new hat say....! how is a (head) imported????? There doesn't seem to be a way in Muvizu to change a characters head? Am I missing something?

You can either import them as a hat or use any of the attachment points in the face section.
2014/2/25 2:43:27
Zombie Philosophy. Thanks, I had this strange feeling something was missing from my life. Big Grin
2014/2/25 2:29:11
Zombie Philosophy. Hello everybody. I have had an enforced sabbatical from Muvizu and have only got back into it in the last few weeks.

I was trawling through http://freesound.org looking for a bit of inspiration when I stumbled across a sample that led to this. It's not very polished as I'm a bit rusty.

Hopefully it will be in the Gallery in a day or two.
2014/2/20 14:19:10
classic kirk fights. number 1 Love it, brilliantly done!!! Big Grin
2014/2/18 19:34:05
Share the love! Have just received my brown paper package full of goodies. Unfortunately one of my mates is having a birthday today so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to play with the Tablet properly. Looks and feels great though.

Thanks again for all the congrats. and to Muvizu for a wonderful prize. Big Grin

2014/2/13 18:49:43
Share the love! Thanks everybody and especially all the wonderful folks at Muvizu.

P.S. I think you have my old address, please don't send the prize there.
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2014/2/13 3:01:02
Share the love! A little bit of romance......

2014/2/10 20:29:45
A little birthday vid. Used backdrops behind the character, set to display the camera and with a lot of careful lining up.
2014/2/10 17:20:20
A little birthday vid. Here's a video I knocked up for a friend, It's her birthday again this year surprisingly so I thought I'd post it here just to show that you only need to animate one character for a crowd. No green screen, all done in one shot from Muvizu.

2014/2/6 17:48:15
input vector or psd files? Convert it to a normal image file, .png / .jpg / .bmp or .gif
2014/1/23 15:38:23
Show us your Beefy! Love that one Carole. Good PostingApplause
2014/1/22 19:32:18
which 3d object file is user friendly for muvizu? Yes, either. .fbx is a new addition to Muvizu but both will work,
2014/1/22 19:26:13
which 3d object file is user friendly for muvizu? ninamag wrote:
in which 3d object file can i easily import a 3d model of someone's face into muvizu?

.ase or .fbx
2014/1/22 18:22:49
Show us your Beefy! To take this to its logical extreme....................

2014/1/12 17:55:22
Coming Soon... ziggy72 wrote:
Good to see you're still going to do that Woz - been watching out for it since... (quick scroll down...) May!

Thanks Ziggy. Sorry for the delay which was caused by life interfering with the animation process. Starting over in more ways than one.
2014/1/11 18:32:33
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
hey welcome back woztoons long time no see

Thanks fazz. Here's a little something in the pipeline called White Van Man......

2014/1/10 20:03:24
Coming Soon... Doesn't a free download breach The Rules of Acquisition?
2013/7/10 13:37:16
lip synch off after rendering There is an easier way to do dialogue without using talk/shush that works very well.
Let's say you have two voices for simplicity. We'll call them voice1 and voice2.

Record the conversation with both voices, load into Audacity. Duplicate the tracks twice, one for each voice and name them voice1 and voice2 ( or whatever you like ).

In Audacity silence all of voice2 in voice1 and all of voice1 in voice2. Don't cut just select each piece of dialogue and use "silence audio".

Export both voice1 and voice2 and import into Muvizu. Set each track as dialogue for the appropriate character and set both characters initial state to talk.

Problem solved.

Hope this helps.
2013/6/5 14:18:19
Export a texture to modify it The only way I am aware of is to take a screenshot of the texture and use that. I don't think the actual graphic files are available.
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