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2013/6/3 0:05:22
Sketchup to Muvizu Good Posting

Thanks Dylly, you have saved me a lot of grief from the sound of it.
2013/5/26 12:14:20
Coming Soon... Dreeko wrote:
Coming this week to a Muvizu Gallery near you!

Men In Tights 2: The ladder incident?

Very pretty.
2013/5/22 17:07:56
Chromakey, characrer in livevideo Thanks, I hadn't had Muvizu long then. It works very well for some things and is a lot less fiddly than chroma keying, it also means you can match the lighting easily.
2013/5/22 16:19:17
Chromakey, characrer in livevideo You could try this, no other software required ......
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2013/5/16 14:54:10
Dreeko Strips! Oh..... my wife is very disappointed with this. When I told her there was a fireman stripping she got all excited.

Nice one Dreeko, Muvizu makes great still pics as well as movies.
2013/5/16 14:50:05
Like Muvizu? Tell Your Friends. Duly shared with my many admirers. I can't see the wee in the still. did you forget to add it or is that referring to his missing appendage?
2013/5/13 23:24:36
Processes still running after closing program Yes, it is. It was reported a few weeks ago. I'm not aware of any further news.

It doesn't seem to happen with my machine which is Win 7 64bit as well. I always save manually and then just quit instead of using "save and quit", whether that has anything to do with it I don't know.
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2013/5/11 15:55:31
CRASH when I try to input a video on a wall I had a similar problem for 64bit Play. I uninstalled the K-Lite 64bit codec pack, completely removed all Muvizu and restarted. Then reinstalled 64bit PLAY and now it works fine. This may be your issue or not as you only gave a bit of info but worth a try.
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2013/5/9 16:44:31
Hello Everyone! Hi Carole, welcome to the asylum.

My name is John ( 49 male ) and I am a Muvizuholic.
For any further details about me I suggest you ask around the office as I was at the Muvizu PLAY launch and I'm sure someone was sober enough to remember me.

I am currently working on a couple of projects, one is a music video for a songwriter who had some success and radio plays with the track and is now looking to revive it. It was even featured in the Sun newspaper.

The other project is Dragonton, ( my baby ), best described as a cross/spoof of Futurama and Lord of the Rings although nothing like either really. It will be a series of 15-30 minute episodes that I am doing all the work for myself, ( apart from a few selected assets ), from writing to finished movie. I may need to cast some voice actors when I finally finish the script for episode one and have all the locations built and ready.

I also occasionally upload one off clips on anything I feel like animating.

I hope you enjoy your time at Muvizu and wish you good luck and many laughs.
2013/5/9 16:14:00
Timeline and light colour improvements ukBerty wrote:
And thirdly - I've tried, but I think you have made the lighting worse in Muvizu Play. You pretty much can no longer use "contribute to ambient shadow" as most spotlights stop doing anything - you generally have to use "cast own shadows" to get the light to show at all. You can still get the effects you want, but it's a shame to have gone backward on this one.
edited by ukBerty on 09/05/2013

Good point well made, some objects don't cast shadows when animated as well, see video below.......

Btw, don't know what happened to the aspect ratio. Lost in conversion from IYUV to .m2t in Vegas somehow. Whaaaaa?
2013/5/9 15:53:32
Rosie's Hands Mike_Num_5 wrote:
No worries at all It's better to ask questions and find out, than never ask and wonder forever.


Why? Big Grin
2013/5/9 15:05:31
Download link missing. IanS wrote:
Well spotted guys. It seems at a very particular browser width the buttons did indeed disappear. That's it fixed now although you may need to refresh the page first to see them.

Happy to be of service. We can't have people unable to download the best software on the planet.
2013/5/8 17:39:56
Download link missing. It reappeared after resizing so it's probably something in the page code.
2013/5/8 17:29:14
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback simonheffer wrote:
I have a similar problem I've already reported whereby it complains about the wrong format - even though it's a Muvizu generated movie I'm trying to import!


I'm running the 64bit full PLAY version.
I have just solved the problem on my machine. I uninstalled the K-Lite 64bit codec pack and all Muvizus on my machine, restarted and installed 64bit full PLAY and now things are back to normal. There must be something conflicting with Muvizu but that is beyond what little expertise I have. Big Grin

Hope this helps. Codecs are more trouble than they're worth. Damn Computer..
2013/5/8 17:23:21
Download link missing. MrDrWho13 wrote:
Maybe the Muvizu page is too big to load fully on some PCs... hmmm....

No, I don't think it's that, it used to work fine, things shouldn't disappear like that and if it was too big there would be problems with all of the page.
2013/5/8 16:03:35
Download link missing. I already knew where they were they had just vanished.

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2013/5/8 16:00:41
Download link missing. Mike_Num_5 wrote:
Hey Woz.

Scroll down the page a wee bit after clicking 'Get Muvizu' and you should come across some pink buttons for the full and lite versions respectively.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Mike, I fullscreened Chrome and they appeared but when the window is smaller they disappear. 1366x768 screen so they should stay up and not disappear with resize.

2013/5/8 15:21:37
Download link missing. I am trying to download the latest full versions but when I click Get Muvizu I can't find the download links.

2013/5/8 15:03:02
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Has anybody else got serious problems importing videos into backdrops etc. I have some videos that work fine in .23b but when I try to load them into 64bit PLAY it crashes. I have sent a report to Bugs but was wondering if it was just me or a fault with Muvizu. I am experienced with creating and loading videos into Muvizu so it is not a codec problem unless something has changed in PLAY.

HELP!!! This is a crippling problem.
2013/5/3 18:05:34
How to make potatos? You can scale the sphere object until it is potato shaped then make it brown or add a texture. You can make a lot of stuff just using the abstract shapes.
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