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2013/5/3 16:28:24
Delete camera crash fazz68 wrote:
. its easier to show you (courtesy of woztoons excellent little screen video capture program, cheers woztoons Toast )

Happy to help, it's not mine I just found it and posted the link. I think it will revolutionise Muvizu bug reporting. No more "what were you doing when it happened". Big Grin
2013/5/2 20:06:35
Coming Soon... Dreeko wrote:
Excellent looking van Woz!
Where did you find it?


Google Warehouse in a "Low Poly Model" collection. I'll keep an eye out for a black cab and let you know.
2013/5/2 19:29:20
Coming Soon... It would be great if we could scale the dog character's snout.
2013/5/2 18:57:27
Coming Soon... Yes!!! A handbag with chihuahua poking out would be good as well.
2013/5/2 18:40:00
Coming Soon... Coming soon, my first collaboration, a music video from a song about a White Van Man that was featured in the Sun newspaper a few years ago and has had some radio plays. I am working with the songwriter on the video after asking him for permission to use his copyrighted song.

2013/4/30 20:07:44
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... It's what you need to scale the object by to make it line up with the grid lines on my measuring grid. Useful for making windows and doorways the right size and position on image backdrops. I just cut and pasted from my personal notes. Sorry if it's a bit obscure.
2013/4/30 18:34:41
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... I forgot this .....


If you load it into your graphics editor it will give you some idea of the size your tiles need to be as you have scale lines at one Muvizu square metre/yard.

Hope this helps.
2013/4/30 17:34:24
Image Size, Importing floor tiles etc... wdeprospo wrote:

I would like to use floor tiles, carpets etc. What is the optimal image size so the images will repeat properly.


Here's what I usually use.....

Custom Texture: 2048 x 2048 or 1024 x 1024
Decals: 512 x 512
Skydome: 2048 x 512 4:1

Backdrops Aspect Ratios:

Widescreen = 16:9 1280 x 720 Scale 2.40 for sq.Metre
Superwide = 20:9 1600 x 720
Curved = 2:1 1440 x 720
4:3 1920 x 1440
Ground Square 1024 x 1024 Scale 1.44 per sq.m
Vert Square 1024 x 1024 Scale 1.86 per sq.m

Try and keep the dimensions of imported stuff divisible by 16.
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2013/4/30 17:26:14
Murally Nice one, thanks.
2013/4/30 17:22:54
Free Screen Recorder Hi all, after considerable research, I have just found this great free screen recorder that's tiny, records at least 25fps smoothly, will encode to any of your codecs and is very easy to use.


Check it out.

btw, this is not an ad. It's just not well publicised and too good to miss.
2013/4/30 16:53:47
So much potential, so many bugs Lev_Dynamite wrote:
It's easier to read, so in fact we're really doing you a favour by encouraging you to use this. Your eyes will thank us in a couple of years' time!

Thanks very much for that wise advice. Now I see the logic behind the decision to have zoom and scroll together on the details tab. I am sorry for reporting what is obviously a brilliant new feature designed with a view to the health and safety of the user. If Muvizu came with ear protectors and a hard hat it would fully comply with BS1234 and may even get the coveted CE badge.

I apologise for my error it's just that the sudden, unexpected zooming was causing me motion sickness and a couple of times I grabbed by desk in a vain attempt to stop myself crashing into objects in the set. This is not enough to stop me using Muvizu but I now have to strap myself into my chair to avoid falling off.

2013/4/29 22:29:32
So much potential, so many bugs Neil wrote:

Just to make sure we're on the same page here, what focus problems are we talking about here? I've read your post about using the mouse wheel in the create / edit menus and I'm not sure I fully understand the issue.

The mouse wheel generally works on whatever is directly under the mouse at the time. So if you have an edit window open with a slider on it, the mouse wheel will control the slider whenever the mouse is directly over it. Otherwise, it should move you backwards and forwards in the scene. Similarly, the create window has a big scrollable list of characters, objects, etc. When the mouse is directly over this list, it should scroll the list. Is this not what you're seeing?

Thanks for responding so quickly Neil, I appreciate you're busy fixing all this stuff.

Please see video below regarding zoom as this makes it clear.....

Hope this helps
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2013/4/29 15:14:34
So much potential, so many bugs ukBerty wrote:
If you abort rendering a video you have to resize the "make video" window to get the close button to be active. Doesn't always happen - around 50% of the time. Actually just noticed it sometimes does this when you don't abort as well.

Like characters, objects that have their movement animated do not appear in the correct position on loading the set. Unlike characters simply going into the timeline will not move them to the correct position, you have to actually press pay and they jump to where they should be.

Could these be related to the focus problem I keep banging on about? It seems to me that this version has developed a serious case of short term memory loss. as it doesn't seem to know where it is or what it's done sometimes. The scene window memory use indicator is not working properly.

Loaded textures don't show up, to set a texture to NONE you first have to select a new texture and then select NONE instead of just selecting NONE. The same with IN USE. The mouse wheel on some menus zooms the view as well. The colour/texture box is taking longer to show and is laggy for me now. Yes they work, but they don't work as expected and they cause a interruption in workflow.

Like ukBerty I am finding the lighting quite different but will need more time to decide whether it's positive or negative. It seems to require more computing power and warms my laptop more.

I have used both 32 and 64bit PLAYS and they have the same problems.

For balance, I think the timeline is pretty well sorted now although I haven't messed around with audio in it much.

I'd be grateful if you could let us know where you are with these problems, sorry to moan.
2013/4/27 5:31:06
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Ha! Just checked it when you first load MZ and it says the same. I'm afraid I can't take the credit for this one, it's down to the devs.
2013/4/27 4:05:14
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Wow, this is a good one, don't ask me I haven't got a clue....

Latest 64bit full on Win 7 Home Premium.
2013/4/25 2:03:01
Crash on Zoom Another small annoyance with the zoom. On some of the create/edit menus when you scroll with the mouse wheel the view zooms as well, this means that the thing you are trying to edit suddenly and unexpectedly disappears into the distance. There seems to be a general problem with the dialogues focus. The ( in use ) is another symptom of what may be one problem but you're the experts so you sort it out.
2013/4/24 0:51:58
How do I get an image on a sphere? gimmick wrote:
Last year, I saw a nice spheric & turning logo on this forum. It was a Muvizu tutorial in a TV.News studio... Not sure, but I think that the tip was a video file in a circle.

Here it is......
2013/4/21 15:38:02
First Video I liked it although it was a little dark but good lighting comes with practise, you have got the characters animated very well though and I liked the premise. Better than my first attempt.
2013/4/21 15:32:47
Scripts Probably due to lack of use but that's just a guess.

If you want a really good script,storyboard, pre-production program then the free Celtx is the best I've found....


After using it for a while I don't know how I ever made a movie without it

The premium version is only $ 14.99 but I use the free for most things and will upgrade when I need to.

Hope this helps.
2013/4/21 15:26:23
Not sure about publishing my video Hi Dwarf,

There is no copyright issue about commenting on anything but there may be a legal issue if your facts are demonstrably untrue, ( they could decide to sue if you get a lot of views ).

Do not use their logos or any other company images that will be subject to Copyright as well as Trademark law.

Basically you can say what you like about anything as long as what you say has some evidence behind it or is clearly a joke.

Hope this helps.
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