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2013/4/29 21:10:25
How to get the Muvizu textures in PNG format? Hello,

Would it be possible to get the Muvizu textures in PNG format?
Some of them need minor changes. For example, in this city there is a problem with the clotheslines at left.

Of course, I can make screen capture but quality and transparency of the picture are lost.

2013/4/23 23:17:27
How do I get an image on a sphere? Last year, I saw a nice spheric & turning logo on this forum. It was a Muvizu tutorial in a TV.News studio... Not sure, but I think that the tip was a video file in a circle.
2013/4/23 20:04:22
What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? an interesting thread I didn't know
My answers

- video editor : Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10. Affordable price, 10 videos tracks, 10 audio tracks, easy to use, a lot of FX and color control, green screen incrustation, etc

- audio editor : Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 (more professional than Audacity) ; Adobe Audition (very good, with Spectral Equalizer and Noise Reduction, but expensive)

- music : my music, some old tapes + a lot of softwares like Sony Acid Studio, Magix Movie Maker, Magix samplitude, Ableton Live 9, etc

- 3D objects : + Free & more easy than professional 3DsMax

- image edit : Paint Shop Pro and The Gimp (a freeware like Photoshop)

- book : "Lighting for TV and Film" by Gerald Millerson. Lighting is a very good point of Muvizu
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2013/4/22 14:11:58
Time to say goodbye. Thank you Marco for your 579 help messages on the Muvizu forum Cool
2013/4/20 22:42:48
I can I created a smooking with Muvizu I think that the right term was "smoking" not "smooking"

In French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian and also other European languages, the term smoking indicates a tuxedo.
2013/4/18 19:44:45
Double click camera window - CRASH I made a new & different installation and I still have the Double click camera window crash. See the error message below.

My new installation

This time I choose MuvizuPlay32 bits, not 64
This time I choose MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2013.04.12.01R, not 2013.04.09.01R
This time I said YES to install "directX Runtime june2010", "Net framework 4.0" and "Visual C++ Runtime"

The crash is very fast. Launch the software with the empty set. Open the camera window. Double-click in >> fatal error.

My Muvizu 0.23b 64 bits still works fine
2013/4/17 10:11:50
To choose the watermark ? Hello,

Could it be possible to choose between 2 watermarks in a next version of Muvizu:Play?

in some cases, according to the design of the movie, the old logo seems better to my eyes
2013/4/17 9:42:31
Double click camera window - CRASH I got the camera window crash and when I installed MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2013.04.09.01R_x64, I didn't install "Net framework 4.0", "Visual C++ Runtime" & "directX Runtime june2010"

These 3 components are already on my system and Muvizu 0.23 works fine.

Maybe that MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2013.04.12.01R_x64 is better ?
2013/4/16 19:29:02
So much potential, so many bugs Hello,

some tips that I use for my musical videos :

- I don't use uncomp rendering (files too big) but some 64 bits codecs like
Lagarith Lossless codec / HuffYUV v2.1.1 / FFdshow MJPEG
( I use windows7 64 bits & Muvizu 64 bits)

- I use an external video editing software (Sony vegas).
==> so my Muvizu files are short, around 20 to 60"
==> so I use small mono WAV files in Muvizu

I use the final WAV stereo mix only in the external video editing software

I hope this helps
2013/4/16 19:27:46
New messages with Muvizu 0.23b thanks !

Note that Rosie and Costumes don't accept Muvizu 0.23
2013/4/16 18:39:31
New messages with Muvizu 0.23b Hello,

When I launch Muvizu 0.23b, I get 2 messages :

A newer version of Muvizu is available
Would you like to download and install it now?

Some of Muvizu's content packs have been updated
Would you like to download and install them now?

As I still use Muvizu 0.23b, I say NO to the first message.
But should I say YES to the 2nd message?
Are these updates OK for M0.23?
2013/4/16 18:18:20
Double click camera window - CRASH I agree with ember.
I think also that the crash is the same for a simple click inside camera window
2013/4/15 23:19:27
Coming Soon... All pictures are very impressive on this thread
2013/4/15 14:05:09
Double click camera window - CRASH Hello Jamie,
Some answers:

a/ notebook with windows7, intel i7, 4GB ram, nvidia GeForce GT 230M, muvizu 0.23b. No problem with Muvizu from 0.18 to 0.23

With MuvizuPlay I have installed Rosie pack & costume pack.
Other packs already here on my system
Maybe the problem : during the install I have unchecked
install Visual C++ Runtime
install directX Runtime june2010
install Net framework 4.0

b+c/ unfortunately, MuvizuPlay is uninstalled from my system I still have 0.23

But this crash was systematic and with the opening of a technical text window.
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2013/4/15 13:40:02
How do I put different dialogue to the same charac In French : Audacity est une bonne solution. Mais si les dialogues sont très longs, une autre solution est de fragmenter le film en plans courts sur Muvizu et de monter ses rushs avec un logiciel vidéo externe (exemple: Sony Vegas)

In English : you can also do short rushs with Muvizu and then use an external video editing software like Sony Vegas.
2013/4/11 14:56:24
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback

Double click on camera window crashes app

We haven't seen this one here at Muvizu Towers and we're working to find out the cause.

For information,
During the installation, I unchecked:
- Visual_C++ Runtime_
- directX Runtime june2010
- Net framework 4.0
(because I already installed for my 0.23b)

In the options, I choose 1280x720 and the program asked me if I want to stay with DX9 or use DX11
2013/4/11 9:46:30
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback There are some bugs in the new version but Muvizu is still a very cool software !
When the sun is here, I often wear the nice black T-shirt "Muvizu director"
2013/4/11 9:37:59
"Not enough room" error for import an object, the best place is near the top of the skydome.
Try to change your position and the display view with keys WSAZQD
2013/4/11 9:32:01
Fatal errors all the time
1. View - Show cameras window - double-click on any camera. Bang! Fatal Error.

I get the same problem. Only with Muvizu:Play, not with Muvizu 0.23
2013/4/10 23:48:48
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback
After selecting costumes make sure you select the right type of character before you choose. If you add a boy texture to a fat man it will not fit.

Thank you WozToons.
So it's an error of conception: when I choose the "man" character, it's not correct that the software propose to me the costumes for the "fat man" (and for woman, boy, girl, etc)
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