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2013/4/10 23:31:39
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback hello,
I note some problems:
- crash app when I double-click on the camera window for to get a bigger size
- when I zoom out with the mouse, it's sometimes impossible to go back to the initial zoom.

Also, I am not sure to understand the way of use the new costums (I got bugs on the skin of the characters).

And I prefer the graphic design of the old watermark
2013/4/10 14:07:23
Watermark: new terms of use As many users, I use an external editing software. So when I make a 1 minute movie, I use around 5 minutes of rendering:
1/ I render multiples cameras
2/ Some final renderings are made many times because of bugs in codecs.

So for me, the price of a minute HD would be around 15 x 5 = £75 or 30x15 = £150
2013/2/27 17:38:35
What sets would you like added to Gallery A nice railway station ?
An haunted house ?
A medieval castle ?

But for me, the biggest problem is to find a good story
2013/2/24 16:15:29
Google Hello,

Google Sketchup is a free software for 3d modelling.
Google Warehouse is a library with free Sketchup 3D models.
The Sketchup 3D models can be exported to Muvizu
2013/2/22 10:01:09
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Great! I can see my suggestions on the wall Drink
2013/2/21 20:19:31
To the community at large Hello, I think that the price of the pro version should stay affordable. The reason is:
yes, everything is very nice in Muvizu but as everybody can use it, the director should be very very creative to get an original & interesting movie.

Another problem is the paternity of characters. For example, if somebody wants to create an hero, he can just personalize: For example, yellow costum with purple strips and green cape. OK. But, everybody can copy this personalisation. So who is the owner of the character?
2013/2/17 15:23:14
Download tutorials Go to Youtube/Muvizu/Tutorials pages:

For DL, use Firefox with DownloadHelper addon
2013/2/17 12:26:31
To the community at large I think that a director needs to be the owner of his movies. So I paid around $100 for softs like Moviestorm/iClone and I am the owner of my movies. Of course, I must name Moviestorm/iClone in the credits. That's a simple deal. No percentage. No problems if I show my movies for the next 50 years

So I propose:
- Free version of Muvizu, with watermark. For non commercial uses (including earning $0.00 with youtube!)

- Commercial version of Muvizu, without watermark, with an unlimited licence for use in movies. Muvizu named in the credits. For example see

Idem for the additional contents:
- Free version with watermark.
- Commercial version without watermark, with an unlimited licence for use in movies.

I have no ideas about educational licences.

NB: I think that "Catching objects" is an essential fonctionality in Muvizu for create commercial movies.
2013/2/4 13:16:43
The Avengers... Part 4 Very impressive ! At the end, the bikes and the feeling are 100% Avengers! What is the tip for the opening of the cylindric lift?

I loooove the Avengers, Emma, Cathy, Steed, etc. In France, the title of the serial is "Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir" (= Bowler hat and leather boots)
2013/1/15 16:10:58
Only one colour on imported ase file Try in your SketchUp model to replace the 10 colors by 10 textures.
Normally, in Muvizu, the properties will show 10 white images
2013/1/12 11:19:50
voice files In the upload menu, you can upload audio mp3 files in your profile.
2013/1/5 14:33:08
cannot upload to you tube account You should upload your video to

The video will be immediatly on youtube and in a few days on muvizu
2012/12/31 9:30:34
Recommendations for a laptop please For Muvizu and Sony Vegas, I use a 2010 laptop with:

- Intel Core i7 720QM @ 1.60GHz 54 °C
- 4 GB ram
- nividia GeForce GT 230M - 1024MB
- windows 7

Generally this laptop is ok for everything, but a bit slow for complex video or 3d renderings. Try to get better specifications
2012/12/19 22:59:46
The Elephant in the Room ok, thank you Cool
2012/12/19 22:49:33
The Elephant in the Room Nice shades of gray and beige !

But unfortunately I don't understand everything in spoken english. So what is the last word of the video?
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2012/12/19 14:05:37
Silence! hello,
in mozilla help, they said to uninstall flash 11.3 and install flash 10.3
2012/11/19 18:50:10
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012)
Is your Muvizu folder called Muvizu22?

Yes. I use this name because I have 2 or 3 different folders with 2 or 3 different versions of Muvizu
2012/11/19 16:27:11
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Hello,

I can't install Trains.exe, Prisons.exe and LightingSets.exe because these programs can't find the Muvizu folder of my PC:

C:\Program Files\Muvizu22
2012/11/13 22:54:33
Caption Me! " How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb?"

In 90s, the answer was 0.999 Intel programmer... A joke about a bug in the Pentium processor.
2012/11/12 9:38:22
My first clip "Face a ta mére" hello,
La bonne méthode :
1/ faire le clip en 16/9 directement dans Muvizu (File/options)
2/ uploader le fichier video via son profil Muvizu (profile/upload)

Cela dit, Muvizu refuse d'héberger les anims avec musiques sous copyright

PS : If you wish the best help, this forum is rather in english
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