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2012/3/28 15:03:53
Headphones and rain protection. If you wish headphones for hi-fi studio monitoring, take a look at Sound engineers forums and at some headphones like Beyer DT 990 (open structure, for mix) or Beyer DT 770 (closed structure, for mix & recording)
2012/3/28 0:56:39
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) On my 1920x1080 screen, the Muvizu Full window render area is about 1530x764 pixels (= 56%)

The white areas are useful for time line and camera windows
2012/3/25 22:03:14
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps Ok thanks. I know SketchUp since 2010 and now I am currently exploring Muvizu.

I tried Blender in 2009 but this software is really not ergonomic for new users. I'll take a look at 3dsmax next month.
2012/3/25 20:41:20
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps " to me it's a little triumph! "

Nice result but how do you make an Ambient Occlusion map with those nice shadows, if it's a cube made with Sketchup?

Use of SketchUp then Blender, like Jamie?
2012/3/23 16:52:37
ase da blender I don't know blender but in google, you could look at :

1/ blender ase export script


2/ import ase
2012/3/23 0:38:13
sketchup materials on models Thanks for the link. I used to paint the inside sides in brown or black.

The export from SU to Muvizu is strange: sometimes it's ok with my complex objects (1000 faces) and sometimes, it's mayhem with simple cubes
2012/3/22 22:22:13
sketchup materials on models Hello (I become crazy)

When I export ASE, SU says there are 6 faces. So it's just a board, without triangles.

And after, I do as Toonorama

(Optionnaly, in the ASE I can replace toto.bmp by texture1.jpg & texture2.jpg : same problem)

NB: finally, I found a solution. I must reverse the face in SU. So the face is uncorrect in SU and correct in Muvizu (!?!)
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2012/3/22 20:09:33
sketchup materials on models thanks dilly,
When I import the texture in Sketchup, I directly resize it with mouse & Control Key.

So the texture has exactly the good size in SU

Then I export to ASE file
Then I import in Muvizu with settings:
- don't use ID textures
- map alpha to none
- no ambient occlusion
- double sided or single sided
2012/3/22 17:49:25
sketchup materials on models Hello,
I have problems with the size & orientation of textures.

For exemple, when I import in Muvizu a very simple SketchUp object like a wood board (60x100x5cm) with jpg painting (2048x2048pixels), the result is as below

2012/3/21 15:02:54
turn the volume up to 11

Yeah, this is Spinal Tap
2012/3/21 14:58:00
No matter how much I try I never end up in the featured videos.

Hello wizplace,
Disney and Muvizu are two different companies and two different styles of cartoons.
So when you mix the Muvizu universe with the Disney universe (logo, music, excerpts, etc.), you can interest a lot of people but IMHO you can't interest the Muvizu company
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2012/3/20 13:43:18
Some more free stuff At the moment, there are some free 3D softwares, DAZ Studio 4 & Bryce7 , at

I don't know if these softwares are really interesting but the offer is until March31
2012/3/20 11:52:35
MC5 Flying V, Lespaul, Rickenbacker, Stratocaster, Razorback guitars... : it's clear that the Muvizu staff is quite rock n roll.
2012/3/20 9:13:30
DECCA'S DRINKING DILEMMA Very good work! I have some questions:
How many time for this Muvizu creation?
And what is the meaning of Decca Beer? My knowledge of english is insufficient so I don't understand the lyrics. For me, Decca is a record company.
2012/3/16 13:50:11
(SOLVED)Problem with Sketchup-to-Muvizu importing. Hello Massimo,

Your tutorial is really useful, thank you very much ! An important point is the use of a good Sketchup to ASE converter: HSKP2UNR.rb that you use is really better than su2ase.rb
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2012/3/10 2:01:49
Mirrorwall & mirror FX Yeeeaaahhh!!! Horizontal Flip was hided in Camera colour setting

Thank you for all !
2012/3/10 1:29:47
Mirrorwall & mirror FX Thanks for your answer. Your system is very good, but I suppose that the camera doesn't reverse left and right like a mirror

Does someone could confirm that the "reflection strength" parameter in mirrorwall object is just a brightness FX?
2012/3/10 0:25:57
Mirrorwall & mirror FX Hello everybody,

When I use a mirrorwall object, I can't get any mirror FX,
Even if I set "reflection strength" to 0 or 100
No FX in real-time. No FX after creating video

I use Muvizu 64bits and GeForce Cuda graphic card with 2012 driver
An idea?
2012/3/8 10:36:18
What codec do you use and why? You can find Xvid here:

Note that some codec like Cinepak doesn't exist for 64bits version
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