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2012/5/3 11:02:19
softwares to change the voice Hi guys, i would like to share with you one of my problems to use muvizu; i would like to create conversations between 4 characters and i would like to use my voice. i have tried morphvox pro, voice changer software diamond but they dont work well. when iam recording the voice is not stable.

i have recently tried andacity its good but it gives me only one different voice.

which program do you usualy use to change your voice?
do anyone know any voice changer software that is good?

thanks for your help.
2012/4/30 12:35:22
change the voice of a character hi guys, i would like to know if someone knows a software thatchanges the voice. I would like to create many characters that interract with each others. i would like a human voice (a normal men and female voices) I have tried many softwares but they dont work:i tried voice changer software diamond but its not good, voxmorpher, audacity( it changes the voice but i cant create more than 3 o 4 different voices)

thansk for your help

2012/4/14 18:39:15
how can i add an image? hi guys im really fond of muvizu, i would like to add an image of a plate of food that i can put in a table (like in emily's video matts dinner) , how is it possible to do that?

thanks guys

2012/4/14 18:05:37
my 1mn muvizu has 1go and cant be read in otherpc hi marco im running the version that is in muvizu website in the download section, im trying to download the v18 update but when i try to download it it doesnt install (i dont know why)

my problem is a question of codec , i how just installed the xvid mp4 codec and i hope that i will work

thanks for your help

2012/4/12 9:09:06
character actions when it sits hi guys again i have another question , i am making a video where the characters stay all the 5mn video in the chair , when i try to vary the character actions i notice that when i put "scratch arm" in character actions the character stands then sits back, the same for picking the telephone. is there an optionto make him do these actions sitten?

how can i put that the character stays handing the telephone like he is speaking a while , doing a meditation for 20 seconds ?

thanks for been here

2012/4/12 8:41:57
my 1mn muvizu has 1go and cant be read in otherpc hi guys i created my video and made it with 480*360 XVID mpeg4codec its in avi , there is a gap between the image and the soun and has 1go (of course i cant upload it to youtube), but when i try to read it in another computer it doesnt work and when i try to change its avi to mp4 through cyberlink or premiere it doesnt work neither.i tried to change the codec to microsoft 1but it was worst, how can i have a video that isnt so heavy and can be read normally?

thanks for your help

2012/3/29 17:21:51
can we import sims objects in muvizu? hi i have created a scene and i have noticed that there are little objects proposed by muvizu to put in my scene, i need a living room table and its not proposed in the muvizu objects, i need different wall textures so i though that i could import it from another program, does someone know if i can import objects or textures from the game sims?

thanks for your answer

2012/3/29 17:17:34
how do i use a favourite character in a new scene hi guys i have created a character and i put it in favourites in order to use it again. when a create a new scene and i try to add that favourite character it doesnt appear , does someone know how to use a character in a new scene without having to do the creation from the beginning?

thanks a lot.

2012/3/29 17:01:47
Voice actors? We need em. guys i am in that too, i have tried a lot of programs: i have downloaded vcs voice changer but the problem is that the voice isnt stable, for instance when you choose a male voice and you are recording the voice changes all the time, i couldnt download the profesional version of morphvox (i dont know if someone could download it) , i have seen the videos of audacity (
and it seems that you can change your voice with this program (which is free) so i am going to test it tonight and ill tell you.
2012/3/26 1:57:26
when i try to add a character it tells ERROR Hi everybody, i am making my first muvizu video but i face an expected problem, when i try to add a character or an object it tells me the following error message: there was an error creating the character. not enough room, please try again in another location. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME A TRICK TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM? THANKS A LOT
2012/3/17 18:12:51
how do i make a character sit? Hi everybody, thanks for this great website, im new in muvizu and i would like to know how can i make sit a character, i go to prepare then character actions page 3 i do sit then ok but the character doesnt sit , is there any other way to make it sit?

thanks a lot for your help

2012/3/12 21:01:02
how do i create a character with good clothes Hi i am planning to make educational videos teaching people how to manage job interviews, i would like to have the choice of clothes, shoes (like in the game sims). does somebody know if muvizu gives more clothes options to the characters?

thanks for your attention.

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