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2012/6/24 14:04:42
my Vid went to YouTube but 2 days waiting for it t Arr OK wiat til Moday
2012/6/24 14:02:28
my Vid went to YouTube but 2 days waiting for it t Hi all you mad muvizuers

Did all as directed but still waitin,,,,,,did i cock up somewhere
2012/6/24 0:47:40
YouTube are OK why isnt Muvizu-2 days i posted my first muvi 2 days ago and u tube are ok.........why not give me the honor of posting on Muvie fantastic place....I LOVE M-zu
2012/6/13 20:35:26
Flying Thanks Dreeko I knew you would come through for me. Ill get back to you in a few years time !!!!!!!!!!

I know youve got a tutorial on floating ground planes ill root that one out

Thanks again all you wonderful muvizuolics
2012/6/12 20:44:35
Flying Thanks guys but im asking about how to fly through clouds and how to get character in right position------how did we get on to music????????

Think superman from the front or the start of the movie Brasil eg

keep going .anyone seen a movizu like what i describe?
2012/6/8 21:07:37
HI, EVERYBODY... Good luck Joe
Im sure you now know that there are some right characters floating around here funny and very creative
2012/6/8 21:03:40
Flying Thanks Danimal
You are on the same wavelength as me so far as this is what im thinking aslo but would love to see a clip of this done by one of our wonderful inventive movizuer's.
Plus im waiting to see what Dreeko comes up with.
For now all i can do is experiment ( some times u come across happy accidents)
2012/6/5 16:15:23
Flying Hi All

1 year on and im still learning...anyway.........

How do i create the illusion of a person flying with Camera in front and flying through clouds (fog)then clear sky.
Im thinking the camera will be doing alot of movment to give the immpression of flying by (Like greenscreen effect)

What backdrops would i use

Im thinking the movie Brasil at the begining

Any visds like this around

Thanks wou Movizuolics

2012/4/7 8:51:00
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... Hi again Bigwally.
Muvizu did work for me at one time ...well parts did. I couldnt upload my video into this site but i did straight onto Utube....... here was my first attempt.........and its for this reason that im hoping i / we can sort out the probs cos its such an excellent software for animation and so many other avenues...........

Thanks again foir your support

Ed wood
2012/4/7 8:36:56
IN spite of major PROBS.......but lots of help... due to Loads of probs im having with Muvizu, which im receiving massive help from u guys in the forum ...............particular thanks to BIGWALLY, i was able to upload my video straight to utube but no chance into this site ..YET

Hope u like my first ( thoughtful and sad) but happy ending effort

Enjoy x

2012/4/7 8:02:01
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... Hi Big Wally
Im running win 32
The BSOD is just a 1/2 second flash of blue ( no text).
Process: Pc boots - moving bar to show its loading - moving bar stops and goes to a text screen saying something like " failed to boot " no reason given.
IT gives me 2 choices 1) start as normal - this just repeats above or 2) recovery.
Recovery takes about 15 - 20 mins. Pc boots up after that but only once unless i remove Muvizu. PC boots up fine every time after that. So clearly Muvizu is the issue no doubt

One thing though Bigwally, ive downloaded all versions and each time there has been a download interuption - them i click to resume but it seems to start all over again
am i missing some files during this interuption?

thanks for your attention on this by the way........ but im losing the will to live LOL

2012/4/6 16:36:11
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... Sorry I meant when Muvizu is downloaded and installed, my PC wont reboot and takes me to a quick flash of a blue screen then i have to go to recovery. Ive done this about 8 times now

Graphic Card
Nvida Geforce 9600 gs
2047 Mb total available
768 dedicated
1279 shared
Latest drivers
2012/4/6 14:42:29
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... 1) Cant load AVI files to b/drops even after using XVID and Virtual dub - not recognised format

2) Wont record movie - error message half way through Then prog crashes

3)Cant do camera close ups - prog crashes

4)Pc wont boot up correctly after downlaoding program - even safe mode not accessable. I have to do full recovery which allows me access then I delete Muvizu - PC works fine

Never had so many probs with a software before

Shame......... as I really liked Muvizu

Oh and no access in tech forum Thats why i posted here

Win vista Home
32 OS
Service pk 2
Intel core 2 Quad cpu 2.40 GHz
600gig hd
3gig ram
2012/3/27 19:38:12
Just to say Hi Ive just joined up but have been using Muvizu for about a month. I like it so much I had to join up. Tried other animation soaftware but this seems so easy. More enjoyable as the other softwars make u stick your tongue out trying to figure out what to do next. Anyway
Watch this space for my first presentations

Ed Wood
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