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2012/4/7 10:28:17
Ytube codec sorted As Ziggy rightly pointed out there are problems with the first verion of my "The Phone Scam" video.

I went to Youtube's help section to check out the recommended codecs to use and their standard avi settings got me a 500+ Mb file OMG no way that I would upload such a 'thing' for a 2 min animation.

I tried several other combinations, uploaded and they showed the same or even worse results Whaaaaa?

Finally, I converted the original file into *.flv format and what do you know ... it now plays without a glitch and the file size is smaller too. I suppose that with Youtube not having to convert while uploading that solved the problem.

The new 'and improved' version is at

May I suggest to the Muvizu team to link my animation in the Gallery to this new version if possible for the original version does not do Muvizu credit
2012/4/6 11:34:49
Free scriptwriting and storyboard software I use SLang (software for story-development) from freefilmsoftware
It works very nicely for me, using separate flash card type of text boxes that can be moved around and arranged till it all fits together.
So each time I think of something to add I just make a new text box write down my idea or lines of speech and at the end re-arrange the boxes into a chronological script, done
2012/4/5 14:37:48
What is Muvizu? I couldn't agree more with you Dylly

Nearly 5 yrs ago I had a stroke and a heat attack, spent 4 days in cardiac intensive care then signed myself out of hospital where I was just "lingering"

Took up 3D modeling and animation and that was "the best therapy I could have found"

Just recently I discovered Muvizu and what a great program this is. Animating in "layers" in the same way as creating a static image in Photoshop or Gimp, layer by layer building it up and tweaking until it's finished, just wonderful.

Yesterday, I uploaded my first Muvizu animation "The phone scam" (it's in the Gallery)

"Will we make an Aardman-like feature with Muvizu? "
I would love to and am ready to collaborate
2012/3/30 22:47:28
24 hr Noob at Muvizu Thank you skylike

I'm trying to catch up with what's going on here by reading the boards and I have indeed seen some really amazing work and also the whole atmosphere, created by the posters, is very nice (unlike some other places Argument )
2012/3/30 9:50:20
Voice actors? We need em. toonarama wrote:
I have Morphvox Pro and it is a pretty effective piece of software.

I would be willing to offer my "voice" (english accent only!)

My trials with Morphvox are very satisfying and the use of their Voice Splitter plugin is an easy way of recording the text of an entiere conversation and morphing different sections of it into different voices.

Toonarama, are there any negatives that you have experienced while using this program ?

Many thanks
2012/3/29 14:42:11
Voice actors? We need em. I'm on the same quest and just downloaded the MorphVOX Pro demo.
Their sample files sound good let's see if it works as well for me

I'll post my findings
2012/3/28 21:24:14
24 hr Noob at Muvizu Thank you all for the warm welcome

I'm really enjoying working with Muvizu that is with the few screws I have still left. The complimentary jam jar is a very nice gesture but I'll have to pass, can't remember anymore where I lost the rest of my screws
2012/3/28 21:03:07
Gladiators - Fight for freedom Absolument brilliant, Ridley Scott a la facon Muvizu
Tres bien execute

Absolutely brilliant, Ridley Scott in the style of Muvizu
Very well done
2012/3/28 0:35:35
24 hr Noob at Muvizu Hello everyone

Yesterday, while looking for an alternative to a commercial animation and lip-synch program - which I tried and found not to be worth the price - I found this site and did I tell you I'm hooked.

The software performs brilliantly and the programmers have an obvious sense of humor, I forgot how many times I laughed out loud.
My first project is started which will be an ongoing series of short clips about bloopers and blunders I read about nearly every day.
Once the scene, the lights and the cameras are setup the way I see it for each clip I will only need to change the voice(s) and the animation to reflect the latest blooper. For that Muvizu is going to be perfect.

Happy to join this nice community if you will have me
2012/3/27 23:28:43
Background & Skydome - Aspect Ratios. Thank you very much Emily, you just solved my problem

This morning, when making new textures for wallpaper, I was wondering what the correct size would be since it was obvious that the square format I made was stretching.

Off to correct that now.
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