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2013/10/11 11:25:10
how can i make that the charakter holds an objekt? Hi snoopylino,

Importing character attachments and holding objects are only available in Play +

You can see the comparisons here:

Take care,
2013/10/6 12:43:55
IN CHINA CAN'T VIEW THE TRAINING VIDEOS I am glad that you finally got the videos, and that Barry's commentary brought back some memories.

I have sent you a private message, which may help with your situation.
2013/10/6 12:36:27
Inspired by Muvizu Desings. Clam wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:

When I click the tab to go to their fonts page I get a Trojan alarm from Kaspersky.

Kapersky are notorious for false positives (they have reported both Google and the BBC as suspicious in the past) - always take anything that they highlight with a pinch of salt.

If you enter the comicsanscriminal URL onto the following sites it comes up as clean:
2013/10/2 15:40:18
IN CHINA CAN'T VIEW THE TRAINING VIDEOS Sorry you are having trouble - are you able to access YouTube through your proxy?

If so, the MuvizuYT channel hosts all of the tutorials and can be found here:

Take care,
2013/9/16 10:36:04
error message HRSULT: 08007000B on startup Usually updating all of those Windows components corrects any startup issues, so this is quite unusual.

Did you definitely update Direct X 9? A lot of users don't realise that it is actually a different piece of software to DX10/11 and as such needs to be updated separately.
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2013/9/16 10:02:11
Make characters speak without sound Hi Cognivita,

The easiest way to do this is to set up the voices then, once you are happy that the characters are talking at the correct time, reduce the volume of the dialogue track to 0 in the Prepare Audio menu.

2013/9/9 10:05:21
Hello! :) Welcome aboard,

If it is anything other than your graphics card that is below spec then Muvizu should run (albeit a bit slowly) - so you can get used to the interface and basic functionality until your new machine arrives.

2013/9/4 10:54:11
error message HRSULT: 08007000B on startup Hi DamHamOne,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble - most startup problems can be resolved by updating your C++, Direct X 9 and .NET files as well as your video drivers. Links can be found on the Wiki page below:

If that doesn't work please let us know.

Take care,
2013/9/3 10:14:47
error loading scene , file is an unknown format Really? That is a first - I will need to add that info to the wiki.
2013/9/3 9:53:24
Rendering problems If you are only wanting to play it back on your PC one of the simplest ways to do so would be to download the K-Lite Codec pack below and re-render your video in the XVid Codec (use the advanced tab in the Make Video menu). Just make sure that if you are using the 64-bit version of Muvizu to download the 64-bit codec pack.
That will make your video much, much smaller and make the render time a lot quicker too (Less than 30 minutes, probably).

Take care,
2013/9/3 9:36:25
error loading scene , file is an unknown format Hi, normally that error occurs when you try to open a set which was made with a newer version of Muvizu than you are using. If you are getting that error and it is from an older version of Muvizu it is unusual. If you send it to the e-mail we can give it a try to see if we can get to the bottom of the problem.
2013/9/3 9:32:27
computer shuts off Is there any text at all when it shuts down? If I remember correctly Windows 7 replaced the Blue Screen of Death with a Black Screen of Death, which is usually related to driver issues.

If there is no text then, as MDW said, ventilation/overheating is a possibility.
2013/9/2 15:29:10
Car Scene That is looking pretty good fazz, I hope that you can figure out a good animation/object combo for the steering wheel.
2013/8/29 16:34:53
Help Wanted: Elvis Clothes! That reminds me of this Trenches comic: (

2013/8/28 11:36:37
I've been trying something new! So this was your very first model? Wow!!

I tried making a biped, and couldn't get the join between the legs and torso to look right (amongst other things) - I gave up when I realised I had been working on the butt of a 3D character for over an hour.....
2013/8/28 10:35:53
The Intrepid That is a really well put together video - I wish I had paid attention to French at school now!
2013/8/27 17:48:50
I've been trying something new! I gave the Mudbox trial a go and enjoyed it - although I was terrible. Your Batman is pretty impressive - how long did you spend on it?
2013/8/27 13:20:55
An Error (Exception from HRESULT:0X80073681) Hello Royi, welcome to Muvizu,

Sorry you are having trouble - that is a pretty unusual error, but some people have had it occur with other applications due to problems with their C++ install. Could you please try installing it straight from Microsoft's website?


Take care,
2013/8/26 8:54:33
Coming Soon... Klaatu, Barada, Necktie!
2013/8/20 12:45:38
THE BELL, THE LARGE BELL Jamie reviewed the assets this morning and it is now available in the gallery.
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