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2010/12/1 18:30:08
Favourite ever cartoon? Sylvesters Son was also awesome in the Kangaroo episodes "I'm soooo ashamed!"

Hmm, can't find the best one but this is ok:

2010/11/30 12:04:48
Problems after the update Hi hugmyster,

I had a quick word with Ian and I was hoping to ask you a couple of questions:

Are you using a home or business connection?
If it's a home connection who is your service provider?

Take care,
2010/11/26 14:00:31
log in from software Hi eddierose, sorry you are having trouble.

The most likely explanation is that your firewall is blocking Muvizu.exe from the internet - could you please try adding C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries\Muvizu.exe (or C:\Program Files(x86)\Muvizu\Binaries\Muvizu.exe if you have a 64-bit version of Windows) to your list of allowed programmes?

Take care,
2010/11/25 14:36:57
GAGA finalist toonarama wrote:
freakmoomin wrote:
Anybody know what this is?

National Theatre of Scotland – ‘TDF Takeover’

Tour de france takeover?

No - I think it is "The Daft F.." - oh no maybe not

Yes the "Daft Friday" - Glasgow Uni's traditional end-of term ball!
2010/11/24 15:55:09
WHere are my creations Hi again Hector,

900 MB! Wow, I am guessing that you have saved the video in an uncompressed format - if so, would it be possible to re-encode it in XVid either by re-recording it in Muvizu or by running the AVI through Virtualdub or another editing programme?

The reason that I am asking you to do this is that the larger the file the higher the chance of something going wrong during the upload process.

Take care,
2010/11/24 15:14:34
WHere are my creations Hi again Hectorstudio,

That's really strange - your .avi files should always show up on YouTube, even if there is a problem with our system.

We only need to approve the videos on our site - your YouTube account should show all of your videos, even if we haven't approved them yet.

Could you tell me what time you tried to upload them please? That will allow us to check if there were any error messages logged.

Take care,
2010/11/23 11:13:19
Modding Hello again inlimbo,

We are planning on adding the ability to upload custom character attachments, but it might be a while before it's implemented.

You would probably be able to open the UPK files in the Unreal Editor, but due to the custom content that has been added by our devs the results would be hard to predict. (I would save a backup of any files, just in case).

Take care,
2010/11/23 11:00:05
WHere are my creations Hello Hectorstudio, thanks for trying Muvizu.

Your videos haven't shown up on our system either - it's possible that there was a problem with the upload process. Could you please try again?

Take care,
2010/11/20 9:55:52
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Hi Dwino,

Any video that is uploaded via will appear on your YouTube account pretty much instantaneously, so if you upload via our site and then go to your "My Videos" section on YouTube you will be able to get a link from there.

The problem with some videos taking a while to show up on our system doesn't affect the YouTube hosting .

Take care,
2010/11/19 10:57:15
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Hi dwino,

Their website

Has the full T&C's including:

"Entrants should register as Muvizu members at, which will allow us to contact you, and post their submission – or submissions, we don’t mind how many times you enter – under their account on our site. They should also send the urls of submitted work to the MachinExpo team at"

So feel free to enter 1 or 1,000,000 entries

Take care,
2010/11/18 15:20:45
Cannot Make Movie Hi Callum,

That's great to hear (Muvizu working, not the crash, obviously ) - if you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.

I think the devs are still going to put the programme together, just in case it happens to anyone else.

Take care,
2010/11/18 11:03:39
Cannot Make Movie Hi Callum,

I have just poked the devs in the head and they have told me that they should have the test software pretty soon.

I will continue to poke them every day until you have it .

Take care,
2010/11/15 15:45:50
Facial animation in video games is evolving. Wow, that's pretty remarkable.
2010/11/15 11:43:42
Ghost House episode 3 "purposely on accident!" lol
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2010/11/12 16:43:49
Beta Installation Heyheyhey,

Your desktop shortcuts would have been overwritten by the new install - if you go into the binaries folder of the original install you should still be able to run the original Muvizu.exe

Take it easy,
2010/11/12 15:17:41
Use of Instruments in new version Hi Berty,

The instruments are actually in as attachments and as props - if you right-click on the character there is an instrument option at the very bottom of the customisation menu.

Take care,
2010/11/12 15:16:10
I can not open the windows at 7 muvizu Hello neofelipe, sorry you are having trouble.

Unfortunately the "Device does not support 1x32 FP render target format" error means that your graphics card isn't compatible with Muvizu - it is based on the Unreal 3 engine which is pretty resource intensive.

I have posted a guide on how you MAY be able to get Muvizu working with one of these graphics cards in the resources section at:

This is not guaranteed to work, and obviously you use any 3rd party software at your own risk.

Your graphics card needs to be a Nvidia 7800 or ATI X1300 at minimum, so if you get either of those graphics cards Muvizu should run but it may not run well.

If you want to get a more advanced card the website “Toms Hardware” does a monthly comparison of graphics cards and publishes a “best value for money” guide. It can be found in the Articles section of their website at:,1/Graphics-Cards,4/

The prices are in $US but the prices are generally similar in other regions.

Take care,
2010/11/12 15:14:54
props & animation packs? Hi artpen,

Packages are something that we are considering - minimizing the initial download and let the users pick what they want - but any major changes (like the split between locomotion and animation) would probably still require a pretty big download.

BTW, the props are actually pretty small - they are around 1-2 Mb each.

Take it easy,
2010/11/12 14:47:31
remote manifest failed Hi Mick,

The reason that it's saying remote manifest failed is that Robert has disabled automatic updates, which is what the remote manifest check is for.

So, no need to worry

Take it easy,
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2010/11/11 12:40:56
latest version I have just finished uploading the new version to Filefront, so if you have any trouble downloading from just go to:
pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35