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2013/7/25 12:49:48
Out of memory Hi again Mike,

That is odd, I will let the devs know that it isn't closing on your PC. It isn't ideal, but if you go into the task manager and right-click on the Muvizu.exe's that are still open then "End Process" it should hopefully free up enough resources to run properly.

Take care,
2013/7/25 11:50:39
After Installation Error Hi again,

There is one last thing that we could try before delving into developer tools etc - could you please try doing the following:

Uninstall Muvizu
Go to C:\Programme Files
Delete the Muvizu Play folder
Run the Muvizu installer
When prompted to enter an installation directory enter a custom location, such as C:\Muvizu

That should clear all .dll files relating to Muvizu and, hopefully, resolve any conflicts.

2013/7/25 11:19:02
Out of memory Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear that you are having issues - could you please open up task manager, go to processes and tell me how much memory Muvizu is using?

You do this by right-clicking on the menu bar (or pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE), going to Start Task Manager then Processes and finding Muvizu.exe.

While you are in there you can also have a look to see if there are any other processes that are taking up a lot of system resources?

2013/7/24 9:38:49
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac Hi again,

Generally if the download has been corrupted it won't even install, as there is a verification at the start of the installation.

Apparently those drivers that you just downloaded will work, but they need to be altered slightly so that they don't give up when they see a Mac - obviously I cannot guarantee that this will work, as I don't have a Mac to test it on - but the information can be found on these two pages:

2013/7/24 9:28:14
After Installation Error This is a very unusual error - although it is possible that it could be an issue with your graphics card drivers - could you please try downloading and installing the most recent version of the 64-bit drivers for your card?
2013/7/23 16:14:11
After Installation Error Hi again,

Did you install the 32 or 64-bit version?

2013/7/23 16:00:15
After Installation Error Hi PipisMegas, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

Could you please tell me what version of Muvizu have you installed on your PC?

2013/7/23 9:16:43
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac Huh, that is odd - why would they list it if there are no drivers?

I did a bit of digging - apparently the legacy desktop drivers may work:
2013/7/22 13:51:26
cannot find muvizu.dll on mac Hi Ghrenig,

As you have installed .NET, Direct X and C++ so the most likely culprit are your Radeon Drivers - have you installed the most recent version of them?

If not then you should be able to get them here:

Take care,
2013/7/16 11:08:30
using a joystick The Unreal 3 Engine is compatible with the XBox 360 control pad, but as Muvizu uses custom controls it doesn't really work well. You can, however, give it a try by manually adding some entries to some .ini files, but I can't promise that it will give the desired effect.

I can't give any details at the moment as my notes from when I tried this have been deleted and my XBox controller is at home, but I will have a look at it soon and provide more information.
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2013/7/15 12:17:06
Iron Man 3 Hold me, I'm scared.....
2013/7/5 9:45:53
Roll a bomb One way which you could do it would be to animate the bomb rolling and animate the floor rising up using a ground plane - although depending on how many objects are in your set it could be tricky.
2013/7/2 14:41:30
Which book gave you a deep impression? Why? This is my favourite deep impression:

2013/7/1 7:48:46
Error Message on Startup!!! One thing that can occasionally work, if you are having issues with administration rights, is to install Muvizu to a different directory - so when you install it change the location from C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play to something like C:\Muvizu Play

Take care,
2013/6/26 17:13:19
Make character bigger?? I always recommend changing your default resolution to the one you intend on filming with, that way your final output is the same as the camera previews. To do this go to File>Options then change your video resolution to 720x480.
2012/9/7 13:22:56
Excruciatingly slow when editing. Glad to hear that it is working a bit better - I tried to run Muvizu on a similar machine a while back and it took a lot of effort but it did eventually start working well.

If you go to the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) you will be able to see if there are any other programmes hogging ram that you can close.

P.S. Chrome is a notorious memory hog for older machines, as each tab runs as a separate process.
2012/9/5 13:05:55
Excruciatingly slow when editing. Hi Mike,

Unfortunately PCs of that age will have major difficulty running any program made with the Unreal 3 engine - what I would recommend is downloading the latest drivers from ATI, this can provide a major performance boost. There is also a program called AMD Fusion which can provide some gains, but that is not guaranteed.

Also remember to close down any unnecessary background programs which may be hogging ram.

Take care,
2012/5/30 13:10:44
Introductions! Korean restaurants can run out of dog....
2012/5/30 13:02:48
Introductions! Welcome aboard! I am sure that you will love working at Muvizu - just don't feed Dave after midnight!

P.S. A dog can run halfway into a forest, after that it is running out!
2012/4/8 13:36:36
Gun_in_Hand Hi Effster,

At present you cannot create custom attachments for the characters - I know it's one of the things that the team are wanting to add, but there isn't a timescale for it yet.

Happy Easter, and 'mon the Zombie Jesus!
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