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2012/4/8 4:09:40
How do I create an accessory for a character? Hello Eduardo,

You cannot currently create custom accessories for characters, but you are able to make custom skins:

The team are planning to open up as much of Muvizu as possible, but there is currently no timeline for custom accessories.

Take care,
2012/4/8 4:04:12
Oh my Muvizu unworkable it'l have to go.... Normally a BSOD is related to drivers, but if uninstalling Muvizu clears it up, then it will probably be something else.

If I had to put money on it I would say it's a conflict with your installed codecs - but that that's just my best guess - if I was you I would uninstall all of your current codec packs and then install the K-Lite full codec pack which can be found here:
(Make sure you download the full pack)

If that doesn't work then a manual install of the latest versions of directX 9 and .Net 3.5 would be my next recommendation.

Best of luck!
2012/3/9 13:17:09
Hello lurkers! Some of us are already registered.......
2011/8/4 19:58:39
Muvizu on a 2002 AGP PC Hi everyone,

I have just finished setting up a small compatibility test - I was able to get Muvizu to run on a PC that I originally bought in 2002 - with 1GB of DDR1 Ram and and AMD 3000+ Processor - less powerful than most mobiles released in the last 1-2 years.

The reason it works is that I bought a ATI 3650 AGP card - which has all of the necessary pixel shader support etc. - it cost me £40 and I think it's a worthwhile stopgap for those users who have older machines.

Muvizu is usable - the framerate isn't great but I am sure that I will be able to tweak the performance a little to get some more oomph out of my current PC's granddad.

I will post performance figures at some point in the next few days - I have been working crazy hours over the last few weeks so haven't been able to get on the forums or use Muvizu as much as I want to.

Take it easy,
2011/7/29 12:45:13
Imported object collision RightURKen wrote:
barrys wrote:

Every object must have collision -

Not really. As long as it has "floats in the air" It can be still be useable. The ability to turn collision off would be a feature I would love to have on Muvizu. Even already made a thread on that matter.

There is a difference between having no collision and being able to intersect with objects - Collision volumes are required for every single object so that they do not fall through the floor/walls/ceiling and cause a crash.
2011/7/28 19:31:32
Cheap(ish) laptop Hi everyone - Dell have an interesting offer on the 15" XPS at the moment- if you use Quidco you can get the following laptop for £530:

i7-2630QM processor 2.00 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz
Windows® 7 Home Premium (64 BIT)
4096MB (2x2GB) 1333MHz DDR3 Dual Channel
Internal UK/Irish Qwerty Keyboard
2GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M Graphics Card
500GB (7,200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive
8x DVD+/-RW Optical Drive
Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 (EUR
1 year of Collect & Return 10 day coverage included with your PC
6-cell 56Whr Lithium Ion battery
XPS L502x Resource DVD (Diagnostic & Drivers)
Metalloid Aluminum Cover
DataSafe Online Backup 2GB - 1 year licence
15.6"(40 cm) HD WLED TL (1366x768) 720p with 2.0 Mega Pixel Integrated
Power Supply 130W AC Adaptor

If I hadn't already purchased a new PC this month I would be buying this!

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2011/7/27 14:26:47
Character Clothing and Textures Hi D5,

The clothing is just a "reskin" so all the stuff that you make will end up skin tight, unfortunately. I know that the devs have custom character attachments (which would allow you to upload new shapes of clothes) on their to-do list but I couldn't give you a timescale.

Take care,
2011/7/27 14:24:10
Cheap(ish) laptop Hi all,

For those of us who are UK-based Dell have reduce the Alienware MX11 to £415.99

Apparently it is capable of hitting 45-60 fps at max settings in Unreal 3 so it should have no trouble running Muvizu.

The three downsides are; it's pretty garish, the screen is small (11.6") and it has no DVD drive.

Take it easy,
2011/7/25 12:15:47
where do I import 3d assets to ? Hi Hexslayer,

It can be unzipped to anywhere on your PC - as long as you can remember the file location when you import it into Muvizu.

Take care,
2011/7/25 12:14:26
Imported object collision Hi Dreeko,

It sounds like there is a problem with the .ASE model - try opening it up with a text editor and doing a search for UCX_ - delete every section that starts with UCX_ and then try adding in the small collision area back in.

2011/7/24 18:53:52
Cheap(ish) laptop mysto wrote:
I found this laptop at newegg and have been thinking about buying one. Seems like a fairly powerful laptop for the price.

Hi Mysto - that machine seems to be a better spec than the one I was using - so it should be ok.

Take it easy,
2011/7/24 18:46:40
Cheap(ish) laptop Oops, that's a typo - it's actually the 560 that I have ordered - I didn't see the point in spending more than £150 on a graphics card as once you go higher than that you are into the area of diminishing returns.
2011/7/24 17:41:54
Cheap(ish) laptop Luscan wrote:
This is one of the most thinly veiled 'Guys look at my new computer!' posts I've seen in a long time

It does look good though... :I

If I was going to go "Hey guys look at my new pc" I would wait until I bought one of my own rather than showing off my work laptop.

Coincidentally, I have just bought a new PC and, for the techy users, here are the specs:

Intel i5 2500k Quad Core 3.3 GHz (I am hoping to overclock it to 4.5 GHz)
Geforce 460 GTX 1GB
8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Ram
MSI P67A-GD3 Motherboard (Compatible with both SLI and Crossfire)
Low-noise Modular Cooler Master PSU
OCZ Sata-3 60GB Agility 3 SSD
WD Caviar Black Sata-3 1TB HDD
Asus Xonar 5.1 Surround sound PCI Card
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cooler
LG Super-Multi Blu-Ray/DVD Drive
2 Low noise fans
Screwless case

Thats more than you need to run Muvizu, but it never hurts to test for the high-end users (that's how I have been justifying the purchase to myself but it hasn't really worked).

I am looking forward to getting the bits and putting it all together - now that PC cases don't try to eat your hands like they did in the '90s.
2011/7/24 17:29:49
Static Mode If it wasn't for "cheat and sidestep it" we wouldn't have such iconic cinema moments as the point-of-view shots in Jaws (the shark kept breaking so Spielberg improvised). The most bizarre "cheat and sidestep" one that I have ever heard of was during filming of Casablanca - they couldn't fit a full-size aircraft in the soundstage for the final scene so they built a smaller model, pumped in dry ice to have obscure the view and, to top it off, used midgets for the groundcrew.
2011/7/24 17:24:21
Imported object collision Hi Dreeko - it can't have zero collision (as it would fall through the world - making very bad things happen) but if you give it a very small collision volume (such as the four wheels and seats) it should work.

I know that you have already created collision volumes, but for those of you who haven't I will link to my video at the bottom of this post.

If you have already done this then there may be a problem with the .ASE file (the common one is forgetting to put the UCX_ in before the collision volume).

Take it easy,

2011/7/23 16:49:11
More universal 3d model support? Hi Wizaerd,

Last I heard the devs were looking at adding .fbx and collada support - I don't know if that's still planned though.

Take care,
2011/7/17 13:07:08
Codecs Hi again Tony,

If a codec isn't compatible it won't show up in Muvizu - so the 32-bit codecs won't show up in the 64-bit version of Muvizu and the 64-bit codecs won't show up in the 32-bit version of Muvizu.

Have you tried installing the 32-bit version of the XVid codec as well as the 64-bit version?

Take care,
2011/7/17 9:46:59
Codecs Hi Uptonsdad,

There are generally 32 and 64-bit versions of each codec available for download.

For example:

Here is the 32-bit K-Lite codec pack:

And here is the 64-bit K-Lite codec pack:

Both codec packs provide a large variety of codecs, but the 32-bit pack can only be used with the 32-bit version of Muvizu and the 64-bit pack can only be used with the 64-bit version of Muvizu - so if you intend on having both versions on your machine you would need to download both codec packs.

Take care,
2011/7/13 18:49:05
import texture Hi again Nicoknight,

Right-click on your .ASE file and use "Open With"
Select Wordpad or Notepad
Find the entries that are labelled "C:\UT3\toto.bmp"
Replace "C:\UT3\toto.bmp" with the location of your texture files, for example if you saved a texture in C:\Textures and called it Texture1.bmp you would change it to: C:\Textures\Texture1.bmp

Save it, then try using it again.

Take care,
2011/7/13 18:42:23
up loader problem Hi Hexslayer,

What codec are you using? I don't know if it will make a difference but you might want to try using a different one like XVid.

Take care,
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