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2016/12/18 20:32:41
Latest Muvizu ? Thanks guys!
2016/12/18 15:03:46
Latest Muvizu ? Latest version of Muvizu that works without problems?
2016/10/6 16:44:02
Chemistry pack problems It is the dominant color bar, ma becomes all one color.
2016/10/6 11:01:11
Chemistry pack problems Recently I bought Chemistry pack and after installing it I noticed that you can not change the colors of the various objects of the package, type benches, doors and walls.
How can I fix?
2015/12/28 14:28:15
My Last Video My Last Video whit Muvizu, Watch It!!
2015/12/22 9:25:47
request it works perfectly and stable and accept the license!
something that has not happened with the version of 09.22.2015

I suggest you make the download available for those in need, it will not be available until the bug-fix.

Ziggy are a great !!!!
2015/12/22 8:25:01
request thanks ziggy!!

PS: your video about Keyframe, it's very amazing!
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2015/12/21 22:15:03
request someone would be able to give me the link to download the version: 2015.10.01.01R
edited by MToon on 21/12/2015
2014/9/2 13:31:31
found new Easter Egg Code agg. found easter egg code for "Janny's Got Talent"
2014/9/1 15:23:08
found new Easter Egg Code I found the code for Easter Egg "the Blob"
2013/7/5 14:51:20
pick up an item, please answer me how to pick up an object to a character in Muvizu?

thanks in advance for the answers
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