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2014/6/21 0:51:17
Coming Soon... thats me snake plissken outfit Big Grin

although snake didnt have an awesome vocalization trumpet.......
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2014/6/20 8:25:00
Coming Soon... that would be his vocalization trumpet
2014/6/20 0:57:22
Coming Soon...
2014/6/19 10:15:17
Custom Textures ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, I'll do this Fazz style, since it works quite well

oh yes a picture paints a thousand words
2014/6/17 15:22:26
weirdness no worries. as long your video gets sorted
2014/6/17 9:16:17
weirdness i couldnt find your video but
you could try and change your output settings.

increase the video size, if you have play+ theres another setting above this one. 1920, 1080
and change your xvid settings

this should appear

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2014/6/14 21:40:43
Attaching an Effect the effects for the jet pack can be found in the character edit bit.
2014/6/13 17:40:12
nightmare/part 2 im not much help when it comes to codec problems. is it coming out of muvizu ok? then when you re-encode it, the problem starts? ( i gather you mean the rainbow effect) maybe re-encode at a higher bit rate to improve the quality. do you have to encode it as avi? mp4 seems to give a better result for me. i could go on about targa sequence but ive never used it so dont know anything about it. but others here do.
AVC ? any video converter? select custom mp4, set bit rate around 4 or 5 thousand, encode pass 2. video size same as original, frame rate as original or auto. thats my settings for mp4.
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2014/6/12 22:52:38
Rifle???? you have to import the rifle into the characters hand and do a lot of messing about positioning it to use that animation. the thing is that the animation was made a long time before any thought of hand attachment was made. so the position of both hands in the animation aint quite right. it can be done coz ive done it myself while messing around with muvizu. so sorry its all trial and error with the positioning of the gun. theres no solution except to play with it till its right. for you.
2014/6/10 23:57:57
Coming Soon... yep props are excellent. loving the VCR and stereo combo. ahhh the good old days
2014/6/10 15:15:09
Widescreeb/plasma sent you a pm
2014/6/10 11:25:26
awesome star trek sound effects i love this site and have used it for most of my star trek sounds. just about every star trek sound effect ever made can be found here


whether its legal to use them with out permission......... probably not Big Grin the choice is yours

you have be warned.
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2014/6/10 10:27:42
Widescreeb/plasma use urbanlambs almost no collision walls. the plasma can sink into them so it wont wobble about when you place it. be warned you have to be a away from the ground quite a bit when you import the walls coz they are big.

2014/6/9 19:37:06
New mod! hello muvizu chap welcome
2014/6/9 17:26:44
Importing Objects from the "Online" Tab everything that is on the online bit are here
download them from the asset pages and you will have them permanently to use as and when you want. if you go through the software you only have them for whatever set you are using them in.
2014/6/7 1:16:41
hello, new here nice, im a star trek head attachment fan myself but star wars is good
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2014/6/7 1:11:06
ArtFart TV excellent mate
2014/6/7 0:50:52
Coming Soon...

2014/6/2 0:40:50
help with character items the dreeko method for bat ears is a pair of beefy's glasses spun around and placed where the bat ears should be. the arms become the ears. coz you anit never gonna get the door frame to stay on his head unless you get play + for character attachments.
2014/6/1 2:13:58
Can the world size be enlarged? okay ceiling height, the woman (or man or whatever you see) scale guide in sketchup is just a little bit shorter than a standard muvizu character if you are working in metres.
cant help with your add message problem as ive never come across it, ive never been redirected anywhere by this site.
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