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2014/1/30 0:08:19
uploading videos via muvizu i dunno its weird mate the video finally made it on to the you tube page after nearly 1 and a half hrs. this site is telling me its still processing lol. lets see tomorrow if it makes it onto the gallery.
2014/1/29 23:36:27
uploading videos via muvizu i cant do it. upload straight to you tube in a few minutes.... no problems. all im getting here is the red upload box thing that shows you the video being uploaded, well it whizzes through that when it shouldnt because my upload speed aint that good, it tells me its processing and an hour later its still processing and shows no sign of stopping processing.
2014/1/29 21:59:47
Show us your Beefy! cool, you are even more mysterious now mate . thankfully i have no pics of myself and have a severe aversion to cameras being pointed at me lol
2014/1/27 17:04:06
The Great Butter War mate since i watched earlier thats all i keep singing, so thanks for that lol its a very catchy number
2014/1/27 16:46:26
The Great Butter War i did wonder where it was. zoots zoots baby
2014/1/27 16:43:48
Show us your Beefy!
i like to call this composition "spring in the park"...... i did use the beefy mask on the beer can Big Grin
2014/1/26 15:35:42
bunch of questions ... cant help you with the first, i dont know anything about graphic cards sorry.
if you want to import an asset you have made. with the free version you will have to import it a an .ase file, with play+ upgrade you can use fbx as well as .ase. theres an import button in muvizu if you ever get it installed.
whatever video file you decide to render your videos in muvizu will work in sony vegas. i use mp4. or you can use targa sequencing sony vegas will work with that too.
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2014/1/26 15:28:36
Make my character move ok are you moving the move block in the timeline after you have animated the movement, say to adjust when the character starts moving? i found if i leave the move block alone,( dont move it even slightly) when ive come across this bug then the character still moves. as the others have said its a bug and a very frustrating one. if this does work for you you'll just have to get your timing spot on till the bug is fixed. also try and not to move the actual character from the point you animated him from if you are adjusting the positioning of the character after animating him/her. whatever this bug is all these things seem to effect it.
2014/1/26 14:53:45
Get rid of the pink dots how are you making your character move and how far? are you double clicking to the spot you want the character to move to or are you dragging the pointy cursor thing. theres a limit to how close from the character you can move if its to short the character wont move. i cant see why your character isnt able to move apart from that.
next... the pink spots should only appear if you move the camera manually after animating it to move. do a quick test render to see if they appear on the video footage. if they do then im afraid i dunno and it might be one for the bug dept.
2014/1/26 0:52:46
what is the acceptable rate? if you want to know my real job i work as a dustman (refuse collector to those outside Britain) so i spend my days running around clearing up other peoples crap, so scrubbing the bogs at MCdonalds wouldnt bother me. i admire anyone that would bother to do a job most people find distasteful. do i care that muvizu has a paid version, why would i? they have been good to all of us over the years providing us with free software to play with. i made my stance clear on doing work for other people in another thread you started and you politely answered if you ever change your mind email me or words to that effect. well i hadnt changed my mind. so when you start to message me asking if i want sell the rights to my videos and sell my evil dead sets like others are doing and then go on to offer me £10 for my services. you annoyed me and you continue to annoy me with whatever you have posted in this thread. cant say i bothered to read most of it because i really dont care what you have to say. reply to this if you feel you have to and feel free to twist my words into another page long rant if it makes you feel better but i really dont care
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2014/1/24 22:39:16
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ never seen any of these problems on my old steam powered beauty, from the first copy of muvizu i used up to play+ all have run the same. the only thing that hurt the old chugger are urbamlambs monster sets Big Grin
2014/1/24 0:56:45
Period costumes? yeah. i havnt tried making any type of skirts for characters but i imagine if you attach it on at the waist attachment slot it should work ok. sorry there's not any skirt attachments on the assets page at this moment in time.

ok i did a really quick experiment

but heres ya problem

so you need a really puffy skirt to cover the legs when walking and if you do that it covers the hands up when the character is stationary. so im guessing thats why there are only short skirts in muvizu for the original characters.
edited by fazz68 on 24/01/2014
2014/1/23 23:01:53
Period costumes? the newer female characters have some long skirts but you are limited on how to customize them. the old characters (the potato head ones) can be customised with long skirts but you would have to upgrade to play+ for the attachments and as you say they wont flow like the newer characters but they will move with the character when your character moves about. thats about all i can say really. sorry if its no help to you.
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2014/1/23 3:57:37
what is the acceptable rate? really!! is everything about money?
you do know that if had you come into this community and gotten to know people before bombarding them with all this you might have gotten them to help you out for nothing. can i buy this can i buy that blah blah blah. you might get someone to help you at the price you want... £10 for a minutes output of video.. do you know how much work can go into a minute of video. it could take days if not longer to get a really good minutes video out of someone. i could earn more scrubbing the bogs out in McDonalds Big Grin . ta ta
@primaverantz thats not aimed at you mate
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2014/1/22 2:19:31
Show us your Beefy! lol, i sense a wee bit of cheating going on here Big Grin
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2014/1/22 2:17:51
effects yep
2014/1/21 21:27:36
Show us your Beefy!
before my epic fight with Cassius Clay


after i was cheated out of the title.......... honest..
2014/1/20 21:03:46
Hitfilm Express currently FREE facebook is a step to far im afraid Big Grin thats why i choose twitter the lesser of two evils Big Grin i have nothing remotely interesting to say so my tweets would bore to world to death lol
2014/1/20 20:52:26
Hitfilm Express currently FREE i'll have some of that.... had to join twitter Aarghhh to get it. something i swore id never do. so thats my price for joining the dark side..... free software lol.
2014/1/20 18:05:22
get assets http://www.muvizu.com/GetAssets the bung me a few quid was a joke like i said this is all fun for me, id love to spend all day doing nothing but muvizu but it will never pay my food bills or rent or put clothes on my back. theres not enough time in the day for me to do my own projects let alone other peoples. im more than happy to make the odd asset for someone if i have the time but im not going to do the whole muvizu process for someone. i do have a life away from muvizu animating and it keeps me more than busy. do my videos look more professional and in depth? i dont think so. i spend a lot of time getting things to look how i think they should look but i wouldnt say my videos look better than anyone elses, ive made some right old rubbish in the past. you get out of muvizu as much as you put into it and the more you use muvizu the better you will become at using it. im still learning how to use muvizu all the time to get the best out of it, theres always a new trick or something someone will come up with on this forum about how to do something and i think to myself " thats pretty cool i think i'll have a go at that" anyway ramble over i have a dog that needs walking as he is telling me by sitting on my feet and staring at me with sad eyes and crossed legs.
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