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2013/11/24 0:39:52
Polygons a "study" :) cool more things to put on my must learn list Big Grin theres just not enough hours in a night for me to do all these things Big Grin
2013/11/24 0:16:54
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu MrDrWho13 wrote:

Special thanks to Fazz68.
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you are welcome mate i still haven't had time to watch the actual tv program yet. i have it on sky+ so i'll put my feet up and watch it in a bit
2013/11/24 0:08:10
effects moondrums wrote:
Hi i'm trying to put a Stars effect over a character's head after a hit and when i do the effect takes place for the whole scene instead of starting only after the hit
is there a way of doing that.

you can, you have to animate the intensity. every effect in muvizu can be turned on and off whenever you want during a scene.
2013/11/23 14:56:47
reverse animation you can reverse the view on a camera in the edit camera properties. im not near a copy of muvizu at the moment so i cant tell you where but its in there somewhere. just have a look in the dropdown menus on the edit properties. but actually reversing an animation cant be done.
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2013/11/21 1:38:12
I tried to tell a story. just for you ziggy
2013/11/20 12:08:33
I tried to tell a story. sofie9536 wrote:
Thank you. I'll be looking at "Muvizu Dark Star". But the idea is very interesting. Yes, I try to upload the video to the gallery. Thank you for your interest.

what i meant was your video is like a muvizu version of the john carpenter film Darkstar they both have people going around blowing up planets and the bomb gets them at the end worth a watch if you are a scifi fan, very low budget but a classic
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2013/11/20 1:34:02
I tried to tell a story. very weird but i like the weird Big Grin this is a sort of muvizu Darkstar. you should upload your videos through muvizu and get them onto the gallery
2013/11/17 20:30:54
Custom texture you could always try and make your own, it really not that difficult.
2013/11/17 0:30:13
How do i turn on and off an effect? all effects can be turned on and off when ever you want. its all done in the prepare and direct object properties for whatever effect you are using.

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2013/11/16 20:01:40
Navigating in muvizu what really annoys me on the timeline that is way too sensitive is the whizzing up and down when you try to change any block of information slightly and you are a tiny bit too close to the edge where it takes over to move the timeline and before you know it you are up the other end or somewhere in limbo because the timeline has zoomed past at a million miles an hour.
2013/11/16 1:46:31
Transparent Windows? i would say in muvizu there are many ways to do things.
1.make models of the portholes and place them on the mirror wall with a built in starfield texture in the porthole.
2.totally do away with the mirror wall and make a wall with portholes built in from scratch (the method i would use).
3.use small floating backdrops the size you want the portholes with the starfield texture on it and another floating backdrop in front of that the shape that you want porthole to be. placed on the mirror wall. because whatever you do you wont be able to make the mirror wall have any type of transparency on it because it not built to have any. which i find strange in muvizu not having the ability to put textures onto a muvizu wall (which is why i dont use them)
so it all depends how good you want it to look and how much work you are prepared to do to achieve to effect you are looking for.
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2013/11/15 1:12:18
Custom texture plenty of custom textures on the assets page.

and loads already in muvizu but you have to download a contents pack. click on tools in muvizu click on content packs and download the costume pack.
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2013/11/9 21:39:08
New Hat ziggy72 wrote:
There are lots of forum posts regards the pitfalls of that apparently simple process, so get ready to read

2013/11/9 15:27:27
Something is wrong which exporter are you using?
if you are getting just one colour im going to guess you are using the muvizu exporter and not the unreal exporter. if thats the case then have a look at this guide to adding textures to your models
edited by fazz68 on 09/11/2013
or install this plugin into sketchup
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2013/11/9 15:06:35
Something is wrong what file is missing? you say you are getting an error message but without knowing which one its hard to help sort out.
2013/11/8 12:47:24
ask for pictures exchange in backdrops yes. it can be done in the animate properties for that object as long as it has a texture. just prepare the object first to set up which images you want it to show.

then switch to direct to animate when you want the image to change.
2013/11/7 1:42:55
Confused I dont know why it doesnt work Nevin wrote:
I got the Ase file and saved it in my program filesx68 /google/ google sketchup 8/ plugins.
when I go on sketch up its not there in the toolbar

what do you mean you got the Ase file and saved it in my program files? do you mean the .rb exporter?
if you have the right place for the .rb exporter it should look like this
and when you click on the plugin button.

the drop down menu should show you Muvizu ASE Exporter and if you have the other exporter as well, it should also say HardPcm's exporter for unreal tournament.
edited by fazz68 on 07/11/2013
edited by fazz68 on 07/11/2013
and i just stuck ziggys exporter in there Toast and it reads HardPcm's exporter for muvizu
edited by fazz68 on 07/11/2013
2013/11/5 20:14:57
Hello Muvizu Community Hello
2013/11/1 17:34:52
Sticky end urbanlamb wrote:
grats people

let us know what you got

there was a muvizu pen, some muvizu badge things (i think thats what they are Big Grin) some muvizu postcards, a muvizu usb stick (very handy) a glowing ghost thing Big Grin and loads of sweets and lollys to munch and it all comes in a black muvizu drawstring bag
2013/11/1 15:44:07
Sticky end just got me goodie bag, cheers muvizu dudes Toast
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