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2013/8/28 21:35:45
More pie in the sky suggestions :) i would still like to have a character turn 90 degrees in one movement. pleeeeease............ you have all these wonderful animations for this ,that and the other, you can run,walk, turnaround 180, walk sideways etc.... lovely. why two steps to get to 90 degrees? still keep the 45 degree turn but sneak another button in there for 90.
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and a tree planting tool Big Grin
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2013/8/24 2:21:47
Coming Soon... hopefully it will get a whole lot more disgusting this evening i have mostly been making models of dismembered limbs and torso's to chuck about the place Big Grin
2013/8/24 1:52:56
Coming Soon...

2013/8/22 2:49:52
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only you are getting the "not licenced" error message on the classroom set. i think the developers are still working on that particular error. if you downloaded muvizu yesterday then you should have the most up to date version. so you might have to make your own classroom set until this particular bug is remedied. it shouldnt be to difficult, everything you will need to make a classroom is already in muvizu. there are some tutorial videos on how to build sets in the gallery, search for videos made by muvizu and you will find them.
2013/8/18 11:27:58
how to Make a character lie down no problem if you are using it for an autopsy you might want to look at the "fall into grave" action. which is in the spooky bit on prepare character action. it will make your character lay down on his/her back with the arms by their sides once the action has finished its action.
and turn off breathing and blinking in the edit character bit. you dont want a corpse that moves.
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2013/8/18 4:24:45
how to Make a character lie down
all your lying down actions are in the pose bit.
2013/8/11 13:18:41
Sketch up model making tip urbanlamb wrote:
hehe "its been fazzed" I have to be careful that can have some interesting um twists to it.. i feel a silly comedy sketch coming on..

lol. i think it would involve being smothered in cheese Big Grin

on a side note.... ziggys cylinder border method also works on arches and various curved surfaces where you can get a continuous line from edge to edge. now onto cones.......................... Big Grin
2013/8/10 22:17:42
Sketch up model making tip excellent stuff ziggy
now how do you make a wiki page? can i just copy and paste from this thread or do they want full screen pictures like they have on there? im very lazy Big Grin
2013/8/6 4:13:16
Sketch up model making tip I dont know if this has been posted in the forum before.
anyone who uses sketch up will know this problem..... dodgy looking shadows on flat surfaces. if you are like me and have no clue how to make ambient occlusion maps and things like that. i found a method to sort out them pesky shadows.

here i made a simple model with a hole in the middle to show you what i mean.
on the right model with horrible shadows on the left a lovely model with no horrible shadows.

here is the same model in sketch up before exporting. To get rid of those horrible shadows all you need to do is this....
use the offset tool and make a very small border on the face of your model around the edges and around whatever is causing the shadows, like i have done on the picture above.

the off set tool is the bottom right one.. or just use the line tool, if the offset tool wont do the job.
now when you import your model into muvizu them pesky shadows should have gone. hope this helps you out. it makes your models look a whole lot better

even using this border method on a simple cube will make shadows better.

box on left...... no small borders....
box on right...... small border method
both boxes are made from the same model
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2013/8/2 21:29:14
Tiny SOFTWARE UPDATE: Set Compatibility @urban Mmmmm trees i like trees. ive only just discovered your maple tree in the assets. dunno how that got past me? Big Grin
2013/7/31 20:33:11
[?] How is this done? so no umbrella then....

2013/7/30 23:23:59
[?] How is this done? lol the cat is well and truly out the bag. and on that note...... dear muvizu developers i really do need a closed umbrella for my steed character to flail around as a weapon.....
2013/7/24 5:39:36
Updated and now my videos will not load up are you getting the same message as this? see thread below

if you are, then hopefully the problem will be fixed in a patch coming very soon.
2013/7/23 16:44:32
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only Neil wrote:
Thanks for sending those sets in, fazz68.

Thankfully the first problem you were having with the "failed to load" error is fixed and will be in the patch. Out of the three sets I've received from you, two of them now load perfectly.

The third set, with the camera problem, is a bit trickier. We haven't seen this problem before and one of our developers is looking at it now.

excellent, i dont have remake the sets, there's loads i need to change in them and your patch will save me loads of aggro.
that cameras set is a weird one. i didnt notice the camera numbers till i tried to add more and it wouldnt let me.
2013/7/22 1:49:54
sets wont load, cameras 3 and 4 only im getting this message on a few of my sets.

the sets worked fine before the update. they seem to load up everything and the last thing to load seems to be the characters thats when it shows that message and then it loads an empty set. bit of a downer coz i needed them.

second part..... cameras 3 and 4 only......
tonight i made a set. did the animating and dialogue then noticed i only had cameras 3 and 4. it wouldnt let me make anymore cameras so i saved the set and restarted muvizu. loaded the set and i get this

and muvizu shuts down.

im starting to think this new update doesnt like me and doesnt want me to finish my avengers animation Big Grin
im tired and going to bed.... toodle pip
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2013/7/18 23:17:30
losing textures on Favorited objects thanks urbanlamb, it looks better in the actual set with all the extras around it
a sneak preview of the hotel Miranda, the avengers holiday location.

2013/7/18 18:31:44
losing textures on Favorited objects ive sent you the .ase file for the steed hotel front from the example above and also the steed trees from the mansion set
im thinking if you are getting no problems from urbanlambs assets, then this might be a sketchup model problem because urbanlamb uses blender to create her models. i'll have a mess about with some sketchup models from the assets page to see if i does the same with them.

or a .ase exporter thing.i use the older exporter rather than the muvizu one. ive just tried woztoons hummer model and had no problems with it. but i dont know which version of the exporter he uses. i'll try an older model.
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after a lot of experimenting with lots of different models from the assets page and my own models some do it and some dont so im flummoxed with whats causing it. so i guess i'll just avoid using my favorites to make sets Big Grin oh well such is life
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2013/7/18 16:14:06
losing textures on Favorited objects hello lev. it only happens on imported objects that i have saved into favourites. normal muvizu objects are fine.
i'll send you the set where i noticed it but i dunno if it would be any good because ive resaved in the new muvizu and the objects still load up but i cant add textures to them anymore.
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ive sent you the set where i first noticed it and the test set i used for the example on this page. hope this helps
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2013/7/18 14:34:25
losing textures on Favorited objects Hello muvizu people. i have come across an annoying error message in the new update.
while using objects that i have in my favourites that use textures to dress a set. when you first use them they appear as they were saved complete with textures.


if i save that set with the object in and then reload that set at a later date, i get this message.


and also lose the ability to add textures to that object


dunno if you know about this but it can be a bit of a git if you have made a massive set using favourite objects and can no longer use them objects without deleting and importing them again.
it doesnt happen when saving a set with imported objects only ones saved in favourites. just thought id let you know
apart from that im liking the new update.it runs a lot smoother now and the new timeline is much better and the new waveform in the dialogue track make life easier. thanks you
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2013/7/6 3:48:40
Make the camera move vertically @urbanlamb i dunno about you but ive found with muvizu play the camera has become very jerky in its movement especially if i have a lot of objects in a set. getting a smooth camera shot can be really hard but i dont know if thats just down to my computer being an old relic. even a simple camera shot moving forwards is coming out rubbish.
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