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2012/11/2 13:30:00
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! congrats mate and well done
2012/11/1 15:57:03
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' very cool indeed my first animation i made was so bad i almost gave up before i started.
2012/11/1 15:49:21
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! LOL on tender hooks (whatever they are)
2012/10/31 0:32:44
kirk of the dead urbanlamb wrote:
you should put this in the halloween contest thread the movies can be more then 1 minute. It was a general guideline

i have an entry in there already, i didnt think id get this finished in time so i used that one instead but ive missed the deadline now anyway. its all good fun, i just love making moviesToast
2012/10/30 23:26:57
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Kimberley228K wrote:
These are all fantastic!


i agree all these animations are excellent. SuperbApplause
2012/10/30 23:14:55
kirk of the dead i love star trek and i love zombie movies, so i have made a halloween adventure for captain kirk. I hope you will enjoy it

2012/10/24 2:32:40
muvizu logo out i dont know if this will be any help to you. i am using the 64 bit version and have lost the logo on some of my animations but it only happened when i was using just one camera. When i added another camera swapped the view over to that camera, then swapped back to my original camera, when i go to make the video again i have the logo back. i hope that made some sort of sense.

just an example with one camera, no logo

second camera added logo back but only after swapping to second camera then back to first.
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edited by fazz68 on 24/10/2012
2012/10/21 4:00:41
D and C Return urbanlamb wrote:
well now I see all my questions of how D & C came to be are answered. "very informative" hehe was very cute indeed I enjoy your videos because they are just insanity somehow organized to be just logical enough to make me laugh

thank you urbanlamb
2012/10/21 3:33:05
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! I have never entered one of your competitions before, so i dont know whats is appropriate but i promise theres no swearing in it

hope this is ok? if not i'll make something else.
2012/10/18 2:13:22
D and C Return EEFilmz wrote:
Hello LMAO, this is freakin' hilarious! the beginning had me crackin up...you had me at "Hello" lol..The quality is top notch and the work involved is evident. Also I feel your pain with all of that trouble! and just when ya think your outta the woods....something else happens to mess it up. You definitely need to keep making these, they're getting better and better each time! (no pressure). Fan/Subscribed...Great fun! - EEF
edited by EEFilmz on 18/10/2012

Thank you, reading through the forum you have been through the same problems. i think i have finally sorted them all out now...hopefully. Glad you enjoyed it and D and C will return in the very near future.Toast
2012/10/18 0:33:25
D and C Return Finally i can show my new D and C adventure. I think everything that could go wrong did go wrong while making this. First my 32bit version of muvizu decided it would no longer make videos, so i searched the forum for any advice on the problem and i found a thread with the same problem. but i couldnt find another copy of muvizu on my computer to delete so i installed the 64bit version and ran in to the codec problem. I followed the advice on various threads, installed the k-lite codec packs and all it did was produce horrendous results on the finished videos and mess up other programs on my computer. so i uninstalled the 64bit codec pack and found an xvid codec that works like a dream for me. i have lost the muvizu logo on 2 scenes, dunno where they went? my anti aliasing will only work on the 1280 720 hd setting, which i can live with. finally made the video... uploaded to youtube and they hit me with copyright infringment. so i re-edited the soundtrack and had to remake half the video again.... but i will not be beaten.... so here it is finally, i hope it was worth it

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2012/10/2 15:14:55
my latest adventure Hello, its my first time in the muvizu forums. so hello to you all

here is my latest D and C adventure, hope you enjoy.

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