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2017/4/14 16:01:11
NEW VERSION RELEASE Hi, I installed the new March 64 bit release and opened an older set. When I make a video I have no actions or lip sync. In preview it seems fine.


Windows 10 64 bit. Lots of memory and processor horsepower. Worked fine before new release.

Directx 11
I did not install C runtime, directx or net, I am up on date on all.

New videos seem OK

Any suggestions?

2016/12/30 17:35:30
Budda Meditate Berty

A long and detailed answer. I'll give it a try.


2016/12/29 18:14:33
Budda Meditate Is it possible to have Buddha Meditate to stay in position indefinitely? The same with other actions that stop the action after a short time.

2016/12/8 22:25:49
Long Dresses, No Slit Just downloaded the set... Perfect

MZASS-v1.8 - build: 2016.09.07.01R (64-bit)

Thanks, beautiful work.

2016/9/1 19:40:41
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers God bless you. Hole in one.
2016/4/6 22:56:27
FBX imports The models are as bit involved. As mentioned earlier, i'll probably manually reload them for each editing session. Thanks all, it's always a comfort talking to people who show an interest.
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2016/4/6 20:25:08
FBX imports These are sketchup converted to dae then fbx. I will pull therm apart and see if they have transparent components. Thanks, It's a direction.
2016/4/6 19:21:46
FBX imports Hi,

No, not all FBX files. I have two FBX files, a Swift Boat and a Shipyard Crane. Each multi-colored. It happens with these two files. Also a little experimenting showed - I saved both as favorites. When I load say the crane, it looks pretty good, then when I load the Swift Boat the colors change on the already loaded crane. It's almost like the colors have the same ID and the FBX colors are then changed to the most current color. After they both are loaded, I have trouble changing the first loaded FBX colors back to the original colors. The colors seem to get the toto.bmp pink color i use for ase files. Not a disaster, but very unusual.

1.7 - Build 2016.02.24.01R (64 bit) Windows 10
2016/4/6 17:25:30
FBX imports need some help...

I import an FBX file. It imports OK and looks good. I then save the set and reload it. Most of the FBX color and material is gone. Must the Directory containing the material be in a special place for Muvizu. And why does the color disappear?

Any help is usually good help.

2016/3/24 15:59:50
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Now that is wild. I love it.....
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2016/1/19 14:11:05
2016.01.15 Bugs I just installed the 2016 version, I noticed the screen refresh rate is greatly slowed, especially with left and right mouse buttons pressed. Opened yesterday's sets and the dialog on the timeline shows dialog where there is no dialog. I'll stay with 1.5 for a little while longer.
2016/1/19 0:00:11
2016.01.15 Bugs MrDrWho13 & ziggy72

Thanks for the downloads, I guess I will try the new unofficial release today.
Needed the install for backup. Love that 1.5 release.


2016/1/18 18:29:22
2016.01.15 Bugs I guess this is a definite wait

Does anyone have a full install for....

MZASS-v1.5 - build: 2015.10.01.01R (64-bit)

Would be appreciated
2016/1/7 11:46:23
Video Driver 'Blowing UP' Muvizu 1.5

Windows 10 64 bit upgrade from Windows 7 (6 gig ram)
nVidia GeForce GT420 (latest drivers)

Created new Scene. Reload scene - video driver blows down and Muvizu blows up

This is the first time I am using the 'Blue Wall window 1, Wall window 2, Wall with door". I tried just these items in a new scene and I immediately blow up.

Just a note....

2015/12/28 16:31:10
Failed to load object from file I've been in the software business for 48 years. You hit it right on the head. Everyone wants
options, functions today. As do I. Muvizu, take your time and fix it. I understand schedules, features and release dates. There never seems to be enough time to do it, but there is always time to redo it.
Take your time. Be a turtle, not a hare.
2015/12/24 10:41:19
windows media player won't play video I created. You can run the file through vdub64. It will rebuild the indexes. Then save avi as, using the same video codec as the original. This seems to keep the same quality.
2015/12/24 10:38:14
windows media player won't play video I created. MrDrWho13 wrote:
Yep, the file limit is 2GB - if it's larger than that then either split it up for best results or use a different codec.
For the best results, try out the image sequence output since that doesn't have the limits of a video file and doesn't require codecs.
2015/12/12 11:00:04
Star wars The Emperor OK, looks really good.
2015/12/9 15:28:22
Star wars The Emperor Now that's a lot of work.
From this novice, maybe a little darker, and he seems to have an almost 'Mona Lisa Smile'

I do like him, and I am waiting for the video(s)


2015/11/22 16:17:03
object could not load Thanks, I never even knew there were options on the timeline. Never saw the tools icon.

Question - Do you hear of problems with the voice recording on the time line? Also when playing, the timeline voice indicator is out sync (in time mode) with the actual sound of the voice. Is it me (which is always possible) or is this a problem?

Thanks again
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