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2012/7/12 19:25:14
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) Hi,

Just a last note. I seem to have problems when I add conversation actions. I can generate a complete scene if I do not use conversation actions. I have only used a few other actions, but they seem OK.

Thanks for your timely response, and keep programming. This is a pretty good product.

2012/7/11 19:33:51
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) Hi,

Same problem. I recreated the scene and in approximately the same spot, while adding conversation actions, a character disappears, then all h... breaks loose. I guess I will start over again and omit some of the hand and head actions and see what happens.

2012/7/11 17:26:20
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) Hi,

Yes. Same Problem.

I uninstalled and completely reinstalled DirectX, .NET 4, C Runtime.

I am recreating the scene from scratch. About 1/2 finished. So far so good.

I will watch for the new release.

Thanks again.

I will continue as I really like using Muvizu.

2012/7/11 13:16:52
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) Hi Again,

I downloaded the current version from the download page (64 bit) it is...

MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.10.01R (64bit) DX9.

This seems to be the current downloadable version.


2012/7/11 13:06:28
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) The version is

MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.10.01R (64bit) DX9.

I will try to get the latest 64 bit build


2012/7/10 18:33:59
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) Hi

I've been using muvizu for a little while. It's been going along ok until now.
I have a scene with 3 characters, 3 cameras, some objects and dialog.
There are lots of head movements, character movements, and actions etc.

I suddenly lost a character. Then the program abended.

Address=(multiple addresses) filename not found in
--- some other messages--- all basically the same

I recreated the character, and have had nothing but the above error since.
I can't even make a movie with what I have.

The PC has 6 meg, terabyte hd, intel i7-2600 @3.40Gh

Windows 64 bit Family, Service Pack 1

All Directx and other drivers are up to date......

Monitor is Samsung 24 inch 1920 x 1080

Any help is usually good help.

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