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2013/6/9 16:30:11
Custom UV Maps not the right size? fazz68 wrote:
looking at your painted uv texture you are using the spandex leg template, so just add the decal to the spandex legs. each set of legs has different uv maps. your top picture looks like beefy base legs to me.

Thanks I was applying it to the standard legs instead. It's showing now, thanks for the help
2013/6/9 4:18:39
Custom UV Maps not the right size? Trying to make custom textures and I'm finding that after painting the UV map and attaching them to the character, that there are spots that aren't showing up.

Anybody know anything about what I can do.

2012/7/30 1:27:27
How long can dialogue be ok nevermind I found the tutorial thanks for the help
2012/7/30 1:21:53
How long can dialogue be Yes it will be that long, so how do i make multiple shots is there a tutorial
2012/7/29 22:43:53
How long can dialogue be I am currently working on a project, and I am importing a file from audacity in mp3 format. The track is 28 mins or so long. Problem is when I try to prepare the audio it cuts off at 19:59:59. is this a standard and you can't have audio longer then that or is there something Im doing wrong.

And if there is a way past it please let me know. It is one audio track not multiple

help would be appreciated
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