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2013/2/24 20:01:18
Explosion okay, I found it. Sorry for that, it was a little bit tricky.
2013/2/24 19:51:53
Explosion okay, my question was not really good. Im german. I need more than just one explosion to direct. How can I do that?

thank you
2013/2/24 19:41:36
Explosion Hello Folks,

my problem is, that I need to make a explosion on the right time, how can I do that?

2012/12/20 10:20:56
The Elephant in the Room ahahahahahaha Big Grin

really funny Big Grin
2012/12/16 11:10:53
[Trailer #2] 21st December 2012 my second trailer of 21st December 2012 is now on. And maybe it is not just a trailer, maybe the beginning of the film.

Have a look.

2012/12/15 16:06:25
Animate Ball ah I see, I look around in Dreekos YT Channel then.
2012/12/15 15:54:55
Animate Ball thank you, I didn´t saw that video on the "How to" Category.
2012/12/15 15:47:16
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 Jamie wrote:
This is looking really great, love the style. Can't wait to see the flick Big Grin

And I can´t wait to bring it On.
2012/12/15 15:41:11
Animate Ball I need Help, I want to animate a ball like an earth. How can I do that?

Thank you very much.

Rob (Germany)
2012/12/15 14:30:24
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 KerryK wrote:
This trailer looks very good. It's all very... V isn't it? Which is NEVER a bad thing Can't wait

Thank you, and yes it is a little "V" in it
2012/12/13 22:40:20
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 @InsaneHamster
No is not, just the woman is with text to spech. Don´t worry.
2012/12/13 21:05:42
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 noticed it on your calender.
2012/12/13 19:54:50
[Trailer #1] 21st December 2012 Here is my first trailer of my new project 21st December 2012

If you all find some mistakes, please tell me, thanks.


2012/12/13 13:06:18
New for 2013 looks funny, I´m looking forward to it.
2012/12/10 22:05:31
[Teaser] 21st December 2012 It will come on the 21st December.
2012/12/9 20:57:34
[Teaser] 21st December 2012 Here my first teaser of my new project.

I hope you like it.

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2012/12/8 21:38:59
Voices for my new project Hello,

I need some voices for my new project. My project is about the end of the world. If you like to give voices, reply at this topic.

But I can´t write a fully script in english, just the situation.

First I need two men voices. Write me a private message or reply on this topic and give me please an example of your voice.
2012/12/8 14:47:39
It´s Christmas oh, didn´t noticed your reply.

Thank you very much.
2012/12/4 16:12:26
My Video Thank you very much, you guys are awesome.
2012/12/4 13:52:45
My Video Jamie said that to me too, didn´t noticed that, but thank you.
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