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2012/9/13 21:52:50
The IDea Spot on....
2012/9/13 0:35:41
Uploading video not sen tvia youtube HELP! Thanks for your reply.
Its all worked out fine now following your instruction.
Cheers for your help
2012/9/12 2:22:07
Muvizu start up error Thanks for the replies - I have checked that I have the correct version - 32 bit so Im not sure what to do now.
I'll keep messing but I really don't know - it used to work on my laptop but not since I reformatted it. At least its working on my Mac so I can still make stuff!
2012/9/12 2:20:19
Uploading video not sen tvia youtube HELP! Hi All,

Is it possible to upload my video to the Muvizu gallery etc without having exported the finished movie from within Muvizu?
I exported my movie as an AVI file then did some stuff to it in my editing programs - now I'd like to be able to upload it to Muvizu this possible please?
Many thanks,

2012/9/10 23:31:37
Muvizu start up error Hi - thanks for the advice.
I just downloaded cc cleaner and did as you advised - sadly exactly the same thing happened. I'm a little stumped now.
Any ideas anyone>
Thanks again
2012/9/10 21:26:46
Muvizu start up error Hi,
I have just tried to reinstall Muvizu on my laptop after reinstalling windows xp on it. I installed .net v4 and C++ etc but when i go to start up Muvizu I get the following error window -

"An error has occurred. Unable to load DLL 'UE3Engine.dll': This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800736B1).

I have reinstalled it several times but each time I get this same error.

Can anyone help please?

Many thanks
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2012/9/1 0:53:25
32bit or 64bit advice needed.... Cheers for the reply.
I am going to go for windows 7 and the cheapest version. 32 or 64bit!!!
2012/8/30 9:06:29
Transparency background output Hi Simon,
Yes that would definitely work and it's what I will have to do - thanks. I just wondered if it was possible to export an alpha channel in muvizu as it would mean less work afterwards.
Thanks for your help
2012/8/30 1:02:20
Transparency background output Hi. I have looked for this in the forums and have been unable to find it so hopefully I'm not repeating someone else's question!

Is it possible to record a character with all the background as an alpha (transparent) channel. So I can import the character into a compositing program?

Thanks for your help.

2012/8/30 0:55:35
32bit or 64bit advice needed.... Anyone have any ideas on this?
2012/8/28 10:47:09
Muvizu on Mac - 32 or 64bit - help needed! That's very helpful. Thanks for all your help.
Big Grin
2012/8/28 10:28:09
32bit or 64bit advice needed.... Hello.
Is there any performance difference between using Muvizu on a 32bit or 64bit windows 7 operating system or do they perform the same? (via boot camp on a Mac)
Many thanks in advance...
2012/8/28 10:24:00
Muvizu on Mac - 32 or 64bit - help needed! Hi Em,

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking I'd get windows 7. Do you know if muvizu runs faster on 64bit or same as 32bit?
Thanks again Big Grin
2012/8/27 23:42:29
Muvizu on Mac - 32 or 64bit - help needed! Hi everyone,
Can I ask for some advice please. I am going to install muvizu on my mac using boot camp but I'm not sure which version of windows I need to buy to run muvizo the most smoothly - XP or windows 7 - 32bit or 64bit? My mac is pretty new so will run all these fine.
Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance.
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