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2012/9/11 19:10:41
Muvizu start up error Mutley wrote:
Hi - thanks for the advice.
I just downloaded cc cleaner and did as you advised - sadly exactly the same thing happened. I'm a little stumped now.
Any ideas anyone>
Thanks again

Make sure your computer and the software is is either a 32 or 64 bit. Click on your My Computer Icon and see what bit you have 32 or 64 and download the correct one. I had problems until I downloaded the right file. CCleaner is the best software out there. Use it after every internet usage. I run mine a couple times a day. Also when you download a new software, always reboot your computer. If you do not have the correct graphics cards you could have problems. My Acer NetBook would not run Muvizu because the graphic card would not support it...
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