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2012/9/10 17:06:50
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi Marco

Though i got some of the sets to download fine now but still while loading "city street at night (KFI)" set i get the following msg:

It is with some regret that I must inform you of the following unexpected error:

The file is in an unknown format

I am working on with the other downloads (sets) and will list the problems.... in the meantime...

2012/9/10 13:26:51
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi Ziggy

Than thanks a lot...
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2012/9/8 12:24:23
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi Guys

I downloaded the latest version but still the problem persists, is it because of any OS problem i dont know, but i am trying to install windows 7 and try it out..

in the meantime can anyone please explain to me how to create and get the cat character in muvizu like it was in Horrible Truth about Cats -

2012/9/5 17:27:12
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi Marco

while loading "city street at night (KFI)"

Have encountered one more error:::::

it is with some regret that i must inform you of the following unexpected error:

The file is an unknown format.

Please help!!!
2012/9/5 16:45:42
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi Marco

Sys Config is:
intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

with windows xp
2012/9/4 16:56:30
binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! Hi

when muvizu is loading some scenes it shows an "error" then closes....

"binaries32\ue3shadercompileworker.exe! make sure the exe is in your binaries folder"

Need urgent help!
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