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2013/1/14 0:30:27
Silent install woes Hi guys,

With the latest version (2012.11.19.01R) the silent install switch works, however:
-it does not install DirectX
-it does not install C++ 2010 Redist
-it does not install Dotnetfx4
-it does not create shortcuts in the start menu/desktop.

I understand that Desktop shortcuts are optional but ordinarily a start menu link is not.

Any chance of this being resolved?
2012/9/6 23:59:17
Silent install switch Hi there,

I saw in a stickied thread that the switch for a silent install is /s

This, however, does not seem to work in the most recent version.

Just to clarify, I'm running the following on an elevated command prompt


C:\Users\shanley\Desktop>MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.07.16.01R.exe /s

C:\Users\shanley\Desktop>MuvizuSetupDXDotNetFull_2012.07.16.01R.exe /S

All of the above start the installation and I get the language selection prompt.

Are you able to confirm if I'm doing something wrong here?

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