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2012/9/16 12:45:24
Voice Actors,Writers,Composers I am making a Batman , Gi Joe , Dredd and transformers animation so if want to help on these 3 shows please ask
va please send auditions to my youtube channel queenflash2012
writers send me a pm
and composer show me what u can do
and for my gi joe show please make a remake of the 80s theme
2012/9/16 12:41:36
Transformers or Sketchup Can u import Transformer Models into Sketch up and whats the easier way to import sketch up models into Muvziu
2012/9/16 12:40:16
Transformers,Gijoe or Judge Dredd Can u have any of these characters in Muvizu
2012/9/16 12:36:32
NSIS Error HHHEEELPPP Each time i Download Muvizu it keeps coming up with this
'Installer integrity check has failed . Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media .
Contact the installer author to obtain a new copy'
what does this mean
who is the author or whatever his name
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